House: Decision on Series Ending Expected Soon

House ending?Is it time for Doctor Gregory House to leave the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital for good? We should know soon if FOX’s long-running medical series, House, will end or return for a ninth year.

According to TV Guide, executive producer David Shore is scheduled to meet with FOX and Universal Media executives to decide if this is the last season of House. Shore wants to know well in advance so that he can start moving the story towards a fitting series finale.

There are several factors influencing the decision, not the least of which is star Hugh Laurie’s interest in doing another year. Shore’s contract also runs out at the end of this season. Currently in its eighth season, the medical drama is not cheap to produce and cost cutting measures saw some taking salary cuts. Lisa Edelstein left after last season.

For season eight, Universal Media was looking for the same deal they got at the end of season four. FOX wanted a discount, knowing that the studio makes a lot of cash from new episodes when they’re added to the syndication package. FOX essentially got the deal they wanted.

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Last spring, there was talk about NBC possibly taking on the series if a deal couldn’t be worked out with FOX. A clause in FOX’s contract however prevented Universal from shopping the series to any NBC-Universal network or channel. If FOX passes this time, it’s unknown if House could move to NBC. It would be expensive but the peacock network certainly needs help on Monday nights.

The current season of House is averaging a 3.05 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 7.9 million viewers. That’s down by 15% when compared to last year’s season average but it’s still doing well as FOX’s sixth highest rated scripted series. On NBC, it would be number two, not far below The Office.

Laurie has indicated that he’d like to move on and FOX’s president, Kevin Reilly, noted that this is “pretty likely” House’s final year. A final decision on season nine is expected soon.

What do you think? Should House continue or are you ready for the show to come to an end? Has it gone on too long already?

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  1. Sperkowitz says

    I’ve been finding this current season to be dreadful. I don’t feel it’s the loss of Dr. Cuddy that is making me less engaged in the show or not. Maybe the chemistry of all the characters is lacking. And I personally dislike Dr. Chi Park. And saying dislike is putting it lightly.

    I wouldn’t mind this being the last season. One of my biggest gripes with television shows is they push shows to its limit until they are ended abruptly with no closure for the fans. I would hate to see this happen to House.

  2. Jennifer says

    I lovee house and I’d watch it no matter what!! I’d love a season 9 I sit eagerly awaiting 9pm on Monday, I’m a true fan hahha and would love another season 😉 I guess to those who want an ending dont watch it!

  3. Katie says

    I’ve loved House from the beginnning and I’ve seen every episode. It’s time for this show to end. They’ve done everything and been through everything now so it feels like we are watching reruns.

  4. Jack says

    House is not the same without Cuddy, but I feel that it is time for House to ride off into the sunset. It’s been a good series, but, this year is just not the same as in the past.

  5. Seth says

    Being huge House MD fan and owning all the DVD’s I wouldn’t be disapointed to see this be the last season either. I personally think House and Cuddy should get married after something crazy happens to House to make him realize they were meant to be and have all the past regular guests (Vougler, Stacey, Detective Tritter, Dark Reigious Nut, etc…) should appear some where in the epiode either to attend the wedding or be part of the wackiness that always seems to happen.

  6. Jeremy Rynek says

    Just follow me here, if we weren’t in a recession would everything NOT come down to money? That’s what it;s about. If it moves to NBC, then that probably will be best honestly, at least it’ll get one more season.

  7. Beary says

    Long time fan but ready to see the doc and his issues come to some kind of closure. After several shows getting abrupt endings it would be great to see this character get a decent and imaginative send off. Would riding off into the sunset on a pair of motorcycles with 13 be too much to ask?

  8. thegrimmliing says

    The show is good and I still watch it, but I think it is time to let it end.

    They have done pretty much everything they can to the characters and there cannot be that many more strange medical illnesses they came come up with.

    I don’t want it to be treated like the Simpsons that just does not know when to end.

    I think this Simpsons clip says it the best…

  9. RJ says

    I still love this show. It’s one of only two shows that I actually watch live (the other being Breaking Bad). I guess I’m ok with this being the final season, but I hope it gets a good ending.

  10. Clay says

    I like House, but its time to see him off. Give us a good ending. Something that’d never happen with NBC.

    If it moves to NBC I’ll stop watching it. NBC, the network that believes in the all mighty cancel button for anything and everything worth watching. I have 11 eps of Chuck to go and then I can say, “good riddance to bad rubbage” and be done with them altogether.

    • Samara says

      I have the exact same plan – 11 episodes of “Chuck” (which will hopefully get better soon) and whatever length I can get from “Parenthood” and then no more NBC!

      I love “House”, but I really miss Olivia Wilde – she was great for the show! The cast of women now is seriously awful, and doesn’t show off Hugh Laurie’s enigmatic charisma! However, it’s Hugh Laurie that makes the show as good as it is – so I will support whichever decision he wants to make about staying or ending!

  11. says

    As a fan since day one, I think House, MD has reached its end. I just want it to go out on a positive note given all the mess we’ve been subjected to since the midpoint of Season 7. Given everything Gregory House has been through all these years, it’d be nice to see him go out on a good note instead of something tragic.

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