Hank: Kelsey Grammer Sitcom Cancelled; No Season Two

Hank cancelledTo no surprise, ABC has cancelled freshman sitcom Hank. The Kelsey Grammer show failed to catch on with critics or many viewers.

Hank revolves around a Wall Street CEO who’s kicked out of his own company and must relocate with his family to his small hometown in Virginia. Aside for Grammer, the series stars Melinda McGraw, David Koechner, Jordan Hinson, and Nathan Gamble.

The sitcom got off to a slow start on September 30th with a 2.1 rating in the demo and 8.34 million total viewers. The numbers got worse from there and last week Hank hit a series low of a 1.3 rating and 5.09 million viewers.

It’s been assumed that the show would be cancelled for awhile now, especially since ABC handed out full season orders to all of its other freshman sitcoms; The Middle, Modern Family, and Cougartown.

ABC confirmed the cancellation of Hank today and said that production is being halted after 10 episodes. The sitcom’s end comes on the heels of the cancellation of another struggling Wednesday night show, Eastwick.

Five episodes of Hank have been aired so far and it’s unclear whether or not the network will get around to showing the remaining five at some point in the future.

For now, Hank’s timeslot will be filled with repeats and specials.

What do you think? Was this show as bad as so many people think? Was there anything that could’ve been done to fix it?

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  1. Mary Williams says

    It definitely got off to a slow start but by the Thanksgiving episode they had me in stitches. I couldn’t wait for it to come back after the Fall break. I guess it wasn’t a break after all. It’s really too bad….I hope they show the final 5 episodes.

  2. MTOWN says

    Hank really sucked. I tried to give it a chance because I’m a huge Kelsey Grammer fan but I just couldn’t watch it. Eastwick was even worse. My favorite new show on ABC is The Middle. Modern Family and Cougar Town are good also but The Middle is hilarious and I love it!!! It is really a shame that Hank didn’t make it…..I was rooting for the show but it each episode was less funny than the previous one. I guess it will be hard for him to top Frasier which is my favorite sitcom of all time.

  3. Tim says

    I thought this was one of the funniest sitcoms in awhile. I cannot believe modern family was not cancelled, I watchesd it once and stated that would be the last time I watch it. ABC give hank another chance.

  4. DarkShdo says

    I can’t believe the number of people posting here who liked “Hank”. Were you people sober when you watched it? Only three episodes aired in my market, and each one was less funny than the one before it. And the pilot, to the point, sucked. The writing was purile, the scripts contrived, and apparently Mr. Grammer has a summer squash for an agent. He never should have signed to do this pathetic excuse for a tv series. Now, if ABC is truly serious about ratings, and if Mr. Grammer is truly serious about doing good work, then they should get together and do something no other comedy series has EVER done before: bring back Frasier in his new incarnation (remember, he was flying away to be with his love in the series finale). Let’s see where he ended up! Hank was an utter failure at EVERYTHING.

  5. Honey Beam says

    I loved this series. It was very likable and very funny and a “clean” show, unlike the ones that replaced it. It seems that people just do not like good, clean shows anymore. I am very sad to lose this show and hope that the remaining episodes are shown and are also ran as reruns on the network in the future.

  6. dennis teel says

    IMO Hank and shows like it,that aren’t mudded with blue humor,that don’t contain in the cast of characters at least one homosexual,that don’t rely on ***** jokes and don’t encourage a liberal” if it feels good do it” lifestyle ,will not last for long at all.this is why i feel that shows like “the middle” for example,won’t last very much longer unless some changes take place to include some of those things on a weekly basis.”the middle” and “hank” are very good family shows.i enjoyed what little i saw of ‘”hank” for that very trait.but truth be told,the 20 somethings (and younger)that are watching prime time tv have no interest in anything that doesn’t typify somehow the liberal lifestyle that thay they personally live on an every day basis. and that lifestyle isn’t a ‘G’ lifestyle.in fact shows like that are generally viewed as being ‘old school’..,no half nude girl in the show every week,no blue humor and no substance abusers. unfortunately the professional critics that work for the media also fit in this oddball catagory of people who consider tame shows like the middle and hank,etc nothing but boring and unfunny.but look carefully at what they critique as being entertainment..”cougar town”…see the difference??? i’m just sayin’!!!!
    (btw,”cougar town imo is nothing more than ***** jokes and sexual humor in general all wrapped up into one half hour once a week..but this what the critics and viewers apparently want to see..if red foreman (eric’s dad)were here he’d just look at them and say…”dumbass”!!

  7. Paula says

    Both my daughter (17) and I (40) thought that Hank was a very funny show. I do not know why it was cancelled so soon. It’s liek networks don’t even want to give new shows a chance to catch on.

    One thing though… The article said that 5 episodes had aired and we only saw 3 episodes??? I have a DVR, we saw the series premeire and set the DVR to record all new episodes but it only recorded 3. So I am wondering whatever happened to the 2 that supposedly aired???

    I think they were stupid to cancel this one so soon because it was an intelligent and funny show.

  8. BECKY says

    All the good shows are cancelled and all we get is crappy reality tv.I think most Americans are sick of REALITY tv. PLEASE GIVE US A BREAK. ABC cancelled Hank and Eastwick and we get stupid shows like SCRUBS,THE MIDDLE,MODERN FAMILY AND COUGAR TOWN. YUCK

  9. Brice says

    “Hank” was horrible. They were trying to hard and none of it was funny because the writing was terrible. I am Fraiser/Kelsey Grammar’s biggest fan. They need to revive “Fraiser” which will never happen.

  10. Christie says

    Wed has turned into our family night.. watching hank all the way to eastwick!!! I’m completely shocked they took Hank off. We enjoyed that show it was funny and their really isn’t any family shows on much anymore. Reality t.v. stinks.. and is boring!!! Friday night line was a great family night when I was growing up. People could save more money if t.v was good and then they wouldn’t have to go out to eat and rent movies!!! Frozen pizza and family time is great~ Wed’s have turned into so much more for my family.. we get snacks just for this night now.. great middle of the week break!!
    Please bring Hank back and don’t cancel Eastwick… or we’ll just have to forget watching the rest..

  11. anna says

    I thought this was one of the funniest shows and a great sitcom what ashame to cancel
    Great cast and very funny better than the other sitcoms that abc has. Hope ABC reconsiders and airs this show again. Amazing you like it and then it gets canceled isn’t that the pits..

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