Harry’s Law: Stars and NBC Chair on Cancellation

No season two for Harry's Law, canceledThough Harry’s Law was the most-watched scripted TV show on NBC this season, the network cancelled it. As I’ve suggested in the past, advertisers favor shows that attract those in the 18-49 demographic. Though Harry’s Law had a lot of viewers, the legal series had some of the lowest demographic numbers on the network.

When asked why Kathy Bates and company had been let go, NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt said, “It was a difficult decision. Everyone here respects Harry’s Law a lot but we were finding it hard to grow the audience for it. Its audience skewed very old. It’s hard to monetize that.”

Bates broke the news of the show’s cancellation over the weekend. She wrote to fans, “Sad news today. Harry’s Law will not be renewed for a 3rd season. We are all terribly sad. Many thanks for all your support.”

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The actress later noted, “Waiting for this verdict was tough. We wrapped a month ago so it was a very long wait!”

Bates reconciled, “Tough day getting used to the idea of no more Harry. Think I’ll keep her with me 4ever.”

When asked if there was a possibility that Harry’s Law might move to cable, Bates responded, “No hope.” But, responding to an inquiry last night on the subject, Bates wrote, “Not sure, but don’t think so.”

Justine Lupe, who played Phoebe Blake, wrote, “Sad day. Little bit of heartbreak. What a gift to had had this time.”

Actress Karen Olivo, who joined the cast in season two as Cassie Reynolds, responded with a message to her castmates, “It was an honor, my friends!”

Nathan Corddry, who’d been playing Adam Branch since the show began, noted, “I’d thank everyone individually, but the list is too long.Never was happier professionally. Thank you for a wondrful 2 years. #tough2swallow”

What do you think? Are you going to miss Harry’s Law as much as the cast will? If the show did move to another channel, would you follow it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Dee Dee H says

    I am absolutely outraged by the cancellation of this show. I am definitely in the target audience as well as all my friends who are in their 20’s to 30’s. This is insanity. This was by far my favorite show on any channel! The relationships between the cast were by far the best and most believable. UGH!!! I am so sad by this! I would most definitely watch the show on another channel. Bring Back HARRY!

  2. Lilla says

    No target audience? Me, my friends, cousins, mother, and aunts all watched this show and we’re all in the target demographic. Sure, my grandparents watch it too, but they’re not alone. It’s a great show and to see it cancelled for the reason given by NBC is rediculous. It’s like Terra Nova all over again with a different channel. If it does go to a different channel, I’ll follow it. Please don’t let it simply be cancelled for good!

  3. LORI says

    I am so sad that Harrys Law will no longer be on… damn… the only show that I truly looked forward to week after week. Really pisses me off that they would take a great show like this off the air and keep all those crappy reality TV shows instead.

  4. Dori says

    I just read that Harry’s Law was cancelled, and I am truly upset about this. I don’t watch much TV because so much of it is trash. The reality shows are ridiculous and such a waste of time, the news is so biased and inaccurate at times that it is also a waste of time. There are very few entertaining programs with amazing actors like Kathy Bates to watch, and the network makes this really dumb decison to take this off the air. What will they replace it with, another show for idiots? I am so annoyed by this, but money talks and nothing else seems to matter. Quality is a thing of the past, and the only voice in this country is the dollar sign. Sad!!!

  5. Noi, C.L. says

    I am Harry’s real fan in Thailand. I don’t know much about the situation of movies in the United States, but I want NBC to know that Harry’s Law is one of the most favorite movis in Thailand.

  6. Lynda Deisher says

    I really enjoyed watching this show NBC says it has to do with the advertisers wanting a younger audience for their products … I say get new advertising there is Activia, AFLAC, GEICO AND 1000 MORE. There is no reason it should be dropped send it to another channel and NBC can go down the tubes everything I watch is either a cable or CBS unless it is a ballgame No More NBC for me. And talk about stupidity NBC hires Howard stone for a television show with children oh no he is a man *****.

  7. Rebecca Grindstaff says

    Unbelievable! If NBC thinks ‘seniors’ have no money…maybe we should show them? bad enough to make it about money, but to make it about seniors who have no money? what about quality and excellence and all the things this show exhibited? what about enjoyment and intelligent story telling and superb acting? making sense why the peacock is dying…

  8. Gretchen says

    I truly enjoyed this show! I don’t appreciated being told I’m too old to matter. Sorry NBC, guess I’m too old to care about ever watching your station again. Should another station be smart enough to pick up the show I would be loyal to that station to the end.

  9. Mark Sanders says

    With all the garbage currently on televsion, it’s sad that a show with actual substance and
    appeal to a cross section of age and gender, would be cancelled for the excuse given by
    NBC. Apparently NBC and/or their advertisers, are not aware of the impact of the rapid growth (baby boomers) of our so called, “older population” in this country ?

  10. Jean Adams says

    I would follow Harry’s Law to any channel. I don’t watch NBC at all anymore. Harry’s Law was the one show I watched regularly. I liked Biggest Loser, but I won’t go back to NBC. They are disgusting in their treatment of a loyal audience. I hope they get their comeuppance. CBS, FX, and Current keep me plenty busy these days.

  11. Dawn says

    I would watch Harry’s Law 7 days a week.. I love the whole cast, and the scripts..It’s a shame that the show has been canceled.. I hope it comes back..

  12. joan hesnan says

    Hwy guys look what they did to our darlin Anne Curry-slit her throat..a down to earth reporter..no showoff was she..so now our Kathy Bates..those letters NBC have a new meaning and they AINT FUNNY..but ya know with our Kathy Bates and crew GONE..we HAVE ALLLLL THE TIME IN THE WORLD TO WATCH ALL THE CRAP OUT THERE LIKE.. BACHELORETTE THIS AND BACHELORETTE THAT…KATE GOSH-LIN..HAHA..FUNNY FOLKS..SPELLED WRONG FOR THE SUITS..LOL..oh my god the list goes on for CRAPIOLA..BUT WE WILL BE WAITIN FOR YOU KATHY ON THE GOOD OLE CABLE WHICH BEEEEETS THE HELL OUTTA NETWORKS CRAP…ANY DAY…OH ONE MORE THING KATHY .. YOU CAN NOW WATCH…THROWING UP WIT DAA STARS…REALLY GOOD SHOW…IF YA WANNA CLEAN OUT YOUR SYSTEM…AND ALSO A GREAT LAFF CAN BE HAD TOO…JUST LISTEN TO THOSE SO CALLED JUDGES…OH MY GOD…MY TUMMY HURT SO MUCH I HAD TO STOP WATCHING IT THREE YEARS AGO…WE HAVE A GANG OF FOLKS WHO ARE GOING TO GET IN TOUCH WITH AARP FOR SURE.. HANG IN THERE DEAR GIRL..hey I just got a brite idea kiddo..go get the ax you used in your great movie with James Kahn…and chop the SUITS FROM THE NUM NUTS OVER AT NBC.. LOL..LOVE YA KIDDO… jh.. God Bless you for giving us sooooo much pleasure thru the years.

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