Guiding Light: Daytime Emmys Pay Tribute to Cancelled Soap Opera

Guiding Light's Jeff BransonWith just a weeks of shows left to air, Guiding Light was honored with an Emmy Award last night. Interestingly, the ceremony wasn’t the soap’s last chance at being recognized.

Jeff Branson, who plays Shayne Lewis on the venerable soap, tied for Outstanding Supporting Actor in the first award presentation of the night. Branson tied with Vincent Irizarry of All My Children who coincidentally received his first Emmy nomination for his work on Guiding Light in 1985.

Both actors took the opportunity to reflect on Guiding Light’s contribution to their lives.

On stage, Branson said, “Number one, I want to thank all of my family at Guiding Light — 72 years! I give this [award] to all of us. Thank you guys. I love you with all my heart; cast crew, wardrobe, production, hair, make-up, everybody. And all the fans, 72 years, thank you!”

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Backstage, Irizarry said, “I have such affection for that show. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of television history… What other medium is producing product that lasts 72 years? It has entertained not only generations, but employed generations of people.”

The Emmy broadcast also paid tribute to Guiding Light with a special segment. It was introduced by actress Betty White who quipped, “I’ve been watching Guiding Light ever since it first went on the air in 1776.” After the tribute, more than 30 past and present Guiding Light castmembers took the stage and were given a standing ovation.

Though Guiding Light was given a nice send-off, the show and its cast and crew could still be nominated for awards next Summer as well. The awards that were given last night were for the 2008 calendar year. By the time the last episode airs on September 18th, there will have been more than eight months of material that could be nominated.

Some believe that the show has been better than ever lately. What do you think? Will the Guiding Light cast and crew return to the stage next Summer to accept some more Emmys?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. genie says

    Guiding Light kept me from feeling ungodly lonely during growing up in an alcoholic home…Holidays would be sometimes missed in my house BUT we could always turn onto the “Bauer Barbeque on the 4th of July or Danny and Michelle or Reva and Josh celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas. The christmas story from long ago of Phillip seaching for Beth at a cemetery, thinking she’d died….Kuddos to the happy endings of couples like Phiilip and Beth and Josh and Reva. We have enough uncertainty in this increasingly devisive world we live in….The Light…will be missed…..

  2. says

    My great grandmother started with this soap on the radio. As soon as it went on the tv my mother and I stated watching. I’m very sad to see this end. I feel like I’m loosing family. The other soaps can’t compare to guiding light. No spin-off of this soap??

  3. Martha says

    Goodbye Guiding Light!!! I will miss you I am eighty years pold and have been listening and watching for 62 years I feel a great loss is about to happen.
    Very Bery sad to see you go!

  4. Aquanetta Sonognni says

    I watched Guilding light in 1955. I lived on the Island of Hawaii, The Big lsland as they call it. We didn’t have alot of television then. We had to go over to a friends home to watch. I know every day after school I would go over with my mom and watch. It was fifteen minutes long. We were like maybe 6 weeks behind from the mainland. But that didn’t matter, it was the good rushing, no cell phones, everyone knew was a wonderful growing up….just wanted to say thank-you Guilding Light the whole cast for these wonerful years I have share with you. I only wish it would never en Thank-you again

  5. Renee Sullivan says

    I was watching the Guidling Light with my Grandmother before I even started kindergarten. That was 42 years ago and I still watch every day. I’m so sad the show is going off the air. I wish all cast members the best and hope to see them in other shows in the future.

  6. Sandi Lowe says

    I have been watching this show for 50 years and started with my grandmother during the summer months as a child out of school and am saddened by the show going off the air. The Guiding Light has been a favorite of mine and I have watched the families grow and change through the years and cannot imagine not having my favorite soap to watch every afternoon. What will happen to these wonderful actors? I wish all of them the very best and hope their careers take off with a flying bang! I will be watching for all of you on other shows! Best of luck to everyone.

  7. Bonnie LuBera says

    I am totally devastated by CBS canceling the Guiding Light. I love this show, and think it’s better than ever. I started watching this show 55 years ago, with my Mom and Grandma. I can’t believe CBS, just doesn’t take into consideration that over 2 million people watch it. How can they do that to us? Seems to me, they certainly don’t care about their viewers. What will CBS put on the air in place of Guiding Light, some stupid commercial. I’ve even signed petitions to keep the Guiding Light on the air. The last one I signed had over 17,000, doesn’t this mean anything to CBS??? I wish another network would pick it up, and it would kick butt, and put CBS, in their place. I feel like the cast is family to me. Every day at 10 am they are right in my living room with me. I have this hour set aside for them. I will refuse to watch any shows on CBS after they stop the Guiding Light.

  8. May says

    omg so bloody what i know guiding light was on for 72 years but it doesnt matter they still snubbed passions passions was on for 9 years it still had a fan base still had viewers it should of got a tribute doesnt matter what people say who knows maybe the emmys snub nbc shows cause days of our lives never gets nominated or win anything except for the past 2 years

  9. jill says

    love of life, search for tomorrow,from these roots

    Brighter Day,secret storm, edge of night, young doctor malone,(my personal favorite
    tied with guiding light; don’t tie up all storylines in a nice, neat package. that is not reality;many viewers wilo not live happily rverafter. bot even at disney which always keeps
    a sharp eye on profits first

  10. GLfanforever says

    Hey Mat – you’re kidding right? How long was Passions even on for?

    Guiding Light is a television ICON.

    72 Years on the air is nothing to sneeze at. It’s something that we will never see happen again.

    I have watched GL since I was a small child, with my mom and my grandmother. I can remember coming home from school at 3pm, and it was on the tv. We would sit and have our afternoon snack watching Reva, Josh, HB, and Billy. I loved Mindy and Phillip. Lujack and Beth. The ghost storyline was amazing. The Bauer Family was everyone’s family.

    I will be honest and say I didn’t much care for the new format with the camera’s moving every which way, but I will miss it for sure.

    Thank you GL

  11. Mat says

    its soo stuiped when passions was finisihed they didnt give them a tribute but when it happends to guiding light they do

  12. Lisa V says

    I wish I hadn’t forgotten this was on! I am totally devastated by the cancellation of Guiding Light. I have been watching it since at least 1974. I see these people more often than I see my own family! It is going to be so hard when the last day comes!

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