Happy Town: Haplin Residents Pay a Visit to ABC Executive

Happy TownUnhappy about ABC’s decision to cancel Happy Town? Well, you’re not alone.

While we wait for the network to release the final two episodes online (which will reveal the identity of the Magic Man), some of the actors from the cancelled series have gotten together to make a little video.

If adult language doesn’t offend you, take a look at how the Stiviletto clan deals with an ABC programmer.

UPDATE: The last episodes have been posted. You can watch “Dallas Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” and “Blame it on Rio Bravo” here.

What do you think? Would you like these characters to pay you a visit?

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  1. Haplin fan says

    I’m never going to watch anything on ABC again. I loved Happytown and it’s my favorite show because a) it has an amazing plot b) with amazing cast and crew. It was different from all the other shows on now because it was a suspenseful and creepy mystery, that was surpising and unpredictable. Also, the executive producers of ABC said that the show got cancelled due to low ratings. It got low ratings because ABC didn’t promote it on any other networks, they started during the Lost finale (which is an awkward time to start any show), they aired at 10:00 pm on Wednesday nights where no one stays up that late because of work or school the next day, they pulled it off air for 2 weeks and obviously no one was watching it then, they decided to cancel it after less than 5 episodes, and they didn’t show the last 2 episodes of the show on television. Please bring back Happytown, we don’t need anymore reality crap like The Bachlorette!

  2. Royle says

    Happy Town didn’t get the best ratings because your media groups were stupid and premiered it in the Summer. Then you jazzed around the schedule and cancelled it mid-stride. Now we have to deal with your sub-standard choices. I won’t be watching your network, that’s for sure! Another unhappy viewer has gone to Cable TV to watch shows.

  3. lisa says

    I loved this show! I watched the final 2 episodes online and love it even more! I’m so sick of getting into shows and then they get cancelled! What’s the point of even watching something new anymore. This show kept me guessing and I looked forward to it every week. I think this would be a good show for the Sci Fi Channel.

  4. Bill says

    Way to go ABC.. You took another great show and flushed it away again.. No wonder you lose in the rating wars!!! Be smart and put the show back on and let it run it’s course..

  5. New Viewer in MD says

    Aargh! Perfect show for a summer run. When will ABC learn that these types of shows need a season to draw people in? Terrific story buildup, very much had the feel of an HBO series. The last 4 shows were EXTREMELY good. Sad TV execs, losing more buisness to NetFlix by continually shooting themselves in the foot. They have the ABC Family channel to let reruns build audiences. Guess exec bonuses are designed on instant successes. not long-term profit and viewership.

  6. Sylver says

    Happy Town was one of the few new shows that offered an original story and thankfully with no damn vampires in sight. The darkness hinted at in the last episode showed a series that really could have been something special given half a chance. However as we, the viewers, know from experience, ABC never gives intelligent television half a chance…

  7. Bobbi says

    I gave ABC one more chance on a show and once again I was disappointed that once again they cancel a show.
    I will not watch ABC for anything ever again.
    Happy Town is a good show, even if they didnt want to bring it back next year the could do what they did with Harpers Island, being a summer mystery.
    What happened to giving a show a chance, there are several show that didnt do so well in there first season but got a second…Seinfield, Friends just to name two!!
    I am done with ABC!!!

  8. says

    The video is very telling as the actors were loyal to the show and to the fans that were loyal to them. It shows a high level of respect to the creators of the series to want to do this and it sends a message that will no doubt fall on deaf ears to a network that is utterly indifferent to the millions who did watch the show and wanted to see the payoff in what is now only a mini-series. There is some hope that tomorrow morning might show the last two episodes online but I wouldn’t bet a rusty railroad spike on it. ()(\.

  9. monica says

    I stayed up tonight to watch this…not happy when some Castle show was on instead. I refuse to watch a new show on ABC, so obviously turned it off. So disappointing…especially when they said we would see it tonight after last week’s break.

  10. Pat says

    Well, I recorded the last episode… saw that it was supposed to be on tonight and have been going nuts looking through the TV guide trying to find it. Very poor planning on ABC’s part! Especially when they’re only showing reruns instead!

  11. Arlene says

    Funny Video! Too Bad somebody really can’t knock some sense into the ABC executives–I want HAPPY TOWN back!!!

  12. Jen says

    What! I was wondering where Happy Town went, I like the Video, Just when will it be released online ? ABC this Sucks, I hate when they bring a show on for a short season then take off the last two bloody episodes WHY !!WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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