Halt and Catch Fire: Season One Ratings

Halt and Catch Fire TV show ratingsHBO has found some success with their Silicon Valley TV show. How will AMC do with Halt and Catch Fire, another drama about the computer industry? Will it be cancelled or renewed for a second season? Stay tuned!

Halt and Catch Fire takes place in the 1980s and follows the team at Cardiff Electric as they try to take on IBM in the home computer market. The cast includes Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy, Mackenzie Davis, Kerry Bishé, Toby Huss, and David Wilson Barnes.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show’s chances of staying on the air. The higher the ratings, the better the chances for survival. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available — typically on Tuesdays.

8/20 update: AMC has renewed Halt and Catch Fire for a second season.

Final season averages: 0.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 760,000 total viewers.

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What do you think? Do you like the Halt and Catch Fire TV series? How many seasons do you think it should run?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Chris says

    I really enjoyed this show, because I was 17-18 when the story took place and was into the early 8-bit PCs, videogames, text adventures, computer bulletin boards, programming, all of it. I’ve also worked in the tech industry for thirty years (I even worked for Texas Instruments for a while) and can relate to that aspect of the series as well. I still have that same copy of Newsweek with the cover story about the 414s that Cameron was reading.

    I’ll be sad if it doesn’t get a second season, but I will also understand why. I do love this show, and am keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. noa says

    It’s a really great show. Rating in a bit low because the first 4 episodes were not easy to swallow.
    However – from chapter 5 it really improves – and the last episode (episode #9) was super good.
    all the people who gave the show a bad critic only watched the 1-3 first episodes, so please don’t listen to them – listen to people who watched the whole season (like me) !!

  3. says

    You might try a petition that doesn’t require such personal information to be given out, might get more people in, I did it cause I love the show so much, so I’ll deal with all the fall out from whoever just got my street address and name, but even those who give down false information (I am not sure if it vets it or not) still, might be put back by how pervasive that is….

    That being said I urge everyone to sign it anyways, the show is worth it, but still, might be time for a second petition, one that is a little less personal, but still gets the vote in there.

    • cam pesh says

      Jackwse you read my mind. I love this show too and would like to help move it to a second season, but I won’t list the personal info it requires.

    • says

      Funny how most of the signatures come from China with no name. I wonder how many sock puppet accounts someone can make to support their dying show that nobody cares to spend an hour watching?

  4. Ben says

    This show is just god awful. AMC has made some of the best shows like Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men. And even Turn and Hell on Wheels is better than this. This show is so boring and got old very quickly and if you look at ratings let me tell you they are down right just crap. Just get rid of this show!

    • Art says

      Those who hate this show but loved Breaking Bad as did I. It wasn’t all about making crack. It was about the intersonal relationships, disfunctional families and brilliant acting. The same goes for Halt and Catch Fire. If you don’t care about the history of the PC, which is rely just a vehicle for carrying the story, the acting and script are rich enough to pull us in and relate to these characters. AMC, keep this show going, otherwise you’re going to be just another zombie channel.

      • JustLetItDie says

        Just let the show die. This way AMC can have another chance at bringing something new next year for us to watch and might have a better chance of lasting.

  5. Leif says

    I was born in 1983, the year this show takes place and i can’t stop watching it! I’m pretty sure the show is geared to people who remember this wonderful time in the PC’s early history. That being said a lot of the tech talk flies over most viewers my age. Not me!! My father had a commadore 64 as our first family computer and I can still remember the Basic commands. Anyone remember load “*”,8,1? Then we got our first 386 IBM compatable running windows 3.0 and thought it was the greatest thing in the world! It actually had a GUI!!!! No more command line OS! Anyway, the only problem that i can see with this show is that it doesn’t show people killing each other or sex or dumb people acting like retards. Tv shows that make it now a days to have 1 or all of these things to draw ratings. What a sad world we live in. Like all the shows I enjoy it will probably be canceled. Thats one of the reasons I can’t fully enjoy the Goldbergs too. Just waiting for them to pull an arrested development on halt and catch fire.

    • JustLetItDie says

      Erm, you did see the episode where there were two men making out right? If not, what show have you been watching?

  6. Catherine P says

    This is such a smart, well-acted show. It would be such a shame to only have one season. I believe people will find the show and Season 2 will be higher in the ratings.

  7. says

    I think its fantastic, I just got done with a lengthy post on IMDB about how these guys were my heroes, I would love to see it get carried for a few seasons. So tired of hearing about Jobs and apple, (given that apple pays an insane amount of money to do post work on their dinky overpriced machines, that makes a lot of sense).

    These guys brought the computer, to the people, too bad it never stuck, windows 8 was one of the worst, closed OS of all time, only 3 major hardware designers left, everyone has an Iphone (and listens to music on it lol… on BOES headphones, omg, the soy based beef sorta flavored happy meal equivalent of the audio experience) I suppose when Jobs said keep it simple, he really was just referring to his market base.

    Always nice to see old times, maybe a bit of very recent history might inspire a few casuals to wake up.

    Funny how ironic that apple commercial in 84 was… I mean, wow…

  8. Art says

    I joined Bell Labs in 1983 right after punch cards. There was the
    TRS80 and Commodore 64 but PCs were not ubiquitous. This show brings back great memories and reminds us of a time when entrepreneurship wasn’t just about the money.
    I know it will probably be cancelled but I hope AMC picks it up because it illustrates one of the most important times of the 20th century

  9. Anonymous says

    The show is great because it shows some people who have ‘fire in their bellies’ trying to bring a product to market. Being a follower not a leader is boring but this show brings out the trials and tribulations that Silicon Valley type companies go through to get ahead. I remember when Texas Instruments flooded the market with hand calculators, I used one after college instead of a ‘slide rule’, and from there I have grown up with tech devices in the workplace. From steam boats, locomotives, cars, to searching for the ‘GOD’ particle in the 17 mile long Collider, people with guts get it done! Tom Edison and Steve Jobs were cut out of the same cloth, and born in the USA! Hooray!

  10. Harry says

    I am a Huge Fan of the Show. I Interests me because I got into Computers at the time
    this Series is set. It is clear that it is Modelled after the Compaq Computer Corporation
    so I suppose there is lots of Material for a full series.
    I think the series should be picked up for another Season not because of the number of
    viewers but because of the type of viewers, mostly afluent relatively young technically inclined People.
    A Perfect target audience for advertizers.
    I am guessing that season 2 would be about the rise of this fledgeling company so it would be fun to see them sticking it to Big Blue !

  11. Karen says

    My family loves this show. Great story line, terrific acting. Great story for kid graduating college…don’t give up and don’t let other people quash your dreams and passions.

  12. Lisa says

    I also love this show. The last episode was SO unexpected. I did not see it coming AT ALL. And by the end, I was jumping in my seat anticipating the next one. I think it is well written. And I like remembering how “basic” (get it?) computers used to be. I think the writing and characters keep you interested, and the plot twists keep you on the edge of your seat, especially when you have settled in to expect the usual fare on TV.

    • nemo f says

      basic like let n=n+1 followed by the popular c:\ copy *.* as well as 5 1/4 inch floppies that had to be switched out 3 and 4 times to do one simple dBase program, and all that…… :)

  13. Colleen says

    I love this show! The characters are well developed and complicated, unlike some critics think. I can’t wait to see what happens when the get to COMDEK (?)- is that the name of the trade show? I think it should last for 3 or 4 seasons. Oh and Lee Pace is dreamy!

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