24: Executive Producer on Decision to End FOX Series, Teases Finale

24As fans of the 24 TV series are all too well aware, it was recently announced that the current season will be the show’s last. While there won’t be a year nine on television, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) will likely return in at least one feature film.

Executive producer Howard Gorgon recently sat down with THR and shared some of the reasons for the show’s demise and what the future could hold.

Gordon says that, part of the reason the series is ending is because they couldn’t come up with a good enough idea for another year. He didn’t even pitch one to the network and said, “We couldn’t come up with something that really satisfied us. We’ve done everything we feel we can do with that character in this format.”

Ending the 24 series also came down to finances and practical matters, like the fact that several people’s multi-year contracts expire at the end of this season. Gordon said, “There was a deal finiteness in place. Also, every year is a high-wire act. We all look at each other and ask, ‘Can we really do this again?’ and it’s not with complete conviction that we say, ‘Yes.’ As an act of faith and effort, we get through it. This year Kiefer said it felt like the senior year of high school.”

In terms of a feature film, Gordon said that it’s still being written by screenwriter Billy Ray and there are several possibilities about how things could go. He speculates that it could be released as soon as early 2011.

For now, Gordon is still focusing on the final episodes of the 24 TV series. He teased that, “We’ve taken a risk in the last eight episodes. It was challenging to the writers to the actors. We’re taking a risk; the show has to do that. Without spoiling what’s to come, it’s pretty dark and complex and a place that was uncomfortable for us to write and for some of the actors to act.”

This season’s final episode won’t be the same as was previously planned because it’s now the end of the series. Gordon noted that seasons four, five and seven had great endings and he feels they could have finished the show. He wants to end 24 the right way but knows he won’t make everybody happy.

Gordon said, “I was more aware this time of ending something that really felt surprising but not cheap; emotionally consistent. Some will throw their shoes at the screen, inevitably some will be angry, some will say they hated it the last three years. You can’t please everybody, you can only do the best you can do. I’m hoping people lean forward. I’m hoping the first feeling people have is, “Damn I miss it, I want more.”

The two-hour series finale of 24 is scheduled to air on Monday, May 24th, on FOX.

What do you think? Could the writers have come up with new story ideas for season nine or is ending the series the right way to go?

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  1. says

    Please please please end it right! 24 ending won’t be bad if i’ts a good ending your loyal viewers deserve that i’m going to miss it so much!

  2. says

    24 has given us a fantastic ride for many seasons.
    Nobody believed Jack would retire. It’s become
    stale with a constant mission to find a bomb, a
    traitor inside CTU and a double crossed president.
    Jack’s role needed to change from agent and leader
    to a different mission and direction.
    I think you’ll see the movie change directions.

  3. Joe says

    Well.. I think that like with everything else, “All good things must end.” 24 is no exception. It’s given us almost a decae of mystery and thrills and it’s been a great ride, but it’s in danger of just telling the same stories over and over.

    My personal favorites seasons ere 4 and 5 with a mention to season 2. Season 2 was probably a little better, but 4 and 5 featured Bill Buchanan. I think 5 out of all of them was the best. It lost alittle edge after that.

    I will be sad when it’s gone, but I understand it’s time for the cast and crew to move on to… MOVIES!

    Can’t WAIT to see it on the big screen!

  4. carolyn tipton says

    This is my favorite show on TV! Please don’t cancel it! Bring back Jack! If you can’t do the whole show, maybe you cd. have some of 2-hr. shows, featuring Jack and Chloe, or Jack and Renee. please don’t let Jack disappear!

  5. Melvin Spicer says

    Everyone who enjoys watching 24 should contact the network and producers, and try to persuade them not to cancel the show. I have already signed a couple of petitions to keep 24 on the are. Other viers should do the same. They should also threaten and carry out a television boycot of FOX, if necessary. FOX is trying to cancel the very best show on TV! Jack, Nooooooooo! PLEASE DON’T CANCEL 24!!!

  6. L says

    I agree! I’m hoping that they pull a “7th Heaven”. That show lasted 11 seasons and it is the longest family drama in television history. But what some people might not know is that it was suppose to end after season 10, they did a series in May 2006 but then the CW re-newed it for one more season and gave it and ending it deserves. I think that they shold really think about doing a season 9 and finishing the trilogy, all the great shows end with 9 or more, such as Friends, ER, Frasier, the West Wing, NYPD Blue. 24 is too good to end after just 8 seasons, finish off the trilogy do a season 9 and make season 10 the movie! Let it go out with a real bang!

  7. Melvin Spicer says

    As I have said, in previous postings, I absolutely love the show. 24 is the only television show this season, that I watch regularly, every week. Even Human Target, is starting to leave me cold. I am sick and tired of reality shows, including American Idol. FOX has nothing of interest, any more. It’s programing sucks, and badly! When 24 goes of the air, the only FOX network channel that I will be watching will be the FOX News Channel-and that is because it is pro-American, pro-Israel. takes a strong stand for Judeo-Christian values, and is honestly fair and balanced- and because CNN is absolutely boring and pathetic.

    Please, Jack! Please come back for season # nine. Hire some new writers. Please reconsider, your very bad decision to end 24. One more season: a “farewell” season # nine, is definitely in order. After that, I would very much like to see two full leangh feature films. Please reconsider. Please!

    I promose you, when 24 ends, so will my viewership of the FOX network! I will begin boycotting FOX, at the end of 24.

  8. Robert says

    Finally! Now if Fox can just get rid of that “House” I can quit watching that network altogether. Come to think of it, since Lost in in finale-I won’t need television at all.
    Actually I am shocked that it 24 was not franchised “24 LA”
    ” 24 NY” and “24 DC-”
    PS: Make Jack the National Security Advisor, oh Clancy did that already with the other Jack-Homeland Security maybe then?

  9. Larry says

    My family and I began watching 24 4 seasons ago and have loved it ever since, wish we had started watching it from season 1, but alas 24 is leaving us due to various understandable reasons, nonetheless I think this season as proven that 24 needs to end for a moment, that a movie will forge it into a legendary TV program and Keifer will be well remembered for the guy that was willing to do what it takes to get the job done. 24 is a well put together program, love how they play with obvious and the subtle, enjoy the suspence and how the throw the curve at the right moment. Give you just enough to come back the next week for more. Some characters you dislike with a passion and others you cheer for with the same energy. We will miss 24 and have anticipation for the movie.

  10. says

    It seems as though we’re first getting started.No way can you be out of ideas….it has to be about the money, it always is. Too too bad, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better you come up with a season 8. This show will be greatly missed by millions of people and I’m hoping if enough viewers write in maybe we’ll get lucky and bring back a 9th season. We should all be so lucky!!!! I for one will be extremely upset and I know I’m speaking for many …..Please Jack, I’m begging you, please don’t go:0(

  11. Charles says

    Well, it looks like Jack may not get to ride off into the sunset with a lover and family. But he won’t get killed, either. So, is New York gonna get nuked? It looks like it might, with a final message from the series that terrorism is something we are going to have to deal with for a considerable time to come.

  12. Earl says

    24 has been THE show for out family for the last nine years. We rarely missed an episode. No matter what anyone in our family had going on, we almost always met together to watch 24 each week. Sometimes we would have to record it and wait to watch until we could view together. Kind of like going to the movies. We enjoyed discussing what happened on the show and projecting what might happen next. We always came away eager for the next episode.
    I dont buy the “out of ideas” excuse. Imagination is unlimited. Its usually all about the money. This show will be greatly missed!

  13. joyce says

    There aren’t many shows that I watch on a consistent basis. My most favorite, in my lifetime, was Twilight Zone. Though this is definitely a different genre, you can see how long it has been since I have been addicted to a TV show!!
    Though I only started watching this in 2005, I cannot bare to think that it will end. It has been a great ride!

  14. Kevin says

    When you run out of ideas, you run out of ideas. I would rather see it end on a high note than to start getting lame. Good job Jack, CTU and everybody on 24.

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