Harper’s Island: What Happened to the CBS Mystery Show?

Harper's IslandCBS’ ratings-challenged murder mystery series has been put on hiatus for next weekend. The network is replacing Harper’s Island with a rerun of the popular Mentalist series.

For now, it looks like Island will return the following Saturday night on May 23rd in its (now) regular timeslot. Could this be a bad omen that CBS won’t end up airing all of the remaining eight episodes? Possibly. The show’s first Saturday outing attracted just 4.65 million viewers and a 1.0/3 rating share of the 18-49 demographic. That’s about what the network usually gets for its Saturday night repeats. One would hope that the network would just go ahead and let the season finish.

Will the show be back next year with another mystery? Almost certainly not.

Note: We got our dates mixed up and this post originally indicated that tonight’s episode would be missing. It’s been updated to reflect the correct dates. Sorry for the confusion.

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  1. says

    omg!! i love harpers island i m obsessed with it more than people are obsessed with twilight even though i m obsessed with that too haha i was soooo mad when they stopped airing for like 2 weekes IT PISSED ME OFF,, i think if they start a series they should be chargged if they want to stop it!!!

  2. Rick says

    This show became very good about half-way through (and the bloodiest show I’ve ever seen on network TV…but I loved it!). Trouble is, I don’t think CBS knew who this show was for or how to market/advertise it. The online webisodes are just stupid and the constant moving and hiatus of the show ruined any chance of another mystery next year. Hopefully the DVD sales will be good enough to maybe have another mystery next summer. I could do with a smaller production budget as long as the writers focus on removing any clunky logic that may have marred the show this year. I have to say, though, that this show was great fun…missteps and all.

  3. James Sunagel says

    What”s with these networks, get you interested in these shows and then stop in the middle of the series and say to bad suckers you can’t see the rest.
    I liked Harpers Island, to bad it was going against playoffs and such.
    I’ll tell you, it was the best thing going in that time slot.

  4. Anonymous says

    I agree! They get you sucked in and then don’t even give you a warning! This being a mystery series they have to at least let the mystery play or I will go crazy! I’ve become totally addicted!

  5. Tracy Oikemus says

    I am sick of these television stations starting these shows and you get involved in
    them,then mid way through they just stop them or cancel them altogether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just like ABC’s “DIRTY SEXY MONEY”The viewing public is PISSED.and wants to stop.

  6. r.thompson says

    this really sucks , how can CBC be so insensitive ,they do not really care about their viewers ,so be it they are off my watching list .

  7. Live Laugh Lover says

    This is not right you should not stop a show that has just begun…. I have been watching Harpers Island since day one and now what am I supposed to watch your boring old comdy shows boring…… The fans of this show are really bumbed that you guys are doing this…. Well all I am saying is you should think about the fans and not about how many veiwings you guys get off a show….

  8. says

    I think it is awfull to take a show that all is into and just let the viewers who are watching it get to finish watching the last of it . That just goes to show you that t.v. today realy do not care about fans of a show they put on. So now we are just left to wonder who done it? Bad on you c.b.s. very wrong to do people that way i may never wtch c.b.s. t.v. shows again. Why should we if you are going to continue to start shows and not finish them? Well i myself am done watching c.b.s. shows entirely .C.B.S. you lost 1 family of viewers .

  9. Lindsey says

    what the hell! i started watching all the episodes on on demand and now im really into it. i hate when they pull shows that people are just starting to get into. the least they can do is put the rest of the season up on On Demand so the people who want to watch can!

  10. gowesti says

    I did not expect much from this series when I first heard about it, but I decided to watch the premier anyway.

    I was quite surprised how interesting the story and characters were. I quickly became hooked and was looking forward to upcoming episodes and even visited the Harper’s Globe parallel websites.

    I realized that this particular story could not go on for multiple seasons but hoped that this might be a reoccurring spring/summer program idea of a murder/horror mystery show.

    But once again another halfway decent show bites the bullet and I am sure we will get more unwatchable crap like Big Brother. I actually thought this show might appeal to that younger audience that CBS seems so desperate to grab.

    I need to stick to watching cable. At least when they roll out a series they seriously stand behind it.

  11. MV says

    Me and my friends love the series and hope it continues. I hate when the networks decide a show is not popular enough and it just dissapears.

  12. voncasso says

    My husband and I love the show . We have family and friends who are really into Harper’s Island. I hope CBS WILL finish out the episodes and not leave 4 million plus fans hanging. Reality is all over the tv. It is nice having a great murder mystery., Sometimes we need a break from reality.

    We want to see “who dun it?” in the end :-0

    If CBS doesn ‘t air it, I hope to see it on DVD.

  13. RB says

    The moral of this story is: Don’t complain if after the tenth time you put your hand on a hot stove you get burned (AGAIN!!). CBS execs have for several years shown such disdain for their audience that perhaps that audience will start to return the favor when this Fall’s new season starts up. Why do they even bother with series dramas?CBS, please, turn your attention this fall to reality, contest, and game shows. and leave narrative TV to ABC, NBC, and basic cable. There is much money to be made in reality shows about compulsive shopping, mud-wrestling, and competitive breast augmentation.

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