Grimm: NBC Orders More Scripts, Full Season Next?

Grimm TV seriesIt was looking like Grimm was going to be a hit right out of the gate but the peacock network is proceeding very cautiously on this one.

Grimm revolves around a Portland detective (David Giuntoli) who discovers that he’s the descendant of a long line of criminal profilers (the Grimms) who are responsible for protecting humanity from mythological creatures. The show also features Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz and Russell Hornsby.

Airing opposite the seventh game of the World Series on October 28th, the supernatural TV series debuted strong for NBC with a 2.1 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 6.56 million viewers. The number dropped 14% in week two, a not unreasonable decline for a second episode. Grimm still won it’s timeslot.

Last week’s third episode saw viewership drop again, to a 1.6 in the demo and 5.18 million. While those are still good numbers for a Friday night show, the decline is troubling. Even with the declines however, Grimm remains one of NBC’s top shows in the demo and averages a 1.8 rating.

Many speculated that NBC would move Grimm to a better timeslot for mid-season, especially given the state of the rest of the network’s schedule. The programmers chose not to do that and are keeping Grimm in the same timeslot for the rest of the season.

NBC has now ordered two additional scripts. Rather than committing to the production of additional episodes, network execs likely want to know if the series is going to keep falling as the the weeks progress.

The network initially committed to 13 episodes so there are currently 10 left to air. Unless the ratings keep on falling, it seems likely that NBC will end up ordering additional episodes into production.

What do you think? Will Grimm’s ratings keep falling and will the show end up being cancelled? Will NBC end up ordering a full season of episodes?

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  1. Fiona says

    I love Grimm because it has interesting characters, a plot and it’s not trashy reality television. I mean, c’mon, how many more seasons of American Idol/Housewives do we really need to see? Its all the same stuff, just different people. It takes no creativity to show people making fools of themselves for the camera.

    An actual story line beats out trashy reality television any day, at least for me.

  2. Bethany says

    I have not missed an episode of Grimm, and that is mostly thanks to On Demand. The show has a better chance of surviving if they change the timeslot to 9pm CST (or 10pm EST) Pitting it against the powerhouses of Fringe (which we never miss an episode of EVER) and CSI NY (again, never missed an episode) is just bad business. But at least where we live, the only thing on in the 9 o’clock slot is The Soup, which I also never miss, but with the wonders of DVR and TiVo out there, the viewers will be more likely to tune in regularly. I would suggest moving it to another night, if a slot opens up, but can’t really think of one that is not already booked. Maybe replace the (I believe you have reported it canceled) Prime Suspect? This show has real potential, and I just hope it can find a happy home soon where the viewers are happy to tune in, and not miss shows that simply outrank it overall.

    If you are comparing it to Once Upon A Time, I have watched every episode of that show as well, and love the premise. However, like all shows that have true potential, I figure it will either get canceled, or changed so much that the viewers lose interest under the gise of “Making it better” LOL Grimm has the most potential for a long run, just so long as they don’t mess with it too much.

  3. MK says

    MOVE IT TO ANOTHER NIGHT!!!! NBC how many times do we fans have to say this. We already have an ongoing marriage with Fringe and an affair with Supernatural. Having two affairs at the same time is just too much to ask. I love Grimm but it needs to NOT be opposite my prior two commitments.

    OR at least re-air each episode on SyFy at another day/time so my DVR can catch it for me.

  4. Anonymous says

    I think it is a great show with a lot of promise. I do agree with the above statements that everyone out here gets tired of getting involved in a show only to see that it is terminated in mid story. Very frustrating!!! It also seems on a personal note that every show that I like alot seems to get cancelled very early on. Prime example were The Dresden Files and Serenity. The latter being a great show by an established writer but still barely one season and done. I don’t know who “Nelson” is but he obviously does not represent what I like to watch. I hate “reality” shows and soap operas which most all programming seems to fall into. My favorite shows right now are Castle, Grimm, and Fringe. All will probably be gone before next season.

  5. Craig says

    I have enjoyed Grimm, but I won’t be surprised if NBC programmers manage to blow the entire thing and get it cancelled.

  6. TV Addict says

    Well maybe if they 1.) quit using the current ratings system which is far outdated for collecting data and 2.) Stop canceling awesome series like Heros with no closure. People don’t want to watch the shows, even if they are excited about them, because they know that these genre of shows always get screwed. Terminator: TSCC is a prime example, No Ordinary Family, Star Gate Universe, and the list could go on! Amazing shows that just got screwed and they just drop them. Way to build up viewer confidence in your programing. Terra Nova is a prime example of what all the lets just end it with no closure has done to viewers. I have many, many friends that want to watch the show but refuse to because they know the old “Well the production costs are too high for the ratings we are getting so it’s canceled with no closure.” That’s a sad day for television when people don’t even want to watch the show simply because teh execs are retards and just drop them at the first sign of low ratings. At least give them an ending and it wouldn’t be nearly as bad.

  7. Why says

    Grimm is one of two NBC shows I watch. The now canceled Prime Suspect being the other.

    Lucky I can tape Grimm and watch Fringe.

  8. Dewsterling says

    Grimm is a good show, not great, but it also has potential. I sincerely hope that NBC decides to stick it out with Grimm and let Greenwalt, et al figure out their footing. I hope, even moreso, that Greenwalt, et al recognize the weaknesses of the show and set about making some corrections. Grimm has one weak female role and is otherwise entirely androcentric. Jumping entirely on a MOTW format, viewers are prevented both from learning about the Grimm world in tandem with Nick’s immersion into his new role as a Grimm and from developing emotional interest in the characters. The most likable character, to date, is Monroe with Nick’s partner coming in a reasonable 2nd. Shouldn’t we care more about Nick?

    I get that NBC is running scared because of Once Upon a Time, but they can’t keep making decisions based on what is happening on other networks. Plus, Once is having many of the same frosh problems as Grimm – it’s not making much headway on the over-arcing storyline because it’s concentrating all it’s resources on the fairytale of the week. Grimm has a more interesting premis, though, I’d have liked Grimm to have played the monster issue more as ‘the monster within’ rather than literal monsters.

  9. Bruce says

    OK, I like this show, but I’m confused…how is SIX MILLION PEOPLE on a Friday “strong,” but NINE MILLION PEOPLE on a Thursday a “low rating?” They think everyone is gathered around the TV on Thursday? Really? In 2011?

  10. says

    I’ve only seen the pilot so far (blessed be the DVR), but I liked what I saw; the show has promise and hopefully will be given time to build an audience. (I’m surprised they didn’t move it to Prime Suspect’s slot, since that stinker is sure to be canceled.) The show reminds me of Supernatural, only this time the hidden truth involves fairy tales, not the war between Heaven and Hell.

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