Harry’s Law: Cancelled; No Season Three

no season three of Harrys LawCase closed. Court is dismissed. Harry’s Law has been cancelled by NBC after two seasons and 34 episodes.

Harry’s Law revolves around Harriet Korn, a no-nonsense attorney who will take on just about any case as long as she believes in a person’s innocence. Over the course of two seasons, the cast has also included Nate Corddry, Karen Olivo, Justine Lupe, Mark Valley, Christopher McDonald, Brittany Snow, and Aml Ameen.

The show debuted in January 2011 to a 2.2 in the 18-49 demographic with 11.07 million viewers. It was a mediocre demo rating but total viewership was impressive and when you’re NBC, that’s better than nothing. The ratings dwindled downward pretty quickly and the show ended the season with a 1.4 demo rating and 7.75 million.

The series was on the bubble for cancellation but NBC brought it back for a second season. For season two, the show underwent some cast changes, no doubt in hopes of improving the ratings. It didn’t work.

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This season, Harry’s Law has averaged a meager 1.1 rating in the desirable demographic and 7.89 million viewers.

On our NBC Ratings Report Card, which measures the relative success of shows on the network, Harry’s Law has a “D+” grade and is one of the lowest-rated shows on NBC.

While it’s the second most-watched show on the network, advertisers want to advertise on shows that attract a younger demographic and so the networks must cater to them.

Sadly, the peacock network has cancelled Harry’s Law this time around and the series finale will air next Sunday night. Hopefully the show won’t end on a cliffhanger, making it all the harder for fans to say goodbye.

What do you think? Are you sorry to see Harry’s Law go? Which season did you like better? What would you have liked to see happen in season three?

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  1. says

    What a great show!!!!!. Why is it when something that make sense and is very entertaining have to be taken off the air. I just love it! Bring it back. There is an audience that like shows that make sense and is humorous too

  2. Donna Walence says

    Kathy Bates is the Best! Harry’s Law was akin to Boston Legal…with interesting issues and humor as well…I loved the show and miss it…I thought it was coming back but I guess it isn’t…Will all my heart I hope they bring it back….

  3. Janet Sedgwick says

    So sorry to see this clever show cancelled – always a laugh, good acting, some interesting legal issues! So much reality junk on tv – there has to be an option of good drama!

  4. says

    Harry’s Law is GREAT! whats wrong with wrong with the idiots that dumped it? I think this one will bite you in the ass hard! You can’t do better then kathy bates she is so funny on that show & is just a great actress.

  5. Smadar Carmon says

    I loved Harry’s Law and was looking forward to another season, it’s a real shame it is not coming back. Just another reason not to have cable TV, it is mostly junk and the good shows don’t last.

  6. Rusty Fallen says

    I really did like the show and didn’t miss any. While I like both seasons the first season was my favorite. I hate the reality shows and that seem like all NBC has anymore. I watch a lot of USA hope they don’t cancel there good shows and believe me that’s where Harry’s Law should be. I believe NBC’s rating will be going down lower. Sorry…

  7. mashepard says

    Its hard to believe a show of this calibre has been cancelled. Even worse the reality shows has been renewed. Go figure!

  8. belinda says

    What the networks don’t understand is a lot of the ‘desirable’ 18 to 49 demo is now getting TV online. The old Nielsen ratings are outdated. The people who tune into real network TV are generally older people who don’t have streaming internet. It’s the reality. I wonder how far down the reality ******* does network tv have to go before network execs figure out how to gauge online viewership?

  9. Gwen says

    I am 57 and my parents are in their early and late 70’s. They are both in a nursing home and my Mom has and calls everyone to watch Harrys Law. I got her watching and she loves it. She has all her friends watching this show. My father is a advid sports watcher. He doesn’t watch nothing on prime-time, unless it is sports afilliated. I don’t understand, but I guess it is not for me to. All I can say, it is a shame!

  10. says

    Well I knew it was too good to be true. A TV show written to make sense, be intriguing,
    interesting and with great acting to boot. No more NBC for me. I can’t even stand
    to watch the NBC news anymore. It is almost like the entire network is a complete phony
    interested only in reality shows. CBS seems to be getting IT!
    I guess that is the network I will be watching more often. By the way, you may not appreciate ny 41 years but I would bet that I spend almost twice as much money as those
    10 years younger than myself.

  11. Carol says

    What’s wrong with you people…………..Harry’s Law was one of the best shows on TV and I always looked forward to watching it. So what are you going to put in it’s place, another awful reality show?
    It was a great show with terrific actors. Doesn’t seem like you can handle the good shows because you keep taking them off and replacing them with bad shows.
    I don’t watch prime time much anymore for the above reasons. Guess another night will go to a Netflex movie…………………

  12. diane says

    I totally agree with Patrick. He speaks for most of us who LOVE this show. NBC deserves to be in last place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nancy says

    I can’t believe they are canceling this show. Anything Kathy Bates is in is excellent. This is horrible news. Very disappointed!

  14. Patrick Jackson says

    Well, once again NBC is proving why they’re in last place. I used to watch NBC a lot, but I agree with most of the comments I have read, it’s hard to find good programming these days. Yes, I am in that “undesirable” demo…I’m older than 25, but I promise I have more disposable income than I did in my 20s and 30s. Harry’s Law was finally a well written, well acted show that not only tackled controversial subjects, but did it in an entertaining, intelligent, humorous way. I guess the pin heads that made the decision to pull the plug didn’t “get it.” My goodness guys, you had KATHY BATES!…not to mention many excellent actors and obviously top notch writers. Oh well NBC, I guess I’ll just keep watching the quality programming on CBS!…and spending my money with THEIR sponsors…if I can get my walker through the door!

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