Happy Hour: Fox Drops Sitcom to Save The O.C.

The cast of Happy HourFOX has a problem. The recent World Series was lowest-rated in history. Fox’s new shows (Justice, Standoff, Til Death and Happy Hour) have returned from the baseball hiatus to lower viewer numbers than their averages before the World Series. As expected, the fourth season premiere of The O.C. drew a paltry number of viewers, pitted up against CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Grey’s Anatomy. It’s no surprise that Fox has to make some changes. Those changes impact Happy Hour most of all.

The sitcom Happy Hour debuted on September 7th and centers around the life of Henry Beckman, played by John Sloan. Henry has the perfect life and relationship until he gets dumped, loses his job, and has to move in with Larry Cone (Lex Medlin) — a friend who has a unique take on life and the opposite sex.

The show was not well received by critics and didn’t draw many viewers either. In fact, Happy Hour was a frontrunner in most cancellation polls. The sitcom was pulled from the Thursday night schedule after three episodes but FOX promised the show would return. Happy Hour returned on November 2nd and its fourth episode drew a meager 2.2 rating, down over 25% from its pre-baseball airing. It provided a very weak lead in for FOX’s drama, The O.C.

As a result, FOX is moving shows around, particularly in an attempt to save The O.C. The once popular O.C.will air on both Wednesday and Thursday nights for the coming week to try to regain its audience.

To make room for this, FOX has pulled Happy Hour from the schedule once again and the word is that it won’t be coming back. Any mention of the series has been stripped from the Fox website. Some sources have said that the series’ 13 episode order will be completed (including an episode featuring Arrested Development’s Jessica Walter), so perhaps Happy Hour will be aired internationally or released on DVD at some point. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. darla youldon says

    Happy Hour was the best show that has ever been produced by Fox and they cancell it without giving it a chance.

    I beleive Fox is not paying attetion to the show just the short term ratings. If they gave it a chance you would see another Friends or Tool Time – – maybe better.

    Run the 13 epoisodes in the summer anytime without heavy competition and Fox will see that they have the best new comedy.



  2. Mike says

    Happy Hour had the best Characters of any new sitcom. I think it is better than Till Death, but as everyone seems to agree, it never got a chance to develop an audience. The viewers were going to get the word out to others to watch but by the time they did, it’s cancelled! TV Sitcom shows are becoming a thing of the past. Soon it will all be Reality TV.

  3. Thelma says

    I agree with what everyone has said. It is extremely funny. I sent FOX and e-mail. I asked if there was any chance it would return in the off season. I was told no it has been cancelled and the cast and crew have moved on to different projects. Moved on to different projects? It just happened. I didn’t even know about the show. I happened to catch the first episode of ‘Til Death. (Which I don’t like much.) Then, Happy Hour came on. It was one of the funnest shows I’ve seen in a long time. FOX never promoted it. How can they expect people to watch something they know nothing about?

  4. Emily says

    I loved this show. I thought it was great, infact it reminded me of my and my guy friends. I only got to see one of the episodes because I did not know that there was such a show, and that is the problem. New shows are’t talked up enought. Let the people know that this is coming, get them pumped up for it!
    If anything take off Everybody Loves Ramond, because not everyone loves Ramond and there’s two of them played everyday, losing one, on like Thurdsay isn’t going to kill the show! Or put the new shows on right before a really big show, so than when people are waiting for the BIG SHOW to come on they get a glimps of this new show, and they might just like it! That or switch it to another night. Thursday is packed as it is, put it on Mondays or Tuesdays. How about Mondays since Prison Break is leaving for the year.

  5. Trey says

    Happy Hour was my new favorite show. And people watch ‘Nanny 911’?!?!?!? The person at fox who came to his/her senses and brought back Family Guy should make a move pretty quick.

  6. Tracey says

    Happy Hour is a funny show. I thought my DVR was on the “blink” only to find out that the show seems to have been cancelled!!! Too bad. I agree with the other comments that new shows dont get enough time to gain a following. I hope to see the rest of the episodes if Fox can find a slot.

  7. Amy says

    My husband & I rarely watch primetime TV because it’s so filled with reality TV shows and stupid teen shows. Happy Hour reminds me of the days when TV was fun to watch. No reality, no teen love stories – just good fun. Also, Happy Hour really didn’t get a fair chance with the World Series taking up some of those weeks. The least they could do is to finish up the episodes they made and then see what happened.

    There are lots of TV shows out there that almost didn’t make it, but got a second chance and now they are considered classic TV. I don’t know if Happy Hour would have become one of those, but I really enjoyed the show.

    What will FOX do next-pull ‘Til Death for another reality show?

  8. Moogie says

    My husband and I are very dissapointed that Happy Hour has been taken off. We enjoyed it very much. One of the few shows we do like along with Till Death. I guess people just prefer watching fake, stuck-up spoiled snobs (OC) than watching fictional comedy stories that are actually good. Sorry for FOX, they’re going to loose a lot of viewers if they keep this up like they have for the last 10 or so years. PUT IT BACK ON!!!!!

  9. Melanie says

    I wonder if it ever occurred to FOX that the OC doesn’t get ratings because of the silly teen drama story line that it has taken on. “I love him; I love her. Should I kill myself? Should I drive the Mercedez or the Porsche to school? Should I roll my eyes at this girl or that girl? It’s gotten ridiculous! I watched the first season, but couldn’t stand the way they were taking the story after that. What made FOX think they could compete with CSI and Grey’s Anatomy anyway? The OC was never that good, even in the first season! Happy Hour was such a fun show! There are many shows they could stand to get rid of. Happy Hour should come back!

  10. chuckbeary says

    I knew “Happy Hour” was doomed from the start. I liked it very much. Any TV show that I like disappears almost immediately.

    Too bad, I think Larry was tremendous; but that is the way it goes. I am sure greater things are on the way for him.

    FOX goofed it again. They should reconsider playing the series during the off season. I hope the episodes that were made become available on DVD.

  11. kim campbell says

    Hapyy Hour was one of the funniest shows that has been on in the last few years.i hope the network comes to it’s senses and keep the show.

  12. Daniel Borges says

    Happy hour is an awesome show! how could you take it off air to save a stupid show like the O.C. it was pretty much the only reason i even turned it on fox on thursday nights. til death is ok but they should can it and bring back happy hour.

  13. Dylan Alm says

    i love happy hour it was a great show the O.C sucks compaired to happy hour. The O.c just has a bunch of bitching teenagers on it no comdey what so ever.

  14. Carole Peck says

    I was disappointed that this wasn’t on last night. Finally the baseball is over, the shows come back, only to be taken off again. The network never gave this show enough time to develop a following. Give them a chance!

  15. Michaela says

    I can’t say that this is the best comedy that I’ve ever seen but at least it was a comedy and it seemed to get a little better with each show. We were certainly watching it after ‘Til Death. The networks may be surprised when there aren’t enough viewers for any NEW shows they try to air. Myself, my husband and friends I speak with are getting tired of watching new shows only to have them cancelled just when we’re beginning to enjoy them. It takes a little time to get to know the characters and watch storylines unfold. Plus, when you put new shows up against well established, hit shows, no one is going to change the channel to watch something new. Too many good shows have already been cancelled and others are on the chopping block because of their time slots. New shows should be put in time slots that don’t place them up against the hit shows so people have an opportunity to really watch them, decide how much they like them and then put them up against hit shows to see how well they do in the ratings. Why watch anything new if it’s going to be cancelled? O.K. I’ve basically said the same thing in 3 posts. Put well written, well acted shows in reasonable time slots and GIVE THEM A CHANCE!

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