Harry’s Law: Stars and NBC Chair on Cancellation

No season two for Harry's Law, canceledThough Harry’s Law was the most-watched scripted TV show on NBC this season, the network cancelled it. As I’ve suggested in the past, advertisers favor shows that attract those in the 18-49 demographic. Though Harry’s Law had a lot of viewers, the legal series had some of the lowest demographic numbers on the network.

When asked why Kathy Bates and company had been let go, NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt said, “It was a difficult decision. Everyone here respects Harry’s Law a lot but we were finding it hard to grow the audience for it. Its audience skewed very old. It’s hard to monetize that.”

Bates broke the news of the show’s cancellation over the weekend. She wrote to fans, “Sad news today. Harry’s Law will not be renewed for a 3rd season. We are all terribly sad. Many thanks for all your support.”

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The actress later noted, “Waiting for this verdict was tough. We wrapped a month ago so it was a very long wait!”

Bates reconciled, “Tough day getting used to the idea of no more Harry. Think I’ll keep her with me 4ever.”

When asked if there was a possibility that Harry’s Law might move to cable, Bates responded, “No hope.” But, responding to an inquiry last night on the subject, Bates wrote, “Not sure, but don’t think so.”

Justine Lupe, who played Phoebe Blake, wrote, “Sad day. Little bit of heartbreak. What a gift to had had this time.”

Actress Karen Olivo, who joined the cast in season two as Cassie Reynolds, responded with a message to her castmates, “It was an honor, my friends!”

Nathan Corddry, who’d been playing Adam Branch since the show began, noted, “I’d thank everyone individually, but the list is too long.Never was happier professionally. Thank you for a wondrful 2 years. #tough2swallow”

What do you think? Are you going to miss Harry’s Law as much as the cast will? If the show did move to another channel, would you follow it?

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  1. M. Schuhmann says

    I looked forward to Harry’s Law every week because it was funny, interesting, and had depth without the usual horrific violence or naked bouncing butts. All the actors were excellent–Kathy Bates being the best of the best. It was one of very few programs I watched, however, I will boycott NBC from now on for the decision to promote and cater to a lazy-minded demographic that prefers noise and canned laughter to feed their comfortable vegetative state. Age is not the criterion for your demographic category.

  2. Margie Stoneman says

    My husband and I were both very upset to hear Harry’s Law was cancelled. Loved the show and the “Life Lessons Learned” from the wonderful writing on this show. Can’t believe because we’re 60+ that we’re being punished by being denied this great show. Kathy Bates was “Harry” and no one else could have done a better job. Loved all the cast and hope there’s something that can be done to turn this around.

  3. says

    Love the show and would go to any station willing to put this show back on the air. I am sure it is too late to start taping for the fall season on most network stations but since cable channels don’t set a series into a box maybe they can find a way to plug this show into the schedule. Trying to save this show using Facebook too, over 70,000 members but we always need more SAVE HARRY’s LAW!!!!

    • Eileen says

      Of course, only NBC would cancel their 2nd most watched show. HARRY’S LAW was an intelligent and entertaining show, what a shame!!!!

  4. Jan says

    My husband and I both l-o-v-e-d this show! What a surprise to see it cancelled.
    Reasons for cancellation were absurd at best. Maybe I am part of the baby boomers but you can bet I have alot more disposable income than the 30 some odd set. Ask my adult kids!

    Would follow her show anywhere! Have not given up hope!

  5. kirk says

    I would definitely watch Hary’s Law on another channel!! I say that we should start the boycott of NBC right now!! NBC should get rid of its add executives, and find ones that know how yo put the proper product advertising into this great show!!

  6. PabloBrown says

    I’m from England,and I’ve just watched the last episode.I checked the net out to see how many series were made (we’re normally well behind you lot), only to find out, NBC had decided to cancel it. Are they nuts? It’s a great show. I thought Bates would be the one to draw the curtains on the show,not the network,and especially not after a mere two series.

  7. E.A. Walker says

    NBC should try to remember that the imfamous Baby Boomer generation is bigger than they are. Trying to dumb us down to the level of most of their prime time shows is not appreciated. I will not watch sit-coms with 5th grade level intellect, anything with an excrutiating lack of acceptable grammar or one more “reality” whatever. Who do the boys in the boardroom think actually spend money with their advertisers or quite simply pay whatever they owe when due? This whole situatiion smells mighty bad and could well be what finishes off network TV. After all, there are a great number of other choices and most of us have access to them. Hoorah for competition, it’s the American way!

  8. Stephanie says

    Harry’s Law was in my Top 5! I recorded and watched every episode. And I’m 42! — within the age range of the network’s targeted audience. I’m extremely sad to see it leave NBC and I would follow it to another network. No doubt!!! Poor decision on NBC’s part but it’s not the first time I’ve been disappointed by a decision like this…and it won’t be the last.

  9. Pam says

    I’m fed up with the networks only wanting to woo specific age demographics. Maybe we need to ask Oprah to start a new network for viewers who actually sit and watch tv becasue we aren’t too busy checking our i-phones or texting to enjoy a good program. The network could include all the tv series that viewers begged to have reinstated. HARRY’S LAW had it all, amazing cast, writers who know what humor and pathos is and write so you can understand the plot. Now we need to suffer with trash that the 19-49 year olds consider entertainment. It would be nice if the networks actually thought about the supposed purpose of tv- to entertain. Instead it’s all about putting every decent show on at the same time and then playing a game of craps to see which program lands face up. It doesn’t seem that they put any more thought into it than that. Please if there’s an entertainment mogul out there with an IQ over 90, please reinstate Harry’s Law.

  10. BonIris says

    Would follow “Harry’s Law” wherever it lands. Hopefully the Save Harry’s Law campaign will have some credence and another network, desirous of the 8-10 Million Harry’s Law fans viewership will have the sense to pick it up!

  11. says

    DEFINITELY would find that channel. I am 73 and this is my favorite show ever, except for I LOVE LUCY. Oh well, I guess we old farts don’t move the needle anymore.

  12. Pat Stamey says

    Urging any cable channel that may monitor these message boards to consider picking up Harry’s Law. Undoubtedly, fans of this show will follow it where Harry goes.

  13. Ellen Klinefelter says

    If Harry’s Law moved to another station I most definitely WOULD follow it. It’s the only show I watched on TV and I LOVED it. I’m 65 and I realize that you guys are only interested in the 18 – 49 range but, we can spend money, too, ya’ know. There are more of us than there of that age group.

    You have a wonderfully funny, intellectual show with a super cast and let it go. Must be because it was wonderfully funny and intellectual.

    TV watching days are over now cuz I’m not paying monthly for junk to pour into my living room. I go out on the street and see that for free.

    I definitely mourn the loss of this show.

  14. Jay says

    NBC should be ashamed of themselves for cancelling one of the most well scripted shows on TV. Every episode was was superb and my hope is that some saner minds in cable TV will seek to air this fine show. The 18-49 demographic is given far too much credit. But I suppose it is not surprising to see that advertising dollars mean more than a show’s quality.

    • Ellen Klinefelter says

      I agree with you 100%. The cast was superb and the scripting was top notch. I LOVED this show. It’s the only one I dropped everything to watch. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing else on so, I don’t need TV service anymore. It’s a shame. If a show appeals to those of us who still have an intellect, it must be gotten rid of as quickly as possible.

      By the way, don’t they know our age group (65+) can spend money, too?

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