Heroes: NBC Wrap-up Movie Plans Cancelled [Report]

Heroes movieSorry, Greg Grunberg. It turns out that Ali Larter might just be right. It seems that the Heroes wrap-up movie isn’t happening.

As fans know all too well, after NBC cancelled Heroes in May, there was talk about wrapping up the TV show’s storylines as either a movie or a mini-series. Despite the fact that some time had passed, series creator Tim Kring recently indicated he was still optimistic.

He said, “It looks like we’re really going to start talking about it now. The summer months in television are always about preparing for the Fall launch of all the new shows, so I totally understand why there hasn’t been a lot of discussion [until now]. Once the Fall season is launched, I fully believe that this discussion will get reignited in a very big way.”

Now, according to EW sources, NBC isn’t going ahead with the project, at least for the 2010-11 season. However, that may not be the end of the Heroes universe. Kring believes that the show’s broad premise allows for many different stories to be told in many different ways.

What do you think? If not onscreen, how would you like to see Heroes continue — as books, comics, animation, web shorts, or in some other form?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Kristine says

    I just don`t understand. Why couln`t they at least finish the series before they canceled one of the worlds best tv-shows ! ! ! ??? It makes me really mad! x)

  2. Tania says

    I completely agree but they did that with Ghost Whisperer. Also, Dark Angel and then Dark Angel comes on, on Sci-fi like really why couldn’t you finish the show left us all hanging.

    But that’s what these networks do!!!

  3. Haley says

    I really got into heroes and it was sad to see it end. The same thing had happened with persons unknown when NBC canceled it. With both programs there were many unresolved questions left and would be perfect for a second season. If and when heroes comes back I would prefer it on tv but not I would love to read about it

  4. Lilly says

    I watched Heroes first season then I was unable to watch it but here and there. My Friend gave me all 4 seasons and here I thought it was still going. What is with all the GOOD shows being canceled. I have been watching episodes back to back and now I have no more to watch. Claire finally came out I WANT TO SEE MORE! TV,BIG SCREEN,WEBISODES I don’t care what it is on as long as it’s the same people same characters and BACK ON!

  5. natasha hertanto says

    canceling heroes is one of the worst decisions i’ve ever heard anybody make. it’s imaginative and it’s definitely unfair to leave it hanging for the dedicated fans. just give them a chance to at least make an awesome ending, air it on NBC, then you can cancel the show.

  6. sarah olsen says

    NOOOOOOOOO i love this show and i want more season not just one i want it to go on untill season 100 i love heroes too much and i cried watching the last episode and i bought it on itunes and i cry every time i watch it and when sylar says ” thats right its a brand new world” nooo i want another season and i want it to keepp going on until the actors cant act anymoreee
    hate you nbc horrible decision

  7. Darren says

    There needs to be a conclusion to the series. If there is not going to be a mini-series/movie, how about a cartoon series (wether it be CGI or traditional), the heroes will have more freedom to explore their powers and the stories could be concluded in a way that ties up the loose ends.


  8. MDSHEETS says

    My husband and I just started watching this on netflix and we love it! Now I’m finding out that it was not only cancelled , but didn’t even finish the storyline…? This is very disappointing and frustrating. We thought for once we would watch a show and get into it without having to worry if it’s getting cancelled ever wk. Maybe I would of watched it before if it was advertised better. I think if your passed 1 season, $ or not you should finish it…unless the writers don’t know how..

  9. Amanda A. says

    OMG Seriously WTF Why, Why would they do this! I WANT MORE SEASONSS!!!! THEY, AT NBC, Have seriously pissed me off! I love Heroes! I looked forward to mondays for only one things….Heroes, Now monday sucks again! I want hiro back, and peter, and LIKE COME ON SLYAR WAS JUST TURNING AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. says

    WTF!? Why cancel a show before it is finished? Seems this would do more harm than good. Now all the followers of the show can be pissed at the network for leaving us all hanging. Really disappointing.

  11. Corbin M says

    I loved the series and have all the volumes but when I found out that NBC wanted to cancel it I though “what the f***! Why cancel this, it was so awesome” but after constant thought and disbeleif, I came across one more important fact, it’s a sci-fi drama and NBC is trying to hard to expand their horizons, Heroes would have survived if it was on like The Syfy channel or something that actually carries shows like this!
    The only way the show would survive is if all the actors and producers signed a contract with some other channel and NBC turned over rights to it…….

  12. andy noss says

    I miss the heroes series allot , and really hope they come up with something to either give it an ending, or some how to continue it on. It was one of my favorite tv shows.

  13. Tones says

    Not impressed with the cancellation of heroes. i’ve bought all the seasons and for what? so I can be left in the dark without a conclusion. that is absolutely unfair for the dedicated fans. you can’t advertise and convince people to buy something without an ending. NBC you are scams. why would something as dumb as jersey shore continue and something as imaginitive as heroes be cancelled. the only answer i can find is that the average person has terrible taste. Get back to quality television. not overrated smut

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