Harper’s Island: What Happened to the CBS Mystery Show?

Harper's IslandCBS’ ratings-challenged murder mystery series has been put on hiatus for next weekend. The network is replacing Harper’s Island with a rerun of the popular Mentalist series.

For now, it looks like Island will return the following Saturday night on May 23rd in its (now) regular timeslot. Could this be a bad omen that CBS won’t end up airing all of the remaining eight episodes? Possibly. The show’s first Saturday outing attracted just 4.65 million viewers and a 1.0/3 rating share of the 18-49 demographic. That’s about what the network usually gets for its Saturday night repeats. One would hope that the network would just go ahead and let the season finish.

Will the show be back next year with another mystery? Almost certainly not.

Note: We got our dates mixed up and this post originally indicated that tonight’s episode would be missing. It’s been updated to reflect the correct dates. Sorry for the confusion.

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  1. says

    please don’t cancel harpers island til we know who the killer is and stop moving it around so we can’t find it. leave it alone and let it play out now!!!!

  2. db says

    I love this show. The only reason I watch it (again) online is so I can remember all that happened when I’ve enjoyed my wine a little too much. This is like the Stephen King mini-series a few years back. I don’t watch reality shows. CBS execs suck if they think we love reality shows. My kids (tween girls) are even hooked on the show and no they aren’t going to grow up to be some crazed mass murderers.

  3. Mary says

    CBS is notoriously unloyal to its fans…anyone old enough to remember American Gothic, pulled after 1 season, leaving fans hanging? Same with Joan of Arcadia…after 2 seasons and also leaving fans with a clifhanger, they decided they needed to go after a younger demographic (those watching were the 40+…hello? Who else is watching TV on a Fri night?) JOA was replaced with Ghost Whisperer, and CBS couldn’t have been happier that their demographics were the 40+! Don’t get it. I was also sad to see Life on Mars cancelled after one season, but at least ABC got it right and filmed its final show with everything answered.

  4. Edward MacDonald says

    Ok, we’ve watched this very unpopular Harper’s Island for 5 weeks and want to know who the killer is? CBS doesn’t even have the courtesy to let viewers know what’s up? It is no wonder the cable networks are taking more and more viewers away from the old TV networks. I started watching the “Mentalist” replacement and found that a stupid concept which I doubt has more appeal than a blood and guts slasher series like “Harper’s Island. We already hate network TV shows and mostly watch cable news and this is exactly why!!

  5. Kelli says

    I really believe that cancelling this show early is a very bad idea. We have to know who the killer is! Please do NOT leave us hanging! WE NEED TO KNOW!

  6. Jay Queper says

    When are tv network people going to realize that not every show can be the number one show in ratings. And a show like this is more likely to get TiVo’d or watched online and may not get the almighty “ratings”. If you take it off the air and not let it finished, you are going to just make viewers angry and less likely to take a chance on another new show for fear of not having it survive either. Apparently there are a “few million” people watching the show, I would think that counts for something! Let us see it to the end. So it’s cheesy, we know that and watch anyway, that’s the whole point!!! Don’t risk losing viewer loyalty, you may regret it in the future. And put it back on Thursdays, more likely watchers there!!

  7. gina says

    Ok…so since we all LOVE this show, I hope we are all planning to go to the CBS website to let the execs know that we at least want the rest of the episodes to air. It probaby has more to do with money vs. viewership. It should probably be on HBO anyway due to the violence. Hey, let’s go to HBO’s site too. Maybe they’ll pick it up.

  8. Alexis says

    Please do not cancel the rest of the season. I have watched it since the first show. Perhaps some of the viewers are down because of the move from Thursday to Saturday. I, too, sometimes forget it is on and watch it online. Let the season finish

  9. Venetia Owens says

    Yes, please just let the season finish as a courtesy to those of us who have devoted time to watching all the episodes- now that I’ve gotten sucked into watching it I’d like to see how it ends. Thanks!

  10. says

    Are you kidding me! This happened with the show Jericho too. My mother and I are so upset. I knew this would happen when the show was moved to saturday. Even I who enjoy it have a hard time remembering it is on on saturdays. Please let it finish…you might loose a few viewers simply out of distaste for what has become of the network.

  11. Bonnie says

    When I found out that the show may be cancelled, I was very disappointed. I watched the show from the beginning and it’s only fair to keep it on to the end. Maybe the ratings went down because it went from thursday night to saturday……….In all honesty, there are alot more other shows that should be taken off ( I don’t understand how some last as long as they do) Besides, all of these reality shows that are on are getting to be a bit much. This “mystery” series is kind of neat !

  12. says

    Please let the show run to it’s conclusion. I am hooked on it. Yes, the acting left something to be desired, but the story was great!!!

  13. Jen says

    At least finish the season, so the viewers know who the killer is. I know we got a glimpse of him in the last episode, but what’s his story? Also, just because the ratings were dropping it does not mean people were not interested. Since full episodes are available online it just means people can watch their favorite shows whenever they want! I guarantee in the next few years tv viewers for all shows, good or bad, will decline and more viewers will be watching episodes online!

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