Hello Ladies

Hello Ladies TV showNetwork: HBO
Episodes: Eight (half-hour)
Seasons: One

TV show dates: September 29, 2013 — November 17, 2013
Series status: Cancelled, but wrapped up with movie

Performers include: Stephen Merchant, Christine Woods, Nate Torrence, Kevin Weisman, and Kyle Mooney.

TV show description:      
This comedy series follows Stuart (Stephen Merchant), a web designer and wannabe ladies man. He recently moved from England to Los Angeles in search of sunshine, VIP parties, and of course, beautiful women. Thus far, he’s only found the sunshine.

Stuart does however have an easy rapport with Jessica (Christine Woods). She’s an out-of-work actress who lives in his guest house and it’s clear that she’s not romantically interested in Stuart. Her career never quite took off and now she’s trying to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. She dabbles in writing and directing or turns her hand to charity work. So far, none of it has given her the respect or fulfillment she’s seeking.

Stuart is obsessed with infiltrating the glamorous world of beautiful people, and doggedly hits the LA social scene in the company of his friends Wade and Kives.

Wade (Nate Torrence) finds his life in shambles after his wife of 11 years asks for a separation. As he tries to reconcile with his ex, Wade becomes Stuart’s reluctant wingman.

Kives (Kevin Weisman) is Wade’s other best friend which makes them sort of a package-deal — much to Stuart’s chagrin. He’s a charismatic paraplegic who fares far better with the ladies than Stuart or Wade. Kives is also extremely aggressive around other men.

Rory (Kyle Mooney) is Stuart’s chief web designer and assistant who’s desperate to learn the secrets of dating from a master. Unfortunately, he’s learning from Stuart.

Series Finale:     
Episode #8 — The Drive
Jessica packs up her pool house as she prepares to move to a bigger apartment. Glenn assists and marvels at the tiny space: “I wouldn’t let my dog live here.” Stuart stops Glenn on his way out to show off pictures of Kimberly. Jessica chides Stuart for shamelessly flaunting the images, and then breaks out her own collection of pictures with LL Cool J. The gang finalizes plans to go out that evening for Jessica’s “last hurrah” and Stuart plans to rendezvous with Kimberly.

Later that evening, Wade shares his new plan to get Marion back; he’s going to play it cool. Stuart continues to pass around pictures of Kimberly on his phone. Kives is incredulous, but he admits that Kimberly is a big upgrade from Stuart’s last hookup: a woman nicknamed Cyclops Cindy.

Stuart, Jessica, Kives and Wade roll up to Amelia’s birthday party. Jessica is frustrated that Glenn is stuck at work, but she doesn’t let that dull her enjoyment of rubbing her new success in Amelia’s face. Jessica strolls into the birthday party and presents Amelia with the lavish gift of a Louis Vuitton bag: “I want you to keep that and I want you to think of me every time you use it.” She leaves feeling triumphant as Stuart rallies the crew to meet Kimberly.

Stuart cuts the line outside of the club to speak to the doorman. He’s certain he’s on the list, but security barely glances at their clipboards before shutting him down. Stuart negotiates with the doorman, who lets in the whole gang for $40. As soon as they pass the ropes, Kimberly texts that she has already left. Stuart tries unsuccessfully to get a refund.

After waiting for Kimberly to text the address, the group pulls up at a house party. Stuart sprints inside before anyone else can get out of the car. When his frantic search for Kimberly proves unsuccessful, he pulls out his phone to text her. His battery dies immediately, depleted from showcasing pictures all day.

Glenn calls Jessica with bad news; NCIS is recasting her because she did not test well with audiences. She’s quietly shell-shocked as Stuart reveals the new plans: they’re headed to meet Kimberly at another party in Malibu. “Let’s just go to Marion’s bowling party instead,” Wade suggests. Stuart dishes out some tough love: it’s time to move on. Wade gets upset and leaves, and Jessica opts to go with him. As they walk down a deserted night road in search of a cab, Jessica tells Wade that maybe Stuart, despite his poor wording, gave good advice: “Sometimes you have to accept that some things just aren’t going to happen no matter how much you want it.” When he gets home, Wade crops Marion out of the background of his phone.

At long last, Stuart meets up with Kimberly. Stuart also spots Glenn at the party, who asks that Stuart not mention to Jessica that they saw each other. He doesn’t want to deal with Jessica’s fragile emotional state, he explains. The recasting decision is news to Stuart, and he can’t shake it even as he heads down to the beach alone with Kimberly. She decides to night swim and runs into the water in the buff. Stuart begins to strip, but stops when he finds the container of mints Jessica gave him earlier. He looks out at Kimberly and announces that he has to leave.

Stuart returns home and tells Jessica that Kimberly wasn’t at the party. He invites Jessica over to watch a movie of her choice.
Description courtesy HBO.
First aired: November 17, 2013.


What do you think? Do you like the Hello Ladies TV series? Do you think it should have been cancelled or renewed for another season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. manda says

    I didn’t have extremely high hopes for it when I started watching it. I had never heard if it before,and it seemed like it would just b ridiculous humor,and might b too silly.. But low and behold…I was amazed! I thought that show was soo funny,I couldn’t stop watching it! It pulled me in,and kept me there! I finished the season in two days,and I have kids at home,and work! So yeah,I’m very sad to see it go,as is a lot of other people,obviously! I mean,here I am on the web looking for more seasons or a movie,and I find out it got canceled….lame sauce!

  2. Mitch says

    I dont like much but this show was very funny and entertaining. A talking Mr Bean with Benny Hill antics. Bring it back!!!

  3. Nora Munagian says

    So, so, so disappointed. All of the characters on the show were phenomenal. His friend with the curly hair was my favorite. I am sad!

  4. Sheryl says

    I enjoyed “Hello Ladies”! It was quirky and funny. Most of the cast was endearing. I would have liked to see if Stuart ever found someone. I happened upon this show while surfing channels. Maybe more exposure would help.

  5. David says

    I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this show and was looking forward to new episodes. There aren’t many shows that capture my sense of humor but this was 1 of them.

  6. Myke says

    I love how the mediocre and unoriginal Girls goes on for 4 seasons, Community is still on after all these years (even after numerous attempts to get rid of it), Two and a Half Men is going to end up being on as long as Bonanza, Two Broke Girls is horrible, and add all the other countless garbage on primetime tv. But lets cancel Hello Ladies after one season. Can you say, Freaks and Geeks?

    I thoroughly enjoyed this show. I think it was finding its stride and had plenty of great character development ahead. It was not obvious humor. Merchant is a brilliant artist and had a good supporting cast.

    I’m shocked. If anything, I thought Getting On would see the axe. Though I do like Getting On, Hello Ladies seems more laugh out loud funny and less. I don’t know why but British humor just still does not have the following in the States that it deserves. Probably because it isn’t are dumbed down idea of comedy (Two and a Half Men, 2 Broke Girls, SNL). I’m very upset and may just get rid of HBO. They have nothing to watch and all the great ones are ending this year. HBO is no longer the home to great television. That would now be AMC and Showtime.

  7. sjm74 says

    CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL! Stephen has obviously sold out! This is one of the WORST shows that has ever been made and I am putting that kindly. This was a disappointment at epic proportions. I honestly had more respect for him until I saw this monstrosity and the sooner this has been chucked into the garbage, the better!
    This is full of cliches that have been done to DEATH! No originality whatsover.

  8. Charles says

    I think this is a great show with real life scenarios that make us cringe, because we know when one of our friends or even ourselves goes too far. I think it should definitely be renewed for a season 2.

  9. Ken says

    I agree with the prior comments…..the best comedy since Seinfeld, and in some ways more intelligent. Really hope HBO has the intelligence to renew it!!!! Merchant is delightfully natural, hilarious and pitiful at the same time.

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