Growing Up Fisher: NBC Sitcom Cancelled After One Season

Growing Up Fisher canceledNBC has decided to cancel their struggling comedy Growing Up Fisher after a single season of 13 episodes. While there won’t be a second season, there are still two new episodes to come.

Growing Up Fisher follows an unorthodox family that becomes closer after the parents divorce. The cast includes Elfman, J. K. Simmons, Eli Baker, Ava Deluca-Verley, and Lance Lim. Jason Bateman is the show’s narrator.

The sitcom started off with okay ratings — at least when compared to NBC’s other comedies. They dropped over the course of the season however and hit a new series low this week with a 1.2 demo rating and 5.05 million total viewers. That surely didn’t help this show’s chances.

There are two unaired episodes remaining and NBC has announced that they will air in a one-hour block on Wednesday, May 28th.

What do you think? Did you like this sitcom? If you ran the network, would you have cancelled it or renewed Growing Up Fisher for season two?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sandy says

    Except for occasional crude language or humor, I thought this was a great show and had it on DVR. My husband and I don’t watch any major TV network shows at all (NBC, ABC, CBS…). We enjoyed this one and would like to see it come back! I would like to see more family friendly sit-coms that don’t put down the family or spouses. Hope the networks are listening!

  2. Kimberly says

    I first saw this show on a plane to Washington D.C. and I was immediately hooked. It is a shame this show had not been renewed. This was one of my top five shows!

  3. says

    Wasn’t NBC the network that stuck with Seinfeld when it was struggling and we all know what happened to that show. To those that run the networks…have some patience, courage and take a chance… A diamond may be your and our reward.

  4. susan says

    This was a great show. Sad it wont be coming again. What’s going through there minds when they cancel such good shows? I could name many that I don’t understand why the show lasted even one episode or ever been aired. Its just mind boggling. Growing up Fisher will be greatly missed…..:(

  5. Karen Docter says

    I’m so sorry to hear that this very funny and clean family comedy is being canceled by NBC. I guess that a comedy that isn’t full of sexual innuendo just can’t make it. So sad. Please reconsider NBC!

  6. vern says

    Great show. Actually had a entertaining script rather than mindless drivel being compared to. But then again mindless drivel sells. Will switch to pbs. The networks havent a clue.

  7. Jim says

    I was really disappointed to hear it had been cancelled. This was such a great family show, and needs a second chance NBC!!

  8. Slb805 says

    I’m so sad this show ended!! We loved it and will miss it! It’s another one of those shows that was severely underrated and deserves a second go around. Booo NBC….though I do love about a boy so I’m glad ATLEAST that was saved!!

  9. Shelly says

    Best show NBC had in years! Too bad I grew up watching Must See TV Thursdays on NBC. Not a fan of Elfman but understood why she was cast. Bring it back!

  10. Brian says

    The last 2 episodes that aired tonight were GREAT, FUNNY,and ENTERTAINING! Our family LOVES THIS SHOW!!
    NBC needs to RENEW THIS SHOW!! It was so good.

  11. Jackie says

    I am really
    SAD to see this sit-cancelled–could you please change your minds!!
    The actors were great and are all very talented. The shows’ plot line is a little different, but it really made us smile and laugh to ourselves. I just couldn’t believe that you (The CEO ‘s, or whomever) did not give this show another season to develop itself. This show and About A Boy, and Last Man Standing (another network, I know,) were the 3 shows my husband & I looked forward to watching this past season for good comedy; I think every other “comedy” shows on TV are so stupid and tasteless, that I just don’t know how they were approved, let alone continued for another season! VERY SORRY TO SEE THIS SHOW CANCELLED!!

  12. Sandra Taylor says

    I liked the show it dealt with a Dad who overcame tremendous odds, a mother finding herself and a young son with all the issues of a boy growing up as well as a teen sister with the issues of teens. The family showed love for each other, offered solutions to each generations problems that week and it was clean family oriented. It was also well acted, funny and entertaining. The network should have promoted it more and gave it more time for the public to see it.

  13. says

    This show always gave me a laugh when I needed it. Sad to see it go. I agree with Kathy Kincaide on true entertainment. Reality tv shows are a waist of tv time. Now there’not much to watch.

    • Bunny says

      Hi Kathy, Joe and everyone else who has posted on this issue recently. I was one of the early posters, and have already commented several times. I am weighing in again now to say that at this point, I think that holding out any hope for a reversal of this cancellation is probably pointless. This far out from when the cancellation was announced, and from the airing of the final episode, it’s highly unlikely the network will change course. Among other things, unless some other network has shown a strong interest in picking up the show, (in which case we would probably have heard something about that) the principals may very well have moved on and started looking for other roles, or may have already found new projects. Although actors often get as attached to a role or a show as their viewers do, the difference is that for them it’ s a job, and an income. Like the rest of us, when they find out they are losing one job, they need to start looking for another one. Unfortunately, its probably time we give this show a decent burial and let it go to wherever shows that were just too good to last go. It would be lovely to think that the network has regrets about cancelling it, or might learn something about giving future shows a longer trial period and a better chance to succeed. Call me cynical, but given their history of doing the same damn thing, over and over, (hmm, isn’t that the definition of insanity?) and killing off many good shows over the years, I see no reason to think anything will change or any lessons will be learned. I’m not talking about NBC exclusively. They are all guilty of it.

  14. says

    RETHINK!!!” Growing up Fisher” was true entertainment!! I seldom look forward to a TV show~this was one that I DID~~So sorry to hear it was cancelled,PLEASE~give it another try,I think the ratings will get higher when the public gets a chance to “know” the show~PLEASE another chance~~
    Kathy Kincaide

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