House, Alcatraz: What Happened to Monday’s Episodes?

Alcatraz House canceled episodesThe 2012 Daytona 500 pulled in some great ratings for FOX on Monday night. In fact, it was the most-watched Daytona 500 in FOX’s history, pulling in a 5.4 demo rating and 14.89 million total viewers.

But, what about House and Alcatraz, the TV shows that were preempted? We’ve received several emails from readers who are wondering if they’ve missed those episodes or when they’ll air.

The 14th episode of season eight of House, “Love is Blind,” will now be shown on March 19th. House is preempted next week by a double helping of Alcatraz and March 12th’s is a repeat so viewers will still see the new episode in production order. House says goodbye on May 21st with a retrospective and a series finale.

The seventh episode of Alcatraz that had been scheduled, titled “Clarence Montgomery,” will now be shown on March 12th. This means that viewers will be seeing episodes out of order but that’s nothing new. The eighth installment was shown on February 13th and the fourth was broadcast a week later, on February 20th.

Alcatraz is scheduled to wrap its season with a pair of episodes on March 24th. All 13 original episodes will have been shown by that point.

What do you think? Does it bother you when shows like Alcatraz are shown out of order? Do you think it hurts the series or that it doesn’t really matter?

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  1. CB says

    The problem with Alcatraz is that it is owned by a network and it is not an independent production. I could care less if it was preempted on “the night and time it’s supposed to air.” Really? Are we *still* in this age? I purchase the episodes on and watch them whenever I have free time. No commercials either. This is the way it should be done. Selling directly to the viewer. However, I’m concerned that after only 8 episodes of Alcatraz, Amazon now has a message “Due to our licensing agreements this video is currently not available for purchase or rental.” What is this supposed to mean? I purchased the season pass so I should get every episode of the season. Directly selling episodes to viewers might also better measure the success of the series. Not to mention that if the numbers of actual viewers remain steady there’s less chance of constantly being in the shadow of cancellation. $2 per episode is 2$million with 1 million viewers/subscribers. TV *must* go down this path because audiences are getting fragmented and it’s the niche viewers that will pay for good content.

  2. tammy says

    This sux! I have watched this show from the beginning,and for us who are not NASCAR fans is totally unfair!!! they should have immediately broadcast it after the Daytona 500,I would have waited all night to watch it!! Now I’m so pissed I’m not sure if I want to watch it at all if they are going to break up the sequence so easily!! This is the only free night I have,and I chose to watch Fox! I guess I’ll just listen to Itunes on Monday nights instead!!!!

  3. margo says

    if a regularly scheduled episode is preempted, there should be a message banner scrolling across the bottom of the screen stating when the episode will be shown. Everything else is scrolled across so why not something letting us know about the program we tuned in for. I’ve stop watching real time tv due to this type inconsiderate preemption, especially news programs that give you minute by minute reporting of rain storms and police car chases. Hurrah for DVRs.

  4. MK says

    Thanks for posting this. I kept flipping back and forth between Fox and something on my Tivo hoping that the stupid car race would end and they’d air Alcatraz but that never happened. Instead they watched people clean up a crash for OVER AN HOUR. Oooh! Scintillating TV!

    I’ll be doing like the person above said…taping the two part Alcatraz on Monday and waiting till they air the missing ep so I can watch them in order. The days of TV shows airing stand alone eps you can watch in any order ended about 20 years ago. It’s foolish for nets to air things out of order.

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