Happy Town: ABC Dumps Cancelled TV Show Again!

Happy TownIf you were waiting anxiously to find out the identity of the mysterious Magic Man on ABC’s Happy Town, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Happy Town revolves around a bunch of strange disappearances and murders in a small town. The large cast includes Sam Neill, M.C. Gainey, Geoff Stults, Lauren German, Amy Acker, Steven Weber, Ben Schnetzer, Sarah Gadon, Jay Paulson, and Robert Wisdom.

After a disappointing start in the ratings, Happy Town was pulled off the airwaves for much of May. Before the show could return on June 2nd, ABC officially cancelled the series. Only eight episodes have been filmed but at least answers to some of the TV show’s mysteries will be revealed by the end.

Unfortunately, ABC has pulled the show off the air once again. Happy Town was scheduled to take next Wednesday off but return for June 30th and July 7th with the last installments. The network has decided, likely because Happy Town’s ratings have gotten really bad, to replace them with repeats of Castle.

It’s likely that ABC will get around to airing the last two episodes of Happy Town on a Saturday night sometime this summer. It won’t be soon though. On July 3rd, they’ll burn off the last episodes of the forgotten. On July 10th, the network’s airing the extra two episodes of Eastwick. Could Happy Town return on July 17th? Another mystery that we’ll have to wait to have solved.

What do you think? Are you upset that ABC has pulled the last two episodes of Happy Town? Do you think they’ll ever air?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. filipa says

    hello, i would really love to see the ending of happy town, its not fair to the viewers that they cancelled this show when we were getting addicted. i love the story, the plot and the crew of excellent actors and i would like to know who is the magic man. the least they can do is finish it amd reveal the magic man. the way they are acting makes me wonder if its even worth to watch a show before it is an hit, because they could cancel it and we will be waiting for the ending our imagine it. we should all express our disapointement to abc. please show us an endig at least…

  2. Bri says

    I totally agree. It seems that ABC and CBS is notorious for this. And it always has to be the shows I watch. Just because a shows rating starts out poor doesn’t mean it won’t pick up. Word of mouth does a lot for show ratings. That’s how I knew this show was even coming on. I got hooked and then they cancel. Same happened with “Ghost Whisperer.” It took me 3 seasons before I got into it but then I went back and watched them all and set my DVR for all the new ones but what happened? It didn’t meet their “expected” ratings so screw all the viewers who actually do watch. Goes to show that being in the minority sucks. I’m leery of getting into any shows either of these networks air just for fear of getting hooked and then it getting cancelled on me. This is only 2 of the many shows I have had that happen to me. “Moonlight” was another. So sick of it. If you’re going to start something then see it through, low ratings be damned. I guarantee if these networks actually stuck it out long enough they’d get the outcome the wanted.

  3. beverly says

    The network is not thinking that how they disappointing there viewers. I recorded this show and another on my dvr every week. I am upset and asking myself, “Why watch a network that does not care about their loyal viewers only ratings?” What to a show growing and customer apperciation?

  4. Zoraya says

    I am extremely disappointed that Happy town was cancelled! My son and I watched every week! We truly enjoyed this show! It was a refreshing change to all the reality mind numbing nonsense out there! Abc should give this show a real chance to take off. At the very least give the viewers the rest of the episodes to find out what happened!

  5. Lyndsea says

    This is so stupid they promised us two more eposides and it looks like were not getting that every show deservese a second chance and if they cant get that they should atleast let the people that did watch it waiting a year later to find out all the mysterys

  6. Stacey says

    I really got into this show! I want to see more of it and find out what happens. Its a great new suspense. Maybe it could have been advertised better. I’m quite disappointed to find out there isn’t going to be more.

  7. abdi says

    this show was great. viewers were just geting intersting in to it. so abc should bring back this spring. i would love to see how the magic man is….

  8. April says

    How come they keep putting trashy 30 minute sitcoms on instead of shows with actual plots?! ABC already pulled The Forgotten, now Happy Town! It’s ridiculous!

  9. Pam says

    I just watched the 8 episodes on HULU. What a great show. Just my style. I am so sad it got canceled .It was one I would surely watch.

  10. Misty says

    I’m very, very upset that Happy Town got cancelled. My sister and I watched the first episode when it aired, and we both agree that it’s the best pilot we’ve ever seen. All the other episodes were very good too because they all had interesting characters and storylines. It’s really a shame how the show wasn’t given a chance seeing as it wasn’t promoting well, it started in the middle of the Lost series finale, it had the worst timeslot, it got pulled off after only for a couple of weeks after only 2 episodes, and got cancelled shortly after that. This show was one of few good shows on television nowadays because it was written and had very good acting, and it wasn’t reality crap like The Bachlorette. Please bring back Happy Town, it deserves more episodes and seasons!

  11. marylou q says

    i am highlly upset that they just canceled it , ive been tuned into this show since the beginning and they just dont care about the viewers they have, instead they care about the viewers they dont have, they pretty much canceled it bc there werent enough viewers but thefrom the stats theat i saw 2.5 million sure does sound like alot of viewers to me!

    Order Episode Airdate Rating Share Rating/Share
    (18-49) Viewers
    (millions) Rank
    1 “In This Home on Ice” April 28, 2010 3.5[6] 6 1.7/5 5.25 8
    2 “I Came to Haplin for the Waters” May 5, 2010 2.6[7] 6 1.2/4 3.79 14
    3 “Polly Wants a Crack at Her” May 12, 2010 2.1[8] 4 1.1/3 3.04 14
    4 “Slight of Hand” June 2, 2010 2.0 3 0.8/3[18] 2.76 13[19]
    5 “This Is Why We Stay” June 9, 2010 1.9 3 0.8/2[20] 2.58 11[21]
    6 “Questions and Antlers” June 16, 2010 1.6 3 0.6/2[11] 2.17 12[

  12. Anni says

    I am dissappointed = this is a great show. I am usually not able to watch during the week, but love to catch up during the weekends by watching hulu or netflix or the channel of the show online. If the networks watched what people watched on hulu and netflix they might be surprised.

  13. katrina mcphail says

    I love this show. I have been very sad that it was taken off. To have a show that you really get into and then not know what happened is like starting a book and someone not letting you read the ending. Please bring it back.

  14. Cindy says

    Exactly… There have been a lot of shows I enjoy and then get yanked because (a few) have different tastes in programming. And whats up with the short seasons these days anyway? Just when you get into the shows, its cliff hanger time!

  15. Deborah says

    It’s shows how little the networks care about viewers. We invested time watching the show every week and then they just drop it. The least they could do is do a wrap up show to provide and ending for those of us who were watching.

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