Head Case: Starz TV Show Cancelled; No Season Four

Head Case on StarzHead Case revolves around a therapist who works with celebrities in Los Angeles. The performers sometimes have to deal with big professional disappointments, like when their TV shows are cancelled. Unfortunately, the actors on the Starz series now have firsthand knowledge of how that feels.

Alexandra Wentworth stars as Dr. Elizabeth Goode, an unapologetically frank therapist. Her unconventional methods have made her the “It” counselor in Hollywood and her practice has thrived. Regular performers on the series also include Steve Landesberg, Michelle Arthur, Candace Dean Brown, Rob Benedict, and Aris Alvarado.

The Starz series debuted in April of 2007 as 10-minute vignettes and evolved into half-hour episodes. Head Case became a showcase for performers who wanted to play themselves and get some “tough love” onscreen. Those that have been “helped” include Andy Dick, Greg Grunberg, Jeff Probst, Tori Spelling, Tom Sizemore, Jason Lewis, Sean Hayes, Jeff Goldblum, Jason Priestley, and Ralph Macchio.

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Wentworth once commented, “The guest stars love the improv aspect of the show… They are given the chance to add their own dialogue, which hardly ever happens [on other shows], and is a breath of fresh air for them.”

When the third season of Head Case was announced, Stephan Shelanski, Starz’s executive vice president of programming, said, “Head Case was our first original half-hour comedy to debut on Starz and we are all excited to see it grow alongside our ever-expanding slate of top notch original TV programming… The true strength of this show stems from Ali Wentworth’s natural comedic instincts and the ability to offer our talent an open forum, where improvised dialogue and creativity are always encouraged. The final result is an eccentric, unconventional, unpredictably hilarious TV series, which we are proud to air on Starz.”

Those warm feelings seem to have faded over time unfortunately. The season three finale, which aired on May 22, 2009, has turned out to be the show’s last installment. Critic Rob Owen recently confirmed the cancellation with the cable channel. Episode 28, which guest-stars Jerry Seinfeld, is the end of the show.

What do you think? Are you sorry that Head Case won’t be back for another season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kent Beliveit says

    Are network executives so dumb, and only in their position because of nepotism or money, and don’t know comedy if it bit them in the arse? ….

  2. DEb says

    Hysterical show. Bring it back! Ballsy, refreshing, a tribute to the best comedy. Why it was cancelled is beyond comprehension.

  3. anduble says

    this was a terrific show and extremely well written. the death of steve landesberg is a terrible, but i wish some network would make this show happen again, as it was alot of fun to watch.

  4. Charles says

    Watched seasons one through three on Netflix (listed as seasons 1 & 2 on their site) and loved it. One of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. I was heartbroken when I discovered there was no season four, which lead me to this blog.

    Alexandra Wentworth is a comedic genius! Loved Lola too!

  5. O'Malley says

    I am so sad this show is cancelled. I honestly think this is the funniest comedy out there. I just turned on a bunch of my smart and funny friends to this show…we are the anti-Modern Family (not funny). I hope someone else picks up Head Case and maybe if we are lucky they will also bring back the other great cancelled show “Arrested Development”.

  6. Kay says

    Like other commenters above, I just discovered this show on Netflix. I don’t have cable, so I wasn’t able to watch in real time. Sucks so much that this was cancelled. But I shouldn’t be surprised, other good shows that were witty and without laugh tracks were given the boot, too (Arrested Development, MST3K. Two of my faves but everyone can think of at least one).

  7. Andy says

    I am devestated. I looked on the website and it said they were starting up again January 31st and I got so excited. I looked again to see that it was infact cancelled. Piss Poor Decision!

  8. Bill Riter says

    I guess the problem the network executives had was the show was too original and not like every other sitcom!

    Network executives have a long infamous history of canceling shows that later go on to become cult hits. One of the earliest bonehead cancellations was the original Star Trek series just as our country was sending the first man to the moon! Yes, genius timing!

  9. Tom Heidtke says

    Superb show. So many belly laughs. Wonderful comedy. I will miss Head Case greatly. I am grateful to all who participated in the making of the series.

  10. Mandy says

    Loved this show! So disappointed it won’t be continuing. Hysterically funny, surprising and irreverent with a wonderfully talented cast and equally good guest appearances. Who the heck decided this was a good one to cancel?

  11. cp says

    been waiting for the show to return…you know how movie channels take so long to air their shows….oh, wait, it’s cancelled….what?! i’m surprised…how is starz supposed to compete w/hbo…what’s next, cancelling party down, or is it already?(no jane lynch)

  12. linda adams says

    unbelieveable that this wonderful show was cancelled. this was edgy, full of vigor and vitality. i am very sorry to see such talented people deal with HEAD CASE being cancelled. I and many of my friends were really just getting into it. The secretary, the maintenance man, the other psychiatrist, et all were fascinating characters…I laughed the entire time. again, i repeat — unbelieveable that this show was cancelled. la

  13. Ron Julio says

    I am totally bummed to find out Head Case was canceled. I just found it on Netflix not long ago and have been addicted to it ever since.

    Ali is a comic whiz, Landesberg is so dry and witty, and Michelle Arthur is a hoot as Lola. It was hilarious to see celebrity patients getting shredded by Dr Goode’s cutting remarks in every episode. Her neurotic behavior was so outrageous the celebrity patients appeared truly flabbergasted by the improvisation.

    As for the person who pointed out the obvious–that ratings determine whether or not a show continues–really? You are so wise. What would all the rest of us imbeciles who like the show do without your genius?

    I mean, did anyone say, “Head Case got great ratings, they shouldn’t have canceled it.”? No. All anyone has said is they enjoyed the show and wished it hadn’t been taken off the air.

    But, thanks for your help, anyway….

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