Hawaii Five-0: A Ratings Hit for CBS or Is the Show in Danger?

Hawaii Five-0After its debut, it looked like the new Hawaii Five-0 was one of those rare animals — a revival of a classic TV show that didn’t crash and burn immediately. Still, the series isn’t turning out to be as big a success as CBS might like you to believe. The series started off very strong in the ratings but has been losing steam every week.

Hawaii Five-0 debuted on September 20th to a 3.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic (the number that the networks care about) and 14.2 million total viewers. In week two, those numbers dropped 8% but that really isn’t bad for a new show. In week three, they dropped another 3%. This past Monday, they dropped a whopping 11%, hitting a low of a 3.1 rating and 10.7 million viewers.

The CBS series still places first in its timeslot, most closely challenged by Castle. That ABC series registered a 2.7 and 10.66 million viewers this week, up 4% from last week. If Hawaii 5-0’s downward trend continues, it won’t be long before the show loses in the timeslot and could end up in danger by the end of the season. For now, it’ll almost certainly get an order for nine more episodes bringing it to a full season. Beyond that, we’ll have to wait and see.

Interestingly, last year’s timeslot holder, CSI: Miami was doing much better at this point in the season. After four episodes, it was averaging a 4.1 in the demo and 13.72 million while Hawaii Five-0 is currently averaging a 3.5 rating and 12.47 million. Perhaps CBS should have left Miami in its old timeslot.

What do you think? Will Hawaii Five-0 end up surviving past this season? Was it a mistake for CBS to boot CSI: Miami out of its established timeslot?

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  1. Homo Vastator says

    Tuned in for the first time tonight. Loved the old 5-0

    It has been de rigeur for many years for the police to violate the constitutional rights of citizens, particularly fourth amendment rights, but in tonight’s episode, not only did the break into a business establishment without a warrant, they assaulted the owner with a hand grenade!

    This show is a steaming pile of excrement.

  2. Shelia says

    I have never sent a comment about ANY new program before. . . but here goes. I LOVE Five O & I think each week it gets better. The bantering between Steve & DanO adds character to the program & makes them real. I so agree with all of Yamama comment EXCEPT I will never give up Castle. Hooligan is also right on. I’m so sick of looking for something to watch & boop there they are: CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, NCIS, NCIS L.A. yada yada yada how depressing . . .OMG 5O & Castle are the only refreshing programs worth watching.

  3. Hooligan68 says

    I love Hawaii Five 0! The leads are awesome! I love their chemistry together. It has a lot of actions and I appreciate that the actors do their own stunts. I also like the personal stories as well as the crime stories. CBS please don’t cancel

  4. yamama says

    Love that show. Absolutely love it, the scenery, the acting, the plots, everything. I gave up Castle for that show. Now Castle seems really boring and always the same. Hawaii Five O is the best. Leave it the way it is. All the actors are great. My whole family is watching it, and I have a huge family all over the country. Keep it going. Whoever thought of it, should get an award.

  5. David says

    It would be nice if the writers cracked a geography text. Don’t you think the Governor would recognize that the state of Hawaii is a series of islands not just Oahu or Hawaii. “I want this guy off my ISLAND” I suspect the Governor would know she was elected by people on ALL the islands. I also suspect that cops and ex-cops in Honolulu would know that career criminals and associates would not limit activities and intellegnce to just one island for the convenience of the writers and production company. Also Grace Park is a beautiful woman. It is just criminal to cover her light with a dirty canvas tarp.

  6. Jackie says

    I love this new show and especially the main actor, Alex O’Laughlin. I think the dynamics between McGarret and Danno are great, it reminds me of the old starkey and hutch partnership. The action is good, the scenary is beautiful, the supporting characters are good as well. I enjoy the crime scenes but I think some more personal episodes, as the one when we got to meet Danno ex-wife was a good episode. We need to see more of McGarret and his personal life too.

  7. says

    I love, love the new Hawaii Five O…..when I heard about the remake, I said no way but to my surprise it is a completely updated series….lots of action and the character development is just right….just when I think that it can’t get any better, it does!

  8. carol says

    Hawaii Five 0 is the best show on tv…if CBS would put it in a better time slot it would get more viewers.Prehaps if CBS cancel it another station would pick it up.Lets hope so

  9. Mike says

    Need more colorful and dynamic characters that doesn’t say the lines as if just memorized, especially the two leads. And I liked the Hiro guy in the Heroes where he played Japanese speaking character to begin with, hence no problem blending in the show. But his character in this one seems a bit stretch. I can clearly see that he has difficulties with the dialogue. I can barely understand him. Goman nasai Hero, you look the part but this is a character who needs to speak like a native or just act and speak naturally without trying to hide too much your accent would be better and smile more as in the Heroes.

  10. Kalle says

    Love, love, love this show! It’s got action, drama, humor, and beautiful shots of Hawaii – what’s not to love. People get so caught up in comparison to the original Hawaii 5-0. That was an awesome show for it’s time – nothing will replace it. Sure, the title of the show and the opening music, character names, and filming location are the same for this reboot, but it is a modern show – CBS didn’t try to remake the old characters which is great. Stop comparing and just enjoy the entertainment! Each actor seems to be developing their character as the show progresses which is great considering the storyline is that they all just met each other before becoming the crime-fighting team. It’s a keeper!

    • Peggy says

      I agree. It doesn’t do any good to compare a remake with the original. Battlestar Galictia and ‘V’ were two remakes that weren’t as good as Sawaii 5-0.
      Has anyone stopped to consider that maybe some of the blame are the lame story plots thatthe so called professional writers come up with? The actors can only be as good as their written lines.

      I am on a role playing board and most of us write better plots then the professional writers. And mine is a Hawaii 5-0 role playing board using the actors from the show. Makes me wantto write for television.

      Hawaii 5-0 is the only series that I watcg besides CSI”NY. And that is slowly going down hill. Let’s quit complaining about Hawaii 5-0 and start supporting it by watching it.

  11. Dave says

    I like the new Hawaii 5-o. It is the first network series I have watched in over 20 years. The McGarrett character does need to be improved somehow. The character played by Jack Lord in the original series was great, but the other characters on the new show are more interesting than the main character, which can’t be good.

  12. Thomas says

    I really enjoy the new Hawaii 5-0 series and hope that the series continues ! Except for looking at the 6 PM news and Hawaii 5-0 I rarely look at TV anymore as most of it is nothing more than boring and mindless trash !

  13. no, bob says

    Bob, it is not the actor that shows no emotion, it’s the character. He stated that his dad didnt know how to show his feelings for his children. So it seems steve was born the same way.

  14. bob says

    the new show really sucks, the main culprit is the main actor (Steve?)..he has absolute zero charisma, shows no emtion, very rigid, his yelloe-haired partner (danno?) is much much better and lively…if they want to save the show, they need to replace the main actor with soemone else..the storyline is ok, but i just cannot accept such a colorless actor…oh btw, i hate the CSI Miami actor too, he looks so phony and fake..

    • Take it from someone who knows... says

      Alex O’Loughlin’s character is a former Navy SEAL. What former SEAL’s do you know that sit down and start crying? He’s meant to show signs of strength and leadership. Not to fold underpressure. He needs to be ridgid and direct, if he starts being sweet and kind to all the bad guys out there who’s going to talk. If his character doesn’t bring fearless initmidation to the table (or in this case the interrogation room) then that opens the door for every psycho bad guy to walk all over him. Plus, that would make him a pretty poor leader. And certainly a poor choice for the head of a Task Force designed to get the worst of the worst off the streets.

      Scott Caan play’s Danno, who lives in Hawaii now. A lot of time in the sun for either brown or dirty blonde haired people tends to have that goldish glow. You ever seen a sufer? Also, he’s supposed to be the rational one, the flexible tough cop who needs to keep the ridgid boundariless man inside the relam of human boundaries.
      Usually the people who disagree the most, have the most respect for one another. It works because they keep each other in balance, centered, grounded. If people cannot see that, then reality television has certainly turned many brains to mush. Not every television shows needs to dedicate sixty minutes of who’s sleeping with whom. And “OMG he was naked in her bed?” This is a show for mature adults, people, who have long since moved past the crudeness and cliques of high school. Not everything is sex, sex, sex. And, yes, I say this at age twenty one (where supposedly I’m supposed to have sex on the brain 24/7/365).
      Some initmate scenes and the occational mention pertaining to relationships are fine, but in the end I want a substantial plot with plenty of action, and mystery to unravel. If I wanted to see people strip down to their birthday suits, suck and **** each other all up…well they’re are plently of adult entertainment shops loaded with prerecorded material (Kim Kardashian anyone?) and streams of porn rolling about the internet. Or better yet, I could always tune in the CW’s 90210. The number one show of soft core porn for teenagers 13-21.

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