Harry’s Law: Exec Producer Doesn’t Blame NBC for Cancellation

NBC cancellation of Harry's LawAs fans continue to campaign for the return of cancelled Harry’s Law, one of the show’s executive producers doesn’t believe there’s reason for hope. In a recent interview, Bill D’Elia talked about the cancellation and the current “save our show” campaign to send NBC old shoes in protest (a reference to the fact that Harry initially operated out of a shoe store).

He says, “There was never any point when it was going to be renewed somewhere (else)… Other than the groundswell of support that we’re grateful for, there was never one moment that anyone talked to us about (renewing) the show… It’s moot on NBC. No matter how many shoes NBC gets, I don’t think it will be on NBC again.”

D’Elia found the search for ratings frustrating, saying, “On Monday night, we did well in the demo. We had our large audience, and we had a decent demo number. When they moved us to Wednesday night, we were told they were hoping our audience would go with us… We were able to hold onto our formidable audience, but we lost our 18-49… When we moved to Sunday night at 8pm, remarkably, that audience followed us — and got older!”

He’s not mad at the network though, noting, “I blame the advertisers, not the network… People over 49 years old have a lot of disposable income, and children, and grandchildren. It stinks.”

Had Harry’s Law been renewed for a third season, D’Elia relates that, in another attempt to attract younger viewers, Kathy Bate’s character would have become more of a “den mother” to the rest of the cast.

What do you think? Do you agree with D’Elia’s assessments? Would you have watched season three?

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  1. Gregg says

    Harry’s Law was, in my opinion, an excellent show. It actually was entertaining, and well written. NBC (and advertiser’s) seem to be forgetting that as someone over 50, we have a good share of the money to spend these days. I would rather watch 10 Harry’s Law over 1 “reality” show that is idiotically scripted to look like “reality”. Give me a break!

  2. DEE says

    I hope another network will pick it up. I am definitely in the over 49 bunch and watched it every week.

  3. dc says

    Ok so we are not to blame NBC, and we are not to blame the advertisers, but we should blame the OVER 49 group for not being able to catch up with time slots. OK so we all do this, can another network pick this up for those who are devout fans. And putting award winning actress Kathy Bates on the back burner as a DEN MOTHER is just too stupid for words. So we lose story lines that make sense and deal with real problems and instead turn to Glass House, Bachelor, Wives of Tin buck two and other places, and oh lets not forget the Kardashians who are forever humping,bumping and swearing. This is good TV???????????? Comon networks get it together

  4. Celina says

    I am in the 25-30 range I dont get what age has to do with anything if you have people watching the show that should be the only thing that matters I am so mad about these great shows that I watch I can never know why bother staying with the show because it seems to always get cancled how i the hell d o you know what age grroup

  5. says

    Season 1 was great until they tied the secretary up to that idiot wannabe lawyer. Then it was canceled.
    Then they rebooted it and ditched both of those characters, but they moved them out of the shoe store (the kitch of the show) and completely neutered “The” Tommy Jefferson, who was fantastically crazy. Another fail.
    Had they continued on to season 3 and made Kathy a “Den Mother” I would have quit watching altogether. She’s the icing on that floundering cake. Relegate her to a backseat position and you’ve made it just like so many other less than appealing shows about young lawyers with relationship issues.
    That would have been the third and final nail in the show’s coffin, if you ask me. And yes, I’m in the 18-49 demo.

    Also, if it weren’t for Tivo I would have never been able to keep up with the show’s hopping timeslots.

  6. Mediaace says

    NBC (and it’s affiliates, like USA, Syfy, etc.), especially since being bought out by ComCrap, has become the worst network in the world! They shove reality show after reality show at the audience, and if it’s not a reality show, it’s a dumb sitcom. Gimme a break! With “Harry’s Law” gone from NBC, that just leaves me with CBS for my usual dose of crime shows.

  7. Roberta Schroeder says

    This is ridiculous!!! I am really, really, really dissapointed that a show that is intelligent, cutting edge, provacative and thoughtful would go out the window and renew more reality show crap, that doesn nothin’ for the audience. And yes! I am an older viewer who doesn’t give a rat’s ass for who marries who and who is the daddy or who can screw who over to “win” a million buck and show how the lowest common denominator triumphs! shame on you NBC.

  8. CK says

    I can’t believe you would cancel one of the best shows on your network. Why is it the ones that really have substance are cancelled? And why is it you always want to play to the young people.. What is wrong with us oldies? Don’t we matter anymore? You will be older someday and you will understand. We need to have something worth while to watch. Most of these new reality shows are crap!!!!

  9. Michael Allen says

    What an absolute shame. This show was one of the most refreshing and interesting shows on TV in a long time.
    Bad move NBC. I thought the idea was to make money….

  10. Anonymous says

    Harry’s Law was a great show. Kathy Bate’s character made the show. I would definitely have continued watching it!

  11. Gay Teale says

    Harry’s Law was a show with morals and solid plots showing people could change from their stereotypes. I would definitely have continued watching it!

  12. Joyce says

    Harry’s Law may have an audience of those of us over 50, but don’t forget, we’re the ones with all the money. Bring it back. We love the show. Great Sunday night entertainment.

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