Hellcats: What Would Have Happened in Season Two?

Hellcats canceled season twoOne of the few CW cancellations this season was freshman drama Hellcats. While the series didn’t have the worst season average ratings, the numbers were essentially in a slow over the entire season. Towards the end, it hit a series low with a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demo, a 0.7 rating in the young female demo, and fewer than a million viewers. Even by CW standards, those numbers are just too low to get the TV series renewed.

The CW officially acknowledged that Hellcats was cancelled last week. Unfortunately, the finale was shot before the cast and crew knew the TV show’s fate and it ended with storylines unresolved. Prior to the cancellation, Zap2It spoke with Hellcats creator Kevin Murphy who gave some insight into what season two might have held.

The Marti/Dan/Savannah storyline was put on hold in season one but there were plans to revisit it in season two.

Since he was accepted at Lancer University, townie Dan Patch would have had some storylines of his own. Murphy noted, “He’s always either been the boyfriend of Savannah or the friend of Marti. I really wanted to be able to give him more points of access to Alice and Lewis and Vanessa and everyone else.” Part of that would have included Dan becoming a cheerleader. This was almost shown in the finale with Matt Barr was actually in the uniform but it was never shot.

Despite the blow-up at the end of the season, AJ would have continued to be an important part of the series. There were plans for Ciara return as well and the pop star was enthusiastic about the possibility.

Following in the footsteps of the special Zombie episode, Murphy had plans for more theme episodes. Possibilities included a Western-themed episode, aliens and post-apocalypse.

Executive producer Tom Welling wanted to direct some episodes but couldn’t because of his Smallville commitments. Had the show returned, Welling was planning to direct some of the season two installments.

What do you think? What do you think of these season two plans? What else would you liked to have seen happen?

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  1. Sinem says

    I can’t believe it is over. It was my favorite show!!!
    I really want Hellcats to be continue .Is there a possibility to continue in another channel??? The characters, the music, dances, stories all of them were really good.. HELLCATS was the only show that made me say ” I found myself in it, totally ”
    This show shouldn’t die because of the new world that thinks only about the money.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please someone do something =(

  2. Anonymous says

    Im so sad, I LOVEEED HELLCATS. i hate how now its like .. youll never know D': please bring it back!! :(((

  3. summer says

    i was gutted to find out hellcats wasnt showing anymore it was a briliant show! i watched it every week without fail (and thats not something i would do) BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    hellcats is the only show i like instead of those other cw shows. vampire shows are everywhere and im sick of that.

  5. jj says

    I was looking forward to marti meeting her absent father,that called her half sister,when she had told marti she didn’t know where he was or have contact with him.How come she was the only daughter he was in contact with,when Marti really needed her dad too? j

  6. Marlyne says

    I’ve always been a fan of the CW shows and Hellcats did become one of my favorite shows to watch. I really don’t understand why they cancelled it. although, the CW does have a thing with cancelling good shows. Maybe another network will take it and bring it back on air. Seriously what are you guys thinking?

  7. Lois Humprey says

    I agree with with some of the above comments. CW, at one time, I was watching a lot but slowly you are letting MY shows …. go. SOOOOO now all I see is on Thursdays @ 8pm for The Vampires Diaries, then I switch to another channel.

    Hellcats was a good show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Craig says

    I commend the CW for trying something different with its targeted demographic. With Nikita and Hellcats, they took female characters and put them into shows outside of the normal soap opera situation that their young female demographic enjoys watching. Unfortunately, the young women did not seem interested in the lives of these women.

  9. Stuart Down South says

    I’m from South Africa and I must admit that many of my peers are upset by this news. Unfortunately we do not have any impact on whether or not shows stay on the air. Hellcats had a lot of potential and I’m sad to see it go. Why does everything on TV have to be about vamires or witches or werewolves or demons? What happened to shows about real life? Hellcats might’ve been skinny girls in skimpy costumes, but at the end of the day there were a few lessons we could learn.

  10. kevin says

    Well to the person that said it can’t fail at midnight..that would be true if it were on HBO or Showtime. Not the CW .. they can’t get viewers now. And just like the other person said.. once Supernatural is over they have nothing. I tried to tell them to pick up Human Target.. I watched Hellcats a couple of times.. it was good for what it was. maybe it need another season to see if it would pick up any.

  11. Kathrin says

    They renew OTH for a 9th season, while it would have been a great point to end but cancel Hellcats instead? Sry CW I don’t get it. I liked OTH but its time was over and the season finale would have been a great series finale (with Haley’s and Jamie’s storyline mirroring Karen’s and Luke’s from season 1). Hellcats instead had much potential and the storylines continued to get better and better as were the characters. It wasn’t “just a cheerleader show” anymore and the character development was great, too. Yes, ratings might have been low but many great shows started out with horrible ratings in S1. You should have had a little more patience.
    Now there is no reason for me to watch CW anymore. It was good while it lasted. All good shows are gone or past their time. I never got into Nikita and never will.

  12. Samara says

    I thought “Hellcats” was great – and I’m in the female demo group they try to target! Too bad my vote doesn’t count, because I would really have liked to see a season two! Once “Supernatural” is gone, the CW will have nothing that interests me!

  13. David in Bangkok says

    In episode 1 of season 2 the program is Cheer program is cancelled. The evil good looking Black chick gets money from her dad t buy a strip club. Most of the girls begin working there because they need the money to finish school. Of course the place is co-managed by the evil Cheer coach and the owner of The Rat. Less story line and more stripping to rock music. Put it on at midnight. it cannot fail!

  14. Jules says

    Goodbye CW. No Smallville, no Hellcats, no Tom Welling… No reason to watch next season. Best of luck ….

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