Hidden Palms: CW Finishes Kevin Williamson Drama

Hidden PalmsAs we suspected a few weeks back, CW has cancelled the steamy drama Hidden Palms after a short season of eight episodes. The series finale is set to air this Wednesday (July 4th) at 8pm but will the mystery of poor Eddie’s murder be solved? Will viewers be left hanging?

From the mind of Kevin Williamson, who also created Dawson’s Creek, this drama centered a group of teens and a mystery in idyllic Palm Springs, CA. Fewer than 1.9 million watched the debut and viewership fell even lower as the weeks went on.

Williamson was well aware that the series might not catch on and wrote the season accordingly. The killer will indeed be revealed in the final episode but, as is the case with most ongoing dramas, not all will be resolved. Williamson said, “We definitely answer a lot of questions, primarily the big one: what really happened to Eddie. We resolve who killed Eddie, but it opens a can of worms, it’s a double whammy”

What would have happened if Hidden Palms had been renewed? Williamson says that the next thirteen episodes had already been written and the series future was mapped out beyond that. He muses, “You have sort of the broad-stroke version [of the series]. I can see where it would be in four years and I could see how it would start next season in high school. The first eight episodes represent the summer. Now we would get into the beginning of the school year and introduce a lot more characters and move forward.”

Will we ever learn what the future would have held for Johnny, Greta, Nikki, Liza and the rest? Unless the prolific Williamson wants to share his plans, it looks pretty doubtful. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open so stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. kphipps says

    i hate that this show was cancelled i loved it. i was waiting for the next season but as i see it will not be another i hate that please bring it back. way is it cw wants to bring all these good shows and then take them away give them a chance.

  2. monica says


  3. Todd says

    Wow….the support here is overwhelming, and should speak volumes to the CW, as well as Kevin Williamson. Those of us who discovered this show were HOOKED. Read the comments — not many other shows on TV right now seem to have this kind of passion and dedication from its fans…

    And that right there is the problem. The public has their guard up, realizing it’s probably not wise to dedicate their scarce and valuable TV watching time at home to a new show. Why commit when the networks are so quick to hit the Cancellation button?

    The CW is NOT in the league of CBS, NBC, and ABC. They should be nurturing these shows with fan bases, but they’re cancelling more than they keep. Their disapproval was evident, leaving this show on the shelf and then finally playing them in the dead of summer when no one’s watching — then to claim “low ratings”. DUH. And the topper was to show the final cliffhanger episode on….July 4th??! Why not just broadcast the words “CW Hates This Show” instead?

    Unfortunately HP is gone. Kevin, you did us well. Thank you. The CW — you suck…but you’ve heard that before, haven’t you?

  4. Ashley says

    I’m sorry to say, but i’m glad its cancelled! They showed previews of the show 100 times a day before it aired and when it aired, and the show hardly had any fans. It deserves to be cancelled whether you like it or not. It ridiculous to how many times previews of hidden palms were on, if it didn’t get ppls attention then it sucks. There are other shows that are getting cancelled that don’t deserv to be…

  5. Jay says

    This was one of the worst shows I have ever seen! Those of you who actually put time into watching Hidden Palms deserve what you got becuase the show was horrible. The CW has finally done something right. Good luck finding another idiotic show to watch!

  6. Kate says

    I agree with most. This show was really good, and had me hooked every week! I dont understand why they would just end it after 8 episodes. And i do also agree about the advertising. I mean i didnt see much advertising for hidden palms. They really should bring the show back!!

  7. Amanda says

    Write abc family and ask them to pick it up for another season

    ABC Family Channel
    Paul Lee, President
    3800 West Alameda Ave.
    Burbank, CA 91505

  8. Johnny says

    I don’t get it.. Why Cancel it?
    It was the first teen drama I’ve ever watched, and it’s one of the best shows..
    Cancelling it for having low ratings in the summer is stupid.
    I really think CW should give it another chance.
    I don’t care if it’ll be one year from now or even later, it’ll be enough for me to know that it hasn’t been cancelled!

  9. candice says

    i ABSOLUTELY LOVE this show. im so upset that theres not going to be another season…i think lack of advertisement and having 2 episodes com e on one night totally put that show down tha drain. its the best show si on th CW i cnt believe its over! please make another season!!

  10. Kristen says

    Please bring back Hidden Palms. It was the best show on tv, now that all my other tv shows have come to an end. I was really enjoying that show and as u can see so was everyone else. Please give Hidden Palms another chance and put it back on tv.
    I really miss that show.

  11. Mariya says

    Hidden Palms was basically a one-of-a-kind show and completly original. No other show has been like it… yes, there are many drams, but this one combined drama with suspense and mystery. It was based off of a topic that no other show has had. Viewers are down because of the cancelling of this show, and many would be exasperate to see it come back. WE LOVE HIDDEN PALMS!!!

  12. Cassy says

    i couldn’t believe when i found out the show was cancelled! i’m so angry!!! i LOVED it and it’s not fair! they always cancel my shows!!! i think there weren’t enough viewers because of a lack of good publicity! plus, end of june and beginning of july is when most people leave for summer vacation! they should’ve given the show more of a chance, i mean, 8 episodes? how can they be sure if they wouldn’t have gotten more viewers by the 10th episode?

  13. hailey says

    omgi am so slow i thought it was still airing! i wish you people hadent cancelled the show it was so intersting you guys proboly would have got more people to watch the show if you gave it more time so PLEASE show this show on air again!!!!

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