Growing Up Fisher: NBC Sitcom Cancelled After One Season

Growing Up Fisher canceledNBC has decided to cancel their struggling comedy Growing Up Fisher after a single season of 13 episodes. While there won’t be a second season, there are still two new episodes to come.

Growing Up Fisher follows an unorthodox family that becomes closer after the parents divorce. The cast includes Elfman, J. K. Simmons, Eli Baker, Ava Deluca-Verley, and Lance Lim. Jason Bateman is the show’s narrator.

The sitcom started off with okay ratings — at least when compared to NBC’s other comedies. They dropped over the course of the season however and hit a new series low this week with a 1.2 demo rating and 5.05 million total viewers. That surely didn’t help this show’s chances.

There are two unaired episodes remaining and NBC has announced that they will air in a one-hour block on Wednesday, May 28th.

What do you think? Did you like this sitcom? If you ran the network, would you have cancelled it or renewed Growing Up Fisher for season two?

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  1. Bob C says

    Another shame on NBC… I’ve given, ignoring my better judgment, four NBC sitcoms a chance in the last three years: Outsourced … cancelled after 20 episodes, Go On … cancelled after 20 episodes; Growing Up Fisher … cancelled after 13 episodes. All three were fun, different and offered some pathos along with laughs. All gone. Only About A Boy gets a second chance and I heard it was on the bubble. A far cry from Cheers, which was dead last its first year and became a TV classic and huge moneymaker for NBC.

  2. says

    i loved this show….just like Amy Purdy can still dance on ABC ,,,,A blind man can be successful dad and career man…rather cute and light…what we need in our hectic world

  3. raven blue says

    seriously NBC….are u kidding…………this is a great comedy…..great cast…funny….heartwarming…..I looked forward to it when it came on…….I’m glad u renewed about a boy but growing up fisher was just as funny & should have been renewed………….I think it should of at least been given a different night & time slot……………its so worth it……..shame on u NBC :(

  4. beryl arbaugh says

    I loved this show–why can;t NBC air something with class and not all the trash it keeps putting on???

  5. Charlie says

    Great fun to watch. NBC give em a chance. You already lost me to CBS because of the Ann Curry incident. Now “Growing Up..” AND “Revolution”… Come on already.

  6. Julie says

    I agree. I enjoyed this show. I thought it was smartly done. It’s a shame it wasn’t given a chance. Maybe another network will pick it up?

  7. Pedals says

    Good show. You never give some promising shows a chance. This was a clever and uplifting show. Shame NBC

  8. Mary Williams says

    Why the hell do all networks cancel great shows after one season? U dont even give it a chance to get noticed. Take other shows off! Tell Nielson to look at ratings again…and to give these shows a chance. ER lasted 15yrs…Law and Order SVU the same and ppl doubted theyd last one or two seasons. It can be done…but not when theyre not given a chance to prove theyre worth watching.

  9. Poppy says

    Are you fricking kidding me. This was a great show. I thought this show would have been a keeper. I just don’t get it. What is up with you NBC…..?

  10. t balizan says

    You guys are killing me!! WTF!! This is one of the best shows ever and I’m just gonna stop watching freakn tv. I’ve lost more of my favorite shows this year one right after the other! Screw TV!!! I’ll get Netflix back and just cancel my damn TV service!!!

  11. Elizabeth says

    Totally agree with Michael’s comment. We loved this show and we love About a boy. It was great and funny. I totally think the two shows were aired at a too late of time slot. NBC keeps cwancelling the best shows. I don’t understand who this “demographic” is but they don’t know good television!! BAD CALL NBC!

      • says

        Totally agree! It’s a wonder anyone EVER watches new shows when they come out. What’s the point? They will probably be cancelled anyway. I look forward to About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher each week. They go well together. A whole hour of no blood-letting, shooting people, bed-hopping, etc. I’m not a prude but wholesome shows are so hard to find nowadays. J. K. Simmons is a riot in this show. Bad call, NBC! I will certainly miss this show :-(

  12. says

    The fact that NBC won’t air these episodes on the actual night they air shows a lack of class. This show was finally a step in the right direction for sitcoms that a family could sit down and watch. Being paired with About A Boy was a good move. NBC continues to show no faith in good programming.

  13. Michael says

    The fact nbc can’t even air the last episodes on the night the usually air lacks so much class.

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