Hawaii Five-0: Compare the New Show’s Opening with the Last Two

Hawaii Five-0To no surprise, CBS picked up the new Hawaii Five-0 series. The TV show will have a prominent spot on the Fall 2010 schedule, airing on Monday nights at 10pm. This new series is not a continuation of the original but a remake. It stars Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, Jean Smart, and Taryn Manning.

CBS has released some clips of the new Hawaii Five-0, including the opening theme and credits. Fans of the original series may be happy to know that they’ve retained the theme though it has been tweaked a bit.

Now, compare it to the original theme and to the opening of the unaired pilot for a new series from 1996. The latter stars Gary Busey and was conceived as a continuation of the original. Several actors from the Jack Lord series reprise their roles. It was not well-received by CBS and did not become a series.

What do you think? Do you like the new version or do you prefer one of the earlier incarnations?

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  1. Tim says

    It’s pitiful that today’s television and movie producers and creators have pretty much run out of ideas. Having to dig into the past for ideas pretty much says that their fuel tanks have run dry and there’s nothing to fill them with. To take an iconic television program like the original Hawaii Five-O that starred exceptional talent, employed exceptional writers and producers and excellent direction, a show that has a vast and loyal following because of it’s quality and endurance. Shows from the golden era of television should never be revived. The originals were untouchable and to have these shows brought back with questionable talent and writing is an outrage. Nobody, but nobody can come close to Jack Lord or James MacArthur, and the rest of the original Five-O cast. Their onscreen chemistry and talent was brilliant and they are true icons. It’s really sad that the entire cast of the original Five-O are all gone now, but their legacy lives on. The original Five-O ran for 12 seasons, can you imagine the new version lasting anywhere near that long? It wont! Television from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s was magic. That kind of quality can NEVER, EVER be duplicated with today’s networks, talent, writers, producers, etc.

  2. AlexOFan56 says

    I like the new version, it gives it a more modern feel to it without taking away the original intent of the theme. You can’t have H5O without that music, it unfortunate theme music for TV shows were much longer then. They had to shorten it as requested by the networks.. The old version rocked and it was done with the vibe of the lat 60’s early 70’s. I was a teenager then and also knew the beach scene was very popular. The new version was actually done by a lot of the musicians that did the original theme. Go to You Tube and check it out, if the original players were happy with how it turned out then it’s all good. Alex O’Loughlin said in an interview that he knows Jack Lord will be looking over his shoulder and will make sure he gives it all he has and the new characters will be edgier. I’m looking forward to the new version, I was a huge fan of the old show.

  3. Jenna says

    They need to keep the original music with the new visuals. The new opening music soooooooo sucks. They are shortening it just for 30 seconds of ad space. Come on CBS give the fans what they want.

  4. Linda says

    I am excited for the new Hawaii Five-O and I think the new version of the theme song is great – it’s a different era so the theme song reflects that.

  5. John Jernberg says

    The original 1968 theme music still rocks the best. The newest version is a mistake. CVS, go back to the original theme!!!!

  6. Create says

    Without the brass, the new theme is weak and unimpressive. It indicates that the show will be Hawaii Five-O lite. Fix it! The visuals are the best of the three.

  7. Lonnie says

    Some things you just don’t f**k with, and this is one of ’em.

    My wife summed it up nicely:
    “I hope the ghost of Jack Lord shuts down production. “

  8. Mulder says

    The original opening title theme is much, much better than the one from the current CBS reboot. That electronic undertone throughout the new one is annoying, and they’ve cut out nearly half of it to make it as short as possible. It’s an abrupt transition from the middle of the theme music to the end and it doesn’t play well for those who know the original theme. Bad move, CBS.

    They may have to go back and redo both the theme and the length of the title sequence if they want this thing to fly with the viewers.

  9. Dave says

    I like both the original and the new openings-the 1997 one (from the failed Stephen Cannell attempt) looks like they slipped in a few pictures from somebody’s vacation.(I can’t picture Gary Busey as Steve McGarrett either). Hopefully, 5-o will be as successful ‘rebooted’ as ‘Star Trek’ was last year.

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