24: Executive Producer on Decision to End FOX Series, Teases Finale

24As fans of the 24 TV series are all too well aware, it was recently announced that the current season will be the show’s last. While there won’t be a year nine on television, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) will likely return in at least one feature film.

Executive producer Howard Gorgon recently sat down with THR and shared some of the reasons for the show’s demise and what the future could hold.

Gordon says that, part of the reason the series is ending is because they couldn’t come up with a good enough idea for another year. He didn’t even pitch one to the network and said, “We couldn’t come up with something that really satisfied us. We’ve done everything we feel we can do with that character in this format.”

Ending the 24 series also came down to finances and practical matters, like the fact that several people’s multi-year contracts expire at the end of this season. Gordon said, “There was a deal finiteness in place. Also, every year is a high-wire act. We all look at each other and ask, ‘Can we really do this again?’ and it’s not with complete conviction that we say, ‘Yes.’ As an act of faith and effort, we get through it. This year Kiefer said it felt like the senior year of high school.”

In terms of a feature film, Gordon said that it’s still being written by screenwriter Billy Ray and there are several possibilities about how things could go. He speculates that it could be released as soon as early 2011.

For now, Gordon is still focusing on the final episodes of the 24 TV series. He teased that, “We’ve taken a risk in the last eight episodes. It was challenging to the writers to the actors. We’re taking a risk; the show has to do that. Without spoiling what’s to come, it’s pretty dark and complex and a place that was uncomfortable for us to write and for some of the actors to act.”

This season’s final episode won’t be the same as was previously planned because it’s now the end of the series. Gordon noted that seasons four, five and seven had great endings and he feels they could have finished the show. He wants to end 24 the right way but knows he won’t make everybody happy.

Gordon said, “I was more aware this time of ending something that really felt surprising but not cheap; emotionally consistent. Some will throw their shoes at the screen, inevitably some will be angry, some will say they hated it the last three years. You can’t please everybody, you can only do the best you can do. I’m hoping people lean forward. I’m hoping the first feeling people have is, “Damn I miss it, I want more.”

The two-hour series finale of 24 is scheduled to air on Monday, May 24th, on FOX.

What do you think? Could the writers have come up with new story ideas for season nine or is ending the series the right way to go?

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  1. says

    dont do what miley cyrus did with hannah montana, and do
    your best to keep the show running of 24, and if you guys cancel
    this show, and the fans will get really mad as quick as

  2. Anonomous says

    Now off the air for a week, nothing to watch this last Monday, maybe Jack needs to take a vacation, since he is no doubt the reason the season had to end with his high payroll bankrupting the company.

    There is more to this show that just Jack, you got the CTU, and other rouges, maybe bring in someone new who was another military merci killer and take Jack’s place, anyone can whisper.

    Good program, hate to see it end so abrubtly, but all good things have to finally come to a screaching hault.

  3. KEVIN says

    I am a 24 junky, and look forward to my fix every Monday. I’m not liking how they ended the season finale!!!!! It was like driving a car going 250 mi per hour and hitting the breaks…
    I’m just getting over the Soprano’s, now this…… You writers need to get the pencils out your butts and start writing the script for season 9!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    I really wish they had quit this show while it was still ahead (season 4). The writers have done a horrible job in recent years, and it really diminished the legacy of the series.

  5. says

    I am shocked that they ended 24 the best show ever. It was great. It could have ran forever and beat any other tv series around. Its not right for them to stop a show that everyone looks forward too. There will never ever be another show that could ever replace it

  6. Paula Hoffman says

    Our group that we watch 24 with are going to have withdraw. This is the only show worth watching and always keeps us excited and looking forward until the next week. All the reality shows are awful and sick of them. Also, your fans could have been given a heads up a year ahead instead of ending it now. Please consider doing another season at least so we are not paying a cable bill for nothing.

  7. Doogz says

    They should bring it back for one more hurrah – with all of the crap thats on 24 still has the ability to make me cringe in my seat and quicken my pulse – Jack Bauer is one of the most interesting dedicated and conflicted characters to ever appear on screen and Im in a outrage they arent bringing him and the gang back, the problem is the show centers around CTU and there lies the problem, I thought they were onto something last season but then they screwed the pooch and brought it right back – at this point Jack due to all of the issues he has stateside where half the U.S. wants to kill him and the balance want to make a statue in his honor ……… well he needs to go back to his roots which was special ops get him out of the country take the show to Pakistan or a Fringe millitant group in the UK they have never explored his special ops missions outside of the US and therefore the show shouldnt be over period there is still work to do and bad people to be brought down ……….. lets do it make one last gut wrenching season with a cliff hanger and transition it to a movie the following year dont let the show go on this conduluted everyone starts acting like a stooge ending that is being prepped here this isnt a way to end a decade long franchise …………………………….

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