Heroes: Tim Kring Plans TV Series Ending and Possible Future

HeroesHeroes creator Tim Kring has issued a none-too-humble statement about the end of the NBC series. The ratings have dropped a lot since the show’s big splash on NBC back in September of 2006. While the show still has a lot of fan support, that doesn’t necessarily translate into ways that the network can make money. Kring doesn’t hold the cancellation against the network and said…

I want to first extend my deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the legion of enthusiastic fans who have watched ‘Heroes’ on TV, online, DVR, DVD and mobile over the last four seasons.

Every week more than 45 million TV viewers around the world, as well as millions of social and digital media-based fans, have made ‘Heroes’ one of the five most-watched shows across traditional and digital media screens in the history of television.

For NBC, I certainly understand the challenge of creating a business model around a show which arrived precisely as the audience was finding new ways to watch traditional content on multiple screens. I personally have had 12 great years with my friends at NBC, and with ‘Heroes,’ they provided me a rare opportunity to put a message of hope, interconnectivity and global consciousness into the world.

For that I am grateful and look forward to finalizing our discussion about a number of ways to keep the ‘Heroes’ universe alive for its fans.

NBC’s primetime entertainment president, Angela Bromstad, confirmed this week that discussions had begun regarding plans to produce a two-hour Heroes event. This would be aimed at providing closure for longtime fans of the series.

The event would likely be split into two parts and included in the syndication package with the rest of the TV show’s 77 episodes.

What do you think? Can Heroes be wrapped up in a two-hour movie? In what other ways could the show continue? Comics, books, animation or perhaps something that’s online-only?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anonymous says

    you are all so right…..they leave all these stupid shows on air and cancel the ones they really shouldnt! I give up….who is giving them the information about about what people want and dont want to see? These are the people that should have their heads flippen checked!

  2. Trav says

    Heroes was one of the best suspenseful drama show for NBC because Tim Kring does an excellent job and creating more extraordinary episodes for each season that we liked. Heroes was the best to dicover the phenomenon since 2007 on dvd. It’s a thrilling journey through all these seasons that we imagine. The fans wants to see more of this epic/suspenseful tv show of HEROES. (2006-2010) Four wonderful years of making and an extraodrinary cast that delivers an ecip storyline. Volume 6: ” Brave New World”

    -She’s gonna change everything, that’s right. It’s a brave new world.
    To Be Continued…

  3. lala says

    How can they leave us hanging? I need to know what is going to happen!!!! I invested all this time and baught all the DVDs to not have any answers at the end..I dont think so!

  4. Valenda says

    I would love to see a wrapp up of the show. After “investing” in the characters and plot lines I think the fans would like answers.

    Hope for a two hour show that would in two parts.

  5. thomas nicula says

    hay ,idon’t like that yall have took heroes off!!!!!!!! i think yall have made me and other heroes fans unhappy!!! yall finally have one real good thing that makes all things seam to bring people together! me and my wife have found somthing we can watch together.things happen to everyone in life that are not good. when yall finaly come up with some good stuff .yall take it away . you know what makes things better is when i watch heroes .when heroes is on ,i don’t think about anything that is wrong in the world.i have peace in my heart and soul.i fill lost when heroes is not on. i have all the dvd’s .the only thing about it is that heroes lets everyone know that even if you are not like all the others out there you can make a diferince in life.if it was not for heroes showing that all are the same in many ways. you know other shows tell us some of the same things.but yall finaly brought something to us for the people who can not aforde cable or satilight. some of us out here can only have regular tv!!!!!!!!!! i have to work hard like other people out there . and when i see shows like heroes ,i can fill good about my self for what i try to do in life !!!!!!!!!!so bring the heroes bake to us all.who cares about yalls ratings .the camercials yall show should bring yall plenty of money. that is the problem with the world now.all everyone wants is money.money dose not make the world go around. so give us peace of mind some times and bring heroes back.if the roling stones can servive,so can heroes. u just got to look at all the people out there that are not rated. iron maiden became know not by radio or tv ,but by word of the mouth.and they are going to be around for a long time to come .so think about it. heroes will also be around for years to come.i herd it by word of mouth. and i fill in love with heroes. it lets me know that i may not be like others ,but i still can dream and know a am still somebody like evryone else out ther!!! later ,long live the people who are different than others.long live heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Matthew says

    I love Heroes it’s one of the best show’s out there and relay….How can you have a Ending like that, Clair jumps off a tower on National television, Syler Terns good, Peter seem’s to have forgave him, Noah and Clair need to talk about that, and what about Stacy? the Stacy we saw of her she was a puddle in the middle of nowhere Plus you have Hiro’s sister who know’s about Hiro’s powers and what about Ando? will her tell Hiro’s sister that he has power’s? and also Mohinder what about him? these question’s MIGHT! be answered in a Two hour movie but i don’t it and even if they don’t make a Movie then why don’t people Learn that leaving us with a cliff hanger and these many question’s Doesn’t make us happy it just piss’ us off….well thats my input

  7. Nancy says

    I love HEROES! It is original, cast is wonderful, storylines awasome! We need more thann a 2 hour seson finally! KEEP IT ALIVE..DVD SERIES..ONLINE EPISODES…IT TODAYS WORLD WITH OUR TECHNOLOGY THERE HAS TO BE A WAY TO KEEP HEROES GOINGuntil the whole strory is truley told!

  8. Sarah says

    I loved Happy town and really wanted to watch it more and let the mystery unfold. Shows that leave you guessing about something other than who slept with who are rare and I love them so much, but they never last.. It is so disappointing that it was cancelled when other cliche’ shows continue to run. I wonder if they look at how many people watch it online on sites like hulu and fancast.

  9. Anonymous says

    I don’t know how the show could end right there, claire just jumped to her death on national television, sylar just turned good, and they have a freaking time traveler, how can shows end with these things?! I love heroes.. I have watched online, netflix, tv, recorded every episode on my dvr, It is my FAVORITE show. and I would always put it first against that other crap on at the same time. Heroes > 24/House/other stuff.

  10. Anonymous says

    hope heroes gets one more season end a desent ending heroes is one of the best shows on television apart from fringe.
    However i want heroes to have proper ending and i think one more season would be great and Tim Kring is a legend

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