Grimm: Full Season for New NBC TV Series

Grimm full seasonLast week, we reported that NBC had ordered two additional scripts for their new Friday night series, Grimm. It seemed that the peacock network was playing it safe, waiting to see when the ratings would level off. What a difference a week can make.

This evening, the peacock network announced that they’ve ordered a full season of the TV series. What’s more, they’re also giving Grimm a special airing in the Thursdays at 10pm timeslot. That will air on December 8th and another original installment will follow on Friday, December 9th, in the regular timeslot.

Starring David Giuntoli, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz and Russell Hornsby, Grimm has been the only successful new drama that the network has had this season. The Playboy Club was cancelled after three episodes and Prime Suspect will sign off after all 13 episodes have aired.

Four episodes of the supernatural series have aired so far and have been averaged a 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.8 million total viewers (per the final national ratings). It’s the seventh highest-rated scripted series on the network this season (out of 14). It nearly doubles the demo number of lead-in Chuck.

Grimm started the season with a 2.1 in the demo and 6.56 million viewers but declined in weeks two and three. Last Friday’s installment held steady at a 1.6 in the coveted demo and it would seem that NBC believes that a sign the ratings have leveled off. Time will tell.

What do you think? Do you like Grimm? Do you think the ratings have leveled off? Will the series continue to sink or will it rise? Is Thursdays at 10pm a better timeslot?

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  1. Conna says

    Grimm is one of my favorite shows! I would be very upset if it gets cancelled! It’s different and one of the best shows on tv . I hate all the reality shows! Please give it a chance and don’t take it off!!!

  2. Shanna says

    I love Grimm! I have many shows that I watch and have on my Pvr so it doesn’t matter if you move the time slot or day I will still watch it! Networks need to start giving decent shows a chance!

  3. Maggi says

    Grimm is a Great Show for 4 to have on. It is about time that they put on a good show. I have watched 13 & SYFY for so long, and 4 only in the mornings.
    Thank You for getting a Good Show to watch at night. Please do not take it off. As you did put it on at the start of the fall and getting ready for the Holidays.
    Give it a chance to breath.

  4. says


  5. Steve W. says

    This show has to be one of my favorites on TV right now. I think NBC would be smart to move it’s time slot so it isn’t trying to compete against Fringe and Supernatural two of my other favorite shows. While this season of Fringe is ehhh, Supernatural is awesome as usual and it makes it tough to decide which will get recorded and which will be watched during it’s airing. They could keep it on Friday just move it up an hour.

  6. aemelia says

    I LOVE GRIMM-fascinating and you learn from it also(mythical characters) so welcome
    a idifference from cops and robbers shows, so sick of criminal minds,law and order, CSI everything, good time to introduce a different piece!

  7. Sandy says

    Love Grimm! I don’t care what time it is on. I can always record. I like the added humor. I hope it is not canceled. My favorite sci-fis seem to get the ax.

  8. Why says

    I enjoy Grimm but hope it expands the backstory a bit more, who the Grimms were and came to be. Otherwise it’ll become a monster of the week police drama, which would be a shame.

    • RhonnieLuv says

      Agree That’s the only reason I can’t watch Grimm Frineg and Supernatural take priority! Although Once Upon a Time on ABC on Sunday is pretty good and its kinda like my Grimm…..

  9. Isaura says

    To be honest The Cape wasn’t that great, it was entertaining. Grimm has more potential and if they can just take it to the next level and make it awesome without damaging it, and if they picked a better time slot, I bet the show would do quite well.

    • Kat says

      To be honest, I started out hating The Cape. It was just plain terrible, especially in the beginning, and often defied logic… but as I watched it, I could grow to appreciate it as a genre show; I just don’t think NBC gave it a fair shake. You know they relegated the final episode to online-only? Ick.

  10. Kat says

    It’s nice to see them showing more faith in Grimm than they did in The Cape, but Thursdays at 10pm are reserved for Burn Notice here! Oh well, I’ll figure it out.

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