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How I Met Your Mother: A Spin-off for CBS?

howimetyourmother40How I Met Your Mother is ending this season and CBS can’t be very happy about losing one of their highest-rated sitcoms. For that reason, its not much of a surprise that they’re considering a spin-off.

According to Deadline, CBS is talking to HIMYM creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and Up All Night creator Emily Spivey about a new series.

The show would revolve around a female character and her search for the perfect mate in New York — sort of a How I Met Your Father.

Some of the characters could be introduced in the HIMYM finale and might also frequent MacLaren’s Pub which would tie the two shows together. For now, none of the HIMYM characters would be part of the new sitcom.

What do you think? Does this sound like a fun idea or have you had enough of the HIMYM world for now?

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superduber November 10, 2013 at 8:58 pm

Yes and no. Here’s how I see it, this is like someone giving you a great piece of cake, you like the taste of it and the consistency, when you’re done with your piece of cake, they just give you another piece, again, without even asking. Your thinking about eating it, again, it’s a yes or no response.

Now, since HIMYM was really funny and well directed, if this does materialize, I would most likely check it out. But it would just be like seeing the same thing over again, it’s just another classic Groundhog Day move, they saw what made an impact, so they’re trying to get the same strike of lightning in the same bottle, good example being The Hangover Part 2. Now that we know a possible outcome these kinds of moves uphold, we have to move our chess pieces wisely


Jeremy Rynek October 31, 2013 at 6:32 pm

Now, a couple months ago, I heard something about a spin-off with Lily and Marshal. I’m guessing that’s not in play now.


WOW October 31, 2013 at 11:49 am

Seriously? NO! Just no! The only reason HIMYM went for as long as it did was because of NPH. Don’t make another “That 80’s show”.


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