Hostages: Was the Finale a Satisfying Ending?

Hostages last episodesTonight marks the end of Hostages on CBS. Though the “limited series” has not been officially cancelled, the ratings have been so poor that there’s just no way that they’re going to bring it back for a second season.

On the two final episodes — titled “Suspicious Minds” and “Endgame” — Duncan (Dylan McDermott) discovers Sandrine’s (Sandrine Holt) betrayal and decides to use her to save Nina (Francie Swift) and Sawyer (Lola Cook). Before Ellen (Toni Collette) operates on President Kincaid (James Naughton), the First Lady (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) confronts her and forces Ellen to tell the truth about the assassination plot.

What do you think? If you’ve seen the finale, was it a satisfying ending to the series? Do you think they could have realistically made another season — either with some of the same characters or, with completely new ones? Would you have watched?

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  1. jz says

    I looked forward to every episode and enjoyed the plot. It got confusing and far fetched at times (ex. how was the teenage daughter pregnant, but very little mention of it?). Found the relationship between Ellen and Duncan an interesting twist. If I recall, this was advertised as a limited episode show from the start and I personally like the idea. Seems many TV dramas use up all the good ideas and get old after a season or two. Why not just focus on one great story but plan to end it before exhausting every possible scenario? I appreciate that they wrapped up the series and completed the story.

  2. Gale says

    I watched right to the end only because of Dylan McDermott. I really found the show totally unbelievable and contrived.
    The number of dead bodies, most of them innocent was not acceptable to me. No one was a hero in this show. I just kept watching because I wanted to see how it played out.
    A horrible and impossible plot.
    The finale wrapped everything up with a bow which is so unbelievable as well.

    Obviously the premise of the family being hostages could not go on forever and for future seasons.

    I am actually relieved that it is over.

  3. Bonnie says

    I knew this could be the end of the series due to the nature of the premise. I thought the finale was terrific! Finished up both family situations well, president going to get reprimanded, Even lead character is turning himself in fo the police. I loved the series and they tied it up nicely.

  4. Joan K Tarzy says

    Are you kidding!!! Please do not cancel this great show with outstanding actors! I have really enjoyed this season!

  5. vicki says

    I liked Hostages. I’m very disappointed to see it end. I thought there was a lot of action every week…making me want to come back for more. Finally, a show I looked forward to every week and now its gone. I’d definitely watch a season 2.

  6. Kristi C says

    I thought it was awesome! Dylan Mcdermott is so GOOD at being BAD! Please… Please… Please…. don’t let it end!!! :)

    My husband and I really enjoyed it!

  7. Baby says

    Sorry… I loved the show…
    I was into it every monday night at 10. Should they
    Return for season 2 hell yeah. With all the same people who
    Starred in season 1. I tried to promote my family and friends to watch it
    I liked and loved the show… It was always so intense.. Hostages get a 100 in my book.!!!

  8. Tom says

    It was a great way to bring everything to an end except that I would have liked the reassurance that Duncan somehow was able to make a deal in order to maintain his freedom. Maybe with some help from Ellen and the President’s wife.

    As it stands, bringing it back is only possible if they move forward. Once his talents are recognized, Duncan becomes a tool for the government and in return for a his silence on what happened and all the President’s misdeeds as well as his help on future missions, he is given a full pardon and immunity. There are plenty of ways that he can be used that would be reflective of the title of the show. So, I say yes, bring it back, and I will watch. Others will too if you give Duncan interesting assignments, for instance, extracting American hostages from foreign countries as well as doing the same for hostages on American soil, especially those in0 politically sensitive situations.

  9. Fan 2 says

    Such a great show! There is no way that the network should cancel it. There needs to be a second season. Finally a good show –

  10. Lori Augustine says

    I liked Hostages, and I disappointed to see it end. I wish it would come back next year.
    At the end of the story, it looked as though the president’s wife and sister wanted to kill him. Maybe that could be the next storyline, next year.

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