Guiding Light: Petition to Continue the Venerable Soap Opera

Guiding LightAfter more than 15,700 episodes, CBS has cancelled Guiding Light.

Thankfully, the company that actually owns the show, Proctor & Gamble, wants to keep it going — perhaps online or via a cable channel. Jeannie Tharrington, Director of Communications of P&G’s TeleNext, said, “We’re looking at all our options. This show started as a 15-minute radio show, and then it was a half-hour television show, so it has adapted over the years.”

If you’d like to see the show continue, let them know that you support their efforts and encourage them to keep searching to find a way to “keep the light on.” Here are some suggestions.

If you like the show, make sure that you tune in to watch it on CBS. Encourage your friends to do the same. The show’s decline in viewers is the reason why the show was cancelled. The higher the viewership, the more likely it is that P&G will be able to find a new home for the soap.

Consider buying P&G products. They make hundreds like Bounty, Bounce, Clairol, Crest, Dawn, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Ivory, Mr. Clean, Old Spice, Pampers, and Pringles. You can visit their site to see the full list. You probably buy some already.

Sign the petition below and let P&G know that you’ve signed it. Spread the word.

Write to P&G and let them know how you feel about the show. Tell that you’re buying their products and which ones you like. Are you a stockholder? Let them know. Be respectful and polite. The company obviously want to be able to keep Light going if they can profit from it. It can be a win-win situation for everyone.
Mr. Alan Lafley, CEO, Proctor and Gamble, Guiding Light support, 1 P&G Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45201

The last episode will air on CBS on September 18th so don’t delay!

To: Mr. Alan Lafley, CEO of Proctor and Gamble

We the undersigned are faithful viewers of Guiding Light and are dismayed that the program has been cancelled by CBS. This soap has been going for over 70 years and we believe it should not end now. It has evolved in the past and can do so again.

We appreciate that you are seeking a way to continue the soap in some way once it leaves CBS in September. We implore you to keep working until this becomes a reality. We support you through the products that we purchase and will continue to support Guiding Light.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Annette BondCountry: USA2015-07-24 15:35:19
    Really wish Guiding Light would return. Nothing to watch on CBS daytime anymore.
  • Linda HoneycuttCountry: USA2015-07-07 08:39:46
    The Guideing Light was all I ever Watched, And now that it was taken off the Air , Replaced with Let's Make A Deal . As of now I don't even Watch CBS , And as I saw another message posted I don't bother to buy P&G Products no more if they Can run Commercials all over evey Network I don't see how this Beloved Show can Break Them , I Bet that if Its return came back this would be the Best Move a CEO and CBS could ever make , And the Rateing would be Blown Away and there would be News Headlines Even In The Daily Post of it's return And lots of revenue would be brought in. This is My Opion and it's 100%
  • sharon groverCountry: USA2015-06-12 13:22:03
    maybe you would consider a new guiding light with a cast that is are related to the originals. Grew up with this show and would pay to watch episodes from the very beginning. This show was a big part of so many peoples day at least produce us die hards a new one.
  • Paige BrownCountry: United States2015-06-05 00:20:33
    All these years later and this show and the enture cast is still missed by me and countless other GL fans. Please bring this show back! No other soaps compare to this legacy. I will always be a faithful supporter and avid viewer this show. There is an easy Segway to revive the storyline... Someone could have "dreamt" the ending. Perhaps maybe Olivia or Gus (since they were in the hospital undergoing surgery) near the end of the show.
  • MeganCountry: United States2015-05-27 11:26:32
    Bring the show back I am lost without it !!!! Pleaseeee!
  • sarah BushmanCountry: usa2015-04-11 22:38:35
    I still really miss this show!
  • Tessa MckenzieCountry: NYC, US2015-03-12 17:24:54
    Since the P&G sponsor, canceled Guiding light I printed out the list all the P&G product to make sure I do not spent a cents in it, until Guiding Light and As The world turn is back on CBS. We support who support our soaps and boycott the one who don't. Tessa K. McKenzie. Executive Producer of Let's Talk About Soaps.
  • Connie LudolffCountry: USA 2014-12-03 19:36:23
    Pleas bring it back. I started wat hing it years ago when it was 15 minutes back in the 50's on CBS/kdka in Pittsburgh, Pa. Loved it.
  • angela youmansCountry: united stated2014-10-29 13:44:34
    Please air the guilding light it was real life to me I love all the character reba an josh I played like they were my parents lol I will watch everyday an all my family an friends we all miss them all i stop watching other soaps because of the hurt from loosing guilding light
  • Mary PerkinsCountry: United States2014-10-08 03:37:53
    My sister and I had grew-up watching ''Guiding Light'' but til this day that my family still missing this soap opera.
  • Richelle MansfieldCountry: United States2014-09-21 20:24:14
    Even 5 years after the show ended I still miss it! Please bring it back, even if it's only online!!!
  • ScottCountry: United States2014-03-04 03:00:00
    I like to listen to shows like The Archers or podcasts like Welcome to Nightvale on my mp3 player. I think that the company could produce a version of Guiding Light for very little money as an old-time radio-style program, put advertisements in the podcast, and let consumers download it for free. It would be produced for very little money, and could generate some significant profit.
  • ShannonCountry: United States2014-02-13 23:22:55
    Nearly 5 years later and I still miss this show! It provided a connection between my grandmother, my mother and myself from the day I was born until the day it went dark. Three generations.. One show. Please consider turning the light back on!
  • sharonCountry: US2013-11-27 13:18:52
    grew up with this. should start the series from the very beginning bringing in a whole new audience. Or at least start a new generation Guiding.Tired of all the talk shows
  • wandasmothersCountry: us2013-09-22 22:51:05
    Bring back As the world turns and Guiding light
  • JackieCountry: USA2013-06-22 13:22:43
    Support the soaps and bring them back.
  • KarenCountry: United States2013-06-13 14:15:51
    Please make my day! Bring back Guiding Light
  • TinaCountry: usa2013-06-02 20:42:43
    bring back guiding light please
  • Mary Petti-WeberCountry: USA2013-06-01 21:16:30
    Miss Guiding Light.
  • Marleene S OslonCountry: PA2013-05-23 16:19:36
    Please bring back Guiding Light. I have been lost ever since the light went out.
  • daniel pacichCountry: us2013-05-23 14:13:35
    miss guidinglight a lot realy want it back
  • Nilsa HenleyCountry: United States2013-05-05 12:44:47
    Please bring back Guiding Light and As the World Turns to Hulu or another online outlet. These two soaps are missed and are still important in today's society. If All My Children and One Life to Live can get a new start, surely the two soaps that were at the forefront can be brought back to life. There is an audience out there for these two veteran soaps! Please consider it! Thanks so much!
  • Brooke GeorgitonCountry: USA2013-04-29 23:50:14
    Please bring guiding light back, even if it airs on Hulu or cable only. Love the show
  • Amy IgouCountry: USA2013-04-28 23:16:43
    Do as AMC and OLTL and return via the web. I would definitely watch online.
  • Brittney ThompsonCountry: USA2012-11-04 10:23:23
    Please bring back the Guiding Light!