Human Target: Has FOX Already Given Up on the Series?

Human TargetChristopher Chance and company have been struggling in the ratings this season and FOX isn’t exactly helping them out. On Wednesday, the pair of scheduled Human Target episodes were pre-empted by President Obama’s speech from Tucson. Those episodes have been rescheduled for tonight, an evening when viewership is much lower and many fans of the show will probably miss them.

Now, FOX has decided to expand the Wednesday, January 26th edition of American Idol to two hours. As a result, the previously scheduled episode of Human Target will be bumped to Monday, January 31st. It’ll precede the final Lie to Me of the season (and possibly the series). The network hasn’t announced it yet but, if the two-hour Idol on the 26th is a success, FOX could certainly decide to expand the next couple episodes which would displace the last two episodes of Human Target’s season. While the series was once going to get a ratings boost from an Idol lead-in, it’s now getting shuffled around instead.

It would seem that FOX has all but given up on the series. At this point, it’s hard to blame them. The ratings certainly don’t warrant a third round of episodes. Season one averaged a 2.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 9.6 million viewers and it was almost cancelled with those numbers. Thus far, season two has averaged just a pitiful 1.6 rating and 6.04 million total viewers. Human Target is currently the lowest-rated scripted show on the network.

TV show supportIt seems that Human Target is already destined to be cancelled and these latest schedule changes will be the final blow.

What do you think? Will Human Target be renewed for season three or cancelled? What would you suggest doing to increase the ratings?

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  1. margo says

    I’m so disappointed at this decision! Both of my favorite shows got the axe for no good reason. how many millions of fans does this show have and why isn’t that enough to keep it on the air? I gotta have my Guerrero!!

  2. MegaTurtle says

    While I’m very p*ssed off with FOX’s decision to cut Human Target as it was a great show with a lot of potential, I am not entirely disappointed either because Fringe was renewed for a 4th Season based on its quality and its massive cult following. I recalled reading an article where someone high up the chain in FOX was a big fan of Fringe himself.

    Why couldn’t Bob’s Burgers get canned? I hate that show, I change the channel when BB is on and The Cleveland Show is OK but I would not miss it. Instead of playing 2 repeats of 2.5 Men on Sunday 6PM, place “Human Target” before Animation Domination at 7PM. Most people are home on Sundays evenings anyway. Is it really that difficult to employ common sense or is it just a bunch of chimps in suits calling the shots when they aren’t throwing their feces at each other?

  3. Ozzie says

    I look forward to such few shows and Human Target was one of them. I think it is a huge mistake taking it off you schedule. I am sure you could place it somewhere else in your line-up.

  4. Karla says

    You are crazy to cancel this show. The programming of the show stincts, the show was excellent. FOX doomed it by its inconsistancy. There is not another show on TV I would watch with my kids. You can have the junk Glee it is just soft porn and rep of HS in the 90s who wants to relive that crap. Give me something I can watch with the kids and be amazed. Leave Human Target alone. Give it a consistant night and find a way to measure the HULU/internet replay. It is the only show we go on the internet to find to watch if we could not catch it on the night it was supposed to play. Could have cared less about everything else.

  5. Gilbert Cabanas says

    You have got to be kidding! Canceling “Human Target” it was one of the few reasons I watch TV. Big mistake! I’ll give you “Breaking In” (mildly funny, better with out Slater) or Bob’s Burgers (just stupid)! Give Chance and the team a 2nd chance!!!!

  6. Pablo Diaz says

    Human Target , what a great show ! I mean you (fox) started the show with 3 great characters in season 1 and even thou Gerrerro is dark and great you can’t help to also enjoy Chances personality ! Great twist at end of season one when they kidnapped Winston who is also great for the show!
    Then you guys go adding WOMEN to the show ! Ames is funny and young mined , always in a rush and great looking ! Really enjoyed seeing her trying to get in the air vent and boy she’s a great diversion !!! Class , Then you added Mrs. Pucci and that is what she brings to the show class ! Yet strong enough to pull the trigger when needed ! Oh she is really sexy too !
    Fox I watch shows all week long and Human target is a show that I And My family look forward on watching . We ask you not to cancel ! Thanks !

  7. Ron D says

    I really love the show. It would be a shame if they cancel it. It is different kind of show that is on television now. How they mix his past with the present is very interesting. I watched the show every week and if I missed it, I watch it on the internet. Please bring it back. The two shows I like on Fox is Human Target and Fringe.

  8. Trevor says

    Human Target HAS to come back! It’s one of mine and my mom’s favorite shows. I think it needs to be moved to Friday’s before our other favorite show, Fringe. It does need to go back to the original cast though. The boss lady and the young girl don’t add anything to show and are somewhat obnoxious at times. But FOX definitely needs to bring it back. It’s fun to watch.

  9. Sondra-Lee says

    I really miss this series. Bring back the original music. I loved the teamwork of the original team and how Chance was aided by various woman at whatever assignments he was involved in; however, it doesn’t make since to have the woman boss in the cast of characters. The boss character doesn’t add to their tasks and the younger woman seems disorganized and confused and doesn’t add anything either. In fact, it seems the women were just thrown in. Chance had very good, interesting and capable female characters at every destination of a job. Guerro is fantastic and the men work so well together. I hope they bring this series back.

  10. Emily says

    This is a favorite show of mine and there’s a group at my work who watch and we chat about each new episode we see. If this show goes, it would be a huge disappointment. I’ve talked about the show so much around family and friends that they’re watching the show also.

  11. says

    hey guys this is one of my favorite shows . change days for human target , Idol messes up bones but I am faithful that you will will bring human target back. so PLEASE do your thing for us fans . thanks very much susan domzalski a LOYAL FAN

  12. says

    Hey guys this is one of my favorite shows change days for hujan target . Idol messses up other shows like bones to but I am faithful that ya’ll will bring human target back so p;ease do your thing for us fams k thank you very much susan domzalski

  13. Bill says

    Comon fox you mean to tell me that you still havent learned after cancelling Firefly… Oh but wait let’s keep Bob’s Hamburgers and The Cleveland Show going( Quagmire would have been a better spin off choice……. At least do a spin off for Guerrero he is the best character

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