Harry’s Law: Exec Producer Doesn’t Blame NBC for Cancellation

NBC cancellation of Harry's LawAs fans continue to campaign for the return of cancelled Harry’s Law, one of the show’s executive producers doesn’t believe there’s reason for hope. In a recent interview, Bill D’Elia talked about the cancellation and the current “save our show” campaign to send NBC old shoes in protest (a reference to the fact that Harry initially operated out of a shoe store).

He says, “There was never any point when it was going to be renewed somewhere (else)… Other than the groundswell of support that we’re grateful for, there was never one moment that anyone talked to us about (renewing) the show… It’s moot on NBC. No matter how many shoes NBC gets, I don’t think it will be on NBC again.”

D’Elia found the search for ratings frustrating, saying, “On Monday night, we did well in the demo. We had our large audience, and we had a decent demo number. When they moved us to Wednesday night, we were told they were hoping our audience would go with us… We were able to hold onto our formidable audience, but we lost our 18-49… When we moved to Sunday night at 8pm, remarkably, that audience followed us — and got older!”

He’s not mad at the network though, noting, “I blame the advertisers, not the network… People over 49 years old have a lot of disposable income, and children, and grandchildren. It stinks.”

Had Harry’s Law been renewed for a third season, D’Elia relates that, in another attempt to attract younger viewers, Kathy Bate’s character would have become more of a “den mother” to the rest of the cast.

What do you think? Do you agree with D’Elia’s assessments? Would you have watched season three?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. jeanette says

    it’s just so, so, so disappointing that Harry’s Law has been cancelled. Some serious banning of NBC should take place. It just seems that you unless some brainless, narcissists dancing around, drunk, in your underwear you don’t have a chance of successful, long-running show. So sad. Pls. cable take on Harry’s Law, Missing & any other quality show that has been dropped by these networks.

  2. Dennis says

    I agree that the decision to cancel Harry’s Law was a monumental blunder by NBC because it has been one of our all time favorite shows!!! I also agree that a majority of the existing and upcoming reality shows are just “Trash” television at best and we don’t waste our time on them. Totally agree with the comments made by George Strasser and older retirees have disposable income and are still buying.


  3. Craig says

    I get a kick out of the posters who think Harry’s Law is an intelligent show that the demo are not capable of understanding. Get serious. Harry’s Law and the dramas on network TV are not intelligent shows that go over anyone’s head. The demo doesn’t watch, because they just don’t like the show. Only so many legal shows can survive, and this was one too many. The large audience outside of the demo isn’t watching because the show is so intelligent. They just like to watch Bates.

  4. Eileen says

    I agree with all the comments below.
    I also believe the show as one of the best on TV, in my opinion it holds the staying power of NCIS, NCIS LA & all the others that have been on TV for 50 years. I not all blood and guts the stories were the best written on TV.
    I really think that who every made the discision to cancel the show should be FIRED.
    I very rarely watch anything on NBC there is very little that is worth watching

  5. Nancy Kleeman says

    Very disappointed that Harry’s Law was cancelled. Probably too thought provoking and intelligent for the brain dead masses. Once again, NBC has made a bad decision. I hope another channel picks it up.

  6. elaine says

    I have watched “Harry’s Law” from the beginning and I think the story lines, the acting, everything about it is suburb–I can’t understand why this show would be cancelled!

  7. Lesley says

    I watch Harry`s Law on the Universal channel in England, season 2 has just finished and I was really worried I would miss the start of season 3 whilst I was on holiday, now I find out there is no season3!!! What is wrong with you people!!!? Harry`s Law is one of the best series ever to come out of America and you `dump` it. You did the exact same with Lie to me. We just get a decent show to watch here and then it`s `gone` because some `too far up themselves` writers or whoever decide there will be no more. England may, on the whole, produce a load of old rubbish for the tv, but at least it consistent old rubbish!!

  8. Lidia Spyrka says

    Another reason why viewers are leaving the major networks searching for quality viewing instead of mindless dribble. Harry’s Law was quality and thought provoking. It will be missed. This is a huge mistake. We are spending more of our time watching the BBC where quality in programming still exists and loving PBS and it’s Daulton Abbey.

  9. Anonymous says

    Like any other legal show, it appeals to a mature audience and I mean a mature intelligent brain and not necessarily older. The character, other than the obvious few, were younger. Not everyone was over the 49 demographic. Problem was, no one really cared what day or time it was slotted. Sundays-really?!!! So throw a few more younger actors in and please any network, pick up this witty well written legal drama.

  10. Aaron Busch says

    The idea isn’t that we want it back on NBC. We just want it back on Television. Whether ABC picks it up, FOX, CBS, or even a Cable network like TNT or OWN. Harry’s Law belonged to Warner Bros, not NBC.

    This was my response to our Facebook Community when I learned of Cincinnati’s posted article:

    Yes, I’m well aware of an article in the Cincinatti Newspaper that states “Harry’s Law protest might be too late…”. I even posted a status update on our Facebook Page in regards to it, but it seems to have only reached about 4,000 Supporters. So I’ll try this method instead.

    Read through the entire article before you pass judgement. It starts off very bluntly honest, but Bill D’Elia made some very supportive statements near the end of it. “While it may already be too late, if NBC reverses their decision on the cancellation of Harry’s Law, we’ll figure it out.”

    This basically means that the Producers won’t hold their breath, but if something becomes of this Campaign, they will take it from there.

    This article does not mean that all hope is lost, it simply means that any hope for a resurrection will be extremely difficult, and we should all be fully aware of the difficulty we face. Nothing like this is ever easy, but if NBC picks this back up, or if another Network decides to jump on the bandwagon, that’s where Bill D’Elia is coming from, the Producers just won’t put their life on hold for something that may or may not come of anything:

    Nowhere in this article does it ever say “It’s impossible.” or “It will never happen.”

    Don’t lose hope in this Campaign, we’ll send our shoes off to NBC on Thursday and take it from there. Remember, many shows have been cancelled before, just look at Star Trek and Family Guy.

    This Facebook Page has gone far beyond just supporting the resurrection of Harry’s Law. We’re also speaking out for older viewers who have the right to watch quality programming on television and we can be damn-well certain that we will do everything in our power so that something like this never happens again.

    Aaron Busch
    Save Harry’s Law Administrator.

  11. E. George Strasser says

    I can understand why Harry’s Law did not appeal to the chosen people, 18-49 age group. It takes some thinking, and you have to follow the plot. Reality shows on the other hand, like Amazing Race, Apprentice, Biggest Loser and some of these vampire shows require a brain the size of a pigeon (except at least pigeons can find their way home).
    Today, I was looking to buy some gladiola bulbs. I called several garden centers. The consensus I derived, was that only chain stores carry this item because they can undersell the garden centers with cheaper quality bulbs. So I decided to call Lowes. I went through the usual press 1, press “Dos” and then for the departments press 1 for hardware 2 for lumber etc. Then if you want more options press 8, and then press 1 for this, and 2 for that….and finally press 3 for nursery. I pressed 3 and it rang and rang finally a girl (sounded like a sweet young thing) answered and said, “Nursery department, how can I help you?” I said,” Do you have any gladiola bulbs? She said, “Hold on” …….. then I waited, listened to some music for a while and then heard, “Hello ELECTRICAL department”. How can someone work in a garden center, and think all bulbs are round glass objects filled with gas or filaments? Don’t they realize some are filled with flower embryos?
    I think we are rapidly becoming a ship of fools.
    I also think Nielsen should go over their figures for their demographics. In the present economy, a lot of 18-49 viewers are out of work, while older retirees are still buying.

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