How’d You Get So Rich?: Joan Rivers TV Series Renewed for Season Two

How'd You Get So Rich?TV Land has announced that they’re picking up their original series, How’d You Get So Rich? for a second season of six episodes.

Hosted by comic Joan Rivers, How’d You Get So Rich? focuses on wealthy people who’ve made their mega-bucks in out of the ordinary ways. Rivers asks questions that no one else will, in her own distinctive style.

Of the renewal, TV Land president Larry W. Jones said, “It’s so exciting for us to work with our friend, the incomparable Joan Rivers and bring How’d You Get So Rich? back to TV Land. Viewers were very inspired last season by the stories of these millionaires who went from rags to riches some of whom were mowing lawns and are now collecting Bentleys! It is truly the American Dream, proving anyone can do it, and there is no one other than Joan who can do a better job of finding out how in the world these people got that rich!”

Rivers joked, “I’m thrilled to be back on How’d You Get So Rich?. It’s so much better than hosting How’d You Get So Poor?… and when I say Rich, I mean RICH. People that Oprah will borrow money from. People that will use Dr. Ruth as a paperweight and people that when their computer breaks Bill Gates comes by to fix it.”

Season two will debut on Wednesday, May 5th on TV Land.

What do you think? Is the Joan Rivers show worth watching? Better or worse than typical reality show fare?

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  1. Butterfly says

    What in the world, is going on here??? Do you not hear how envious you all sound? Why wouldn’t you be encouraged by seeing the way that these people obtained their riches. No one is flaunting or throwing their fortune/fame in your face. If you truly watched instead of judging and or being jealous, you will see and realize that some of these people were less fortunate than we are right now, not necessarily born with silver spoons in their mouth.

    One lady just happened to put together the right numbers and hit the lottery. Now that could have easlily been YOU!!! AndI’m sure, if Joan Rivers came to you and asked if you would like to be on the show, You wouldn’t say” No Thanks, I don’t want to offend anyone, I’ll just let them feel better by thinking I still work at the same gas station”!!!!! Human Nature made you turn to that station in the first place, you knew what the title was prior to turning to it!! So all of you that are turning your nose up, Shame On You! I applaud them and Joan, who by the way was very unattractive and made her riches by laughing at herself!! So if she now has the money to look like a “mannequin” and feel better about herself, than so be it. Because we all know that if the money was there, you’d get that crap in your lips, lift your butt and boobs and get lipo!!!

    • Lakeshia walton says

      I’m not saying that I’m not happy for these people. My point is keep it to yourselves and not do a reality show about it. And as far as watching the show, I Dont!! It only took me one time and I was discussed by it. But to each it’s own and we all have our opinions. NOT to offend anyone but the show still SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  2. Imani says

    I understand your point Debbie. I do believe we suffer from reality show overload. There are quite a few “reality stars” that just came up with some wild scheme or character on one show, just to win a spin off show of their own. I’m not a fan of most reality shows, but I like this one.

    • Debbie says

      I guess the bottom line is if a show can inspire a person in a positive way, that’s a plus. I can’t say that about this show. For me, I’m more inspired by the people I know who work hard and stories I know to be true because I’ve seen them struggle and get to where they are now.

  3. Debbie says

    Imani, maybe it’s because there’s way too many reality shows on the air that aren’t real so when another comes along it’s hard to see the truth. It’s great people have made something of their lives but I wonder how true their stories are. Sorry to be so negative but so many are fame hungry as well as money hungry.

  4. Lakeshia walton says

    I absolutely hate this show because I am an Registered nurse (RN) and I work really hard for my money. I went to college and recieved a AAS degree in business. I’m also single with no kids and it’s a struggle as if I had a big family. My point is we are going through hard times right now and to watch a tv show were people are just throwing their money in our faces just makes me ill! It’s like I have done everything the right way and I still can’t get ahead. I hope the show gets cancelled cause it’s actually depressing.

    Go for it!

    • Debbie says

      Lakeshia Walton, That’s how I view the show too. This is why I’ve been saying how people I know, inspire me. Stories I know to be true. It’s hard to believe anything you see on TV anymore. I much rather stick with the legit scripted shows.

    • Sandi says

      you know the choices that we make in our lives are what we are today these people had to work hard to were their at today I like the fact that these people can open their personal homes and show what their success has done for them maybe u can to maybe u working in the medical field u can come up something great and u too can be question How’d did u get so rich carma

  5. Imani says

    I like the show too. I don’t understand why some feel it’s fake. Do the products/inventions not exist? Are the people who created them not really rich? I agree with Von, it’s great to see people everyday people who have created real wealth with their ideas. Better that way than speculating on something like real estate…but i’ll not get on that soapbox.

  6. says

    I love this show I am glad it is back on !! You Rock Joan!!
    This show inspires me – I have so many good ideas in my head … When I watch the show it just makes me want to go for it!!

  7. POIN says

    wow @ u pessimistic folks! this show is inspiration for us common folks that if these people who were once where we are today can overcome the odds to become rich then it is possible that any of us could! and most of these people came up with and did the most simple things. thats the mind-blowing part of it! cheers to u all and to the people that it does inspire i hope that u get there!

  8. Brian says

    I’m very excited that How’d you get so Rich will be on for a 2nd season! Not only are the stories inspiring, but its also great comedy watching Joan do this in her style! Love you Joan!!

  9. Debbie says

    Von, I understand what you’re saying but reality shows are pretty much all the same. They are 90% scripted and untrue. It’s pretty obvious. If a person finds inspiration in a fake reality show so be it. Who am I to judge. However, life, outside of TV, works so much better for me in terms of people I actually know and how I see them overcome the bad times. You’re right, I’m very fortunate in that regard.

    Thanks and take care,

  10. Von says

    Wow, Debbie! That is exactly the reason I enjoy watching the show. It inspires me to know with hard work, dedication and a bit of good luck, anyone can rise above mediocrity! In these tough economic times a glimmer of hope and inspiration is exactly what I need. I look forward to watching every episode and thank God it is a free country so you will not be forced to watch “this crap”.

    Congrats Joan!

    • Debbie says

      Nicely said Von but I don’t need a fake reality show to inspire me. I inspire myself and go after what I know I must do which is work.

      You are correct, I don’t have to watch “this crap” and that’s why I don’t. If a fake show has to inspire you, more power to you. Real Reality (life) inspires me.

      Good luck,

      • Von says

        The beauty of this show is that these ARE real people who have achieved extraordinary things in unusual ways.

        You are fortunate to find your inspiration closer to home.

        Good luck to you as well,


  11. Debbie says

    I’m sorry but I can’t stomach watching this crap. In these hard economic times, why would the rich flaunt this show to those of us struggling after losing our jobs?
    For the people behind the scenes, DON’T tell the rest of us that it’s about how to get rich. I don’t buy it (no pun intended). I hope this show gets cancelled and shame on Rivers for agreeing to do it. Go back and sell your crap on the home shopping shows so you are able to pay off the many cosmetic surgeries you’ve had and will continue to get. That mannequin look works for you.

    • Anonymous says

      WOW Debbie u sound so bitter and angry why wouldnt you like it even in hard times right now these shows give u the motivation to get up and be creative and do something with ur life dont hate enjoy I like Joan she tells it like it is and gives u a feeling of hope look inside your self and ask what can i do and dont tell me hush up cuz u know I m right take a deep breath and relax and let it in open your mind to better things Smile life is a journey enjoy while ur here smile :)

  12. Jasmine-Champagne Kardulis says

    I love this show, and Iam going to be on this show in the next 5 years. Joan get familiar girl, your going to be coming to my house for my invention.

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