Happy Town: TV Show Pulled by ABC, Is It Cancelled?

Happy TownAfter just two weeks on the air, ABC has decided to pull Happy Town from the schedule. The TV show will be back but, for how long?

Happy Town follows the residents of a small town in Minnesota. After being plagued by kidnappings years ago, it seems the mysterious “Magic Man” has returned to start a killing spree. The cast includes features Sam Neill, M.C. Gainey, Geoff Stults, Lauren German, Amy Acker, Steven Weber, Ben Schnetzer, Sarah Gadon, Jay Paulson, and Robert Wisdom.

The series got off to a poor start two weeks ago with a 1.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.25 million viewers. Last week, for episode two, viewership took a nosedive to a 1.2 in the demo and 3.79 million viewers.

To no surprise, ABC has pulled Happy Town for the remainder of May sweeps. After tonight’s episode, the series goes on hiatus for two weeks and will return on June 2nd.

While this wouldn’t necessarily be a sign that the show will be cancelled, the ratings are. They’re terrible and there’s every expectation that they’re just going to get worse — especially with warmer weather coming and people spending less time in front of the TV.

TV show supportAfter tonight’s episode, there are just five episode left. With numbers like these, fans of Happy Town will be lucky if the network shows the rest of them, never mind a second season.

Next week’s episode will be replaced by an edition of Primetime: What Would You Do?. On May 26th, ABC will present the network premiere of the Transformers movie.

What do you think? Why isn’t Happy Town performing better? Is it just not a very good TV show or are viewers just missing the boat?

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  1. melanie says

    abc really most of my friends did not even know about this show until i told them to watch it. i had the series taped so i asked them to watch it. i got them hooked on it now we are all upset that we got into this show and still don’t know what is going on it was a great show………

  2. Jeremy says

    ABC is just hanging on to old statistical research… primarily being that if a show starts off with its top viewership… What they aren’t factoring in is that current gen people don’t have to rush out and see a show right when it comes on… and they are doing it less and less.. Why? because people don’t want to get hooked on a show that turns out to be a dud… Most wait until a show has a good response and then start watching it.. because they have a plethora of ways thanks to the internet and other forms of media to see the episode whenever they want… This means that people DON’T rush to see a show or worry about catching the first episode anymore… Initial ratings are going to become less and less meaningful to determine the resulting popularity of a show.

    The outcome is that all ABC is doing is establishing themselves as the Untrusty network.. which further drives people away from jumping on the bandwagon right away…. The more they cancel the lower the ratings will be for each successive show…

    Their current tactics push them into alot of Reality tv, primarily because reality tv is gossip driven(in the sense that if you don’t watch it then its not worth going back and seeing later cause you can’t help but hear about it…) S0 their current tactics give them alot of reality shows that have 1-4 seasons of worth and alot of distrust for any other real type of tv show. I for one am frustrated about FlashForward, The Seeker, and HappyTown.. What happened to airing the show at a less ideal time or pushing it off to a sister network…

  3. Melissa says

    They cancelled it just like they did to Eastwick. ABC sucks. Every time someone gets into a show that’s not a reality show or some stupid show like Ugly Betty or The Big Bang Theory they cancel it. For what reason. Happy Town was a really good show and they got rid of it. At least it had mystery and suspense and it kept you coming back for more.

  4. Jessica says

    I loved that show. I watched it w/ my grandma every Wednesday, it was our show just like Harper’s Island was. We are really mad that it got canceled! =( We truly do hope that it will come back on otherwise we will be left on a cliff hanger.! It’s sad that we don’t even get too see the ending so we just hope that they will show us the rest of Happy Town! =(

  5. PaulW Best says

    All the comments about pulling good shows like Invasion, Flash Forward, and Happy Town from so many unhappy viewers should teach ABC a lesson. The problem is it won’t. They think they are above their viewers. I say everyone should boycott all ABC programs until Happy Town returns. They need us to watch there network. We don’t need them.

  6. Bobesther Canady says

    This was a very interesting show and I am very sad to see it canceled and apparently I’m not the only one that feels this wasy.

  7. Myrna McGough says

    yep, FINALLY a good show – so SICK of reality shows – and now they’ve cancelled. HOW CAN WE SEE THE ENDING????????

  8. Anita A. says

    Of course you can see the so-called “final” episodes online. The problem is, is that they are NOT the final episodes, and watching them leaves the viewer with more unanswered questions than they had before. So, putting these episodes online without finishing the actual story arc was as bad, if not worse, than just canceling the show outright.

    After getting into Flash Forward, Harper’s Island, Invasion and now Happy Town (among others too numerous to name), and having ABC yank the rug out from under me, I am no longer going to watch the network of Lucy Van Pelt – she who always pulls the football away from Charlie Brown just when he is going to kick it after she assures him she won’t. As it is, there’s nothing but reality show crap on ABC, anyway, and my life is too precious to waste my time on that.

    • 'BB Rabozza says

      I agree, they are not truly final episodes, merely the remaining episodes of the season, but the final ones to air.

      I also agree that I won’t be watching ABC or getting involved in any more programs of this kind only to have them canceled and leave the viewers hanging.

      I too am sick and tired of reality shows and agree they are a total waste of my time.

  9. mary says

    I got into the show. It was mysterious. Everytime I get into a show it gets cancelled. Please do not cancel it. But if you have to, at least show the rest of the season.

  10. Jesse says

    why did they cancel this show. I was gettin into and they caneled it on me. that’s crazy. Can ABC at least send me the script so i know what happened in the end. you can’t just put a show on and get people hooked and they take it off like it never happened. they should of yanked lost that show sucked. Come on ABC.

  11. Linda says

    This was a good show. The mystery every week keep you coming back for more. I’m so disappointed. I’m really tired of getting interested in a new show only for them to be canceled. Don’t watch reality shows, don’t watch much tv at all. There is hardly ever anything good on to watch anymore. They did this to us with October Road also, get you hooked on watching and then cancel it and leave you hanging with what happened. Put Happy Town on another network PLEASE.

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