Happy Town: New ABC Mystery Show; Cancel or Keep It?

Happy TownLast night, ABC premiered their new Happy Town TV show. Despite the cute name, the series isn’t a happy go-lucky sitcom but is actually a dark murder-mystery drama. Most importantly, will ABC be happy enough with the ratings to keep it on the air?

Happy Town takes place in a small Minnesota community called Haplin that, years ago, was plagued by unsolved kidnappings. Now, a horrific murder puts everyone on edge once again and uncovers deep feelings and resentments. Has the mysterious “Magic Man” returned to claim more victims? From the creators of October Road, this series features Sam Neill, M.C. Gainey, Geoff Stults, Lauren German, Amy Acker, Steven Weber, Ben Schnetzer, Sarah Gadon, Jay Paulson, and Robert Wisdom.

After receiving mostly moderate to negative reviews, Happy Town debuted to weak numbers. Per the overnights, the ABC premiere attracted a disappointing 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demo and just 5.23 million viewers. That put the series in second place in the demographic and third place in total viewers.

Those numbers also represent a loss of nearly 40% in the demo from lead-in Cougar Town and a 20% loss in total audience. What’s more, last week’s disappointing Ugly Betty finale did better with a 1.8 rating and 5.56 million. On top of that, a sizable amount of the Happy Town audience tuned out before the first episode was even over, likely meaning they won’t be back next week.

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A new show typically loses at least 10-15% of its audience in week two and Happy Town hardly has any viewers to spare. As you might have guessed, none of this is a good sign for the show’s future.

Eight episodes have been filmed and hopefully, ABC will air them all. If the ratings fall as expected however, the network could pull the series early. Unless these ratings get a lot better, it’s highly unlikely that ABC will want to go back to Happy Town next season.

But, what do you think? Is Happy Town worth watching or should it just be cancelled now? If you watched, what did you like or dislike about it?

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  1. 'BB Rabozza says

    Ok, so now we know who the magic man might be… but what of all the unanswered questions??!! At least do a movie to tie up all the loose ends!!

  2. Denise Vos says

    Keep the show……its great….move it to a new night if you have to……dont cancel it and leave us hanging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its the best new show on tv…….

  3. harmony says

    I love the show…and everyone that i tell to check it out is hooked on the first episode. What is better then a little mystery with murder and mayhem? Please let there be a show on tv that is not a scripted “reality.”

  4. Carol says

    I really enjoy Happy Town, especially since Lost is over. I guess nobody cares though since the network is cancelling without giving it a chance to find an audience.

  5. Tammy Kelsey says

    I cant believe Happy Town will be no more, I loved the show, and it kept me in my seat eye’s clued to the tv, ABC if famous for canelations more than any other station, and I never watch ABC not even the news, always hated ABC, Im so sick of all theses cop and csi’s shows, it was great to watch something so different, its one of the greatest show’s ever. Hope another station pic’s it up, if they know what’s good for them. There’s a web site on facebook for USA to email them asking them to pick up the show, getting alot of responces, so far there’s 20,000+ who want the show to stay…..Well at least I still have Sons Of Anarchy, cant wait,,,,,,, Good luck Happy Town

  6. Kathy Green says

    My husband and I love this new show, HAPPY TOWN! It reminds us of the nini series TWIN PEAKS, which was also unusual, scary and exciting. Lots of twists and turns. It makes us want to see what happens next. We loved it after the first show. We are sick and tired of networks cancelling shows. Give it some time! NBC seems to be one of the worst networks to cancel good shows (ie., Conan O’Brian, for example).
    Kathy Green
    Stanton, CA

  7. Sick of cancellations.... says

    Too many show’s get cancelled in the US, it’s bloody crazy. Give Happy Town at least a fair chance before sticking the boot in.

    • Jerri says

      They will. On June 30 when the last episode airs. Havent you read any of the blogs. I actually think that they advertised it on TV last week, that they are telling you who the Magic Man is either this week or next week., You will see. We will all know who the Magic Man is!

  8. Bessy P. Liolios says

    I really love the show, can’t wait till next week to see what happens….I think its a great show and its very intresting, but if you pull it off the air, at least let us know, who the magic man is????????

  9. Emily says

    Please keep the show. It is very interesting and I cant guess what will happen next. It is one of the better shows I have seen in a while. The cast is awesome and the show is totally weird and creepy. LOVE IT

  10. no way says

    Where do I even begin?First off, I tried very hard and I’ve seen every episode that has aired to be fai. Let’s start w/the writing?!?! Now, I’ve seen a few of these actors in other things, and I know they are capable of acting. But the writing is so bad!!! I think the writing is utter bs. Children could have done better. I know pilots are bad, but wow is all I can say. The main character’s child is what, 10 in real life? Their trying to play her down to what a 5 yr old? “Earth cakes?” You’ve gotta be kidding me right?!!?

    Ok, now I do blame the poor acting on the writing and directing, but I expected SOOO much more from these people. Especially Amy Acker. Dollhouse is one of my favorite shows and that show NEVER had a chance. She was great in that, especially S2Ep12. It was like Dollhouse was real and they removed he acting skills. I was seriously disapointed!

    I should have known from the commericals it would be bad. By the name of the courious character. “The magic man” What?!!? I wish that ABC would be a quality show in this place. But it will not happen. TV to is such a joke.

    • Jerri says

      If you dont like it, why have you watched every showing? Only 11% have been against it, and almost everyone else would like to see it stay. Personally, I am with almost everyone else who has left a comment. It is a great mystery show and should stay. It gets better each week. Next week looks really good, and I am so sorry that there will only be 3 episodes left. Is there nothing we can say or do to keep the show?

  11. Francesca says

    Keep the show….what a bunch of ???? cancelling it after two episodes. I dont know about you but i was hooked from the first episode. What an amazing cast you have and the story line is so interesting? I am so hooked and now it is gone???? Utterly ridiculous…put on more of those horrid reality shows yeah thats what i want…..NOT!!!!
    let us watch what we like for crying out loud. Stop taking shows away from us!!!

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