In the Flow with Affion Crockett: FOX’s New Sketch Comedy Show; Cancel or Keep It?

In the Flow with Affion Crockett cancel keepIt doesn’t seem like it was very long ago that FOX was airing sketch comedy shows like MADtv and In Living Color. Now, the network has decided to try a new one called In the Flow with Affion Crockett. Will it last as long as its predecessors or be quickly cancelled instead?

In the Flow with Affion Crockett is a half-hour comedy program that stars, you guessed it, comedian and YouTube sensation Affion Crockett. The TV series is executive produced by Jamie Foxx, a guy who knows a thing or two about this kind of show. In addition to offering viewers Crockett’s slanted view on all things pop culture (like movie trailers, commercials, and music videos), the episodes include appearances by celebrity guest stars.

The show debuted on Sunday, August 14th, with two back-to-back installments. The first episode attracted just a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 2.6 million viewers. Many apparently decided that they’d had enough and didn’t stick around for the second installment. That one dropped 23% in the ratings, to a 1.0 in the demo and 2.23 million viewers. Both ranked third in their timeslots.

The following week, In the Flow bumped up just a bit to a 1.1 rating and 2.39 million. The following Sunday’s dropped back down to a 1.0 with 2.06 million, a series low in total viewers.

The network seemed to lose faith in In the Flow last April when they cut the episode order from 12 to six installments. Considering that FOX gets better ratings with reruns of its animated programs, there doesn’t seem like there’s any reason to order any more or renew In the Flow for a second season. The last episode of the season (and likely the series) is schedule for next Sunday night.

But, what do you think? Do you like In the Flow with Affion Crockett? Do you think it should get a second season or that it should have been cancelled weeks ago?

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  1. EricNYC says

    I forgot to add how terrible the show was…I can’t believe jamie foxx cosigned this bullshit it ******* sucked ass I hate that show!!!!! I’m happy it got cancelled. He needs to stick to youtube. Family guy is the best show on fox but the in the flow gotta go!!!

  2. EricNYC says

    That show sucked bad!!!! His youtube videos are funnier but he’s not host material especialy when he’s trying to be dave chappelle…he is not any where near dave .. major fail!!!! And he looks like a disfigured jay-z so why they put make up on his face to look like other ppl when his face is busted enough

  3. Fard says

    Afritar, hi-light the yellow moon, its a keeper. Not 2 add hes a dope mimicing comedian. Every1 he spoofs hes that person.

  4. Anti-believer says

    This show’s writing SUCKS!!! It isn’t funny. The writers they hired aren’t clever enough.

    The show will be cancelled, no doubt.

    You would think Jamie Foxx could fork up sum real cash for some better writers.

  5. Cosio says

    If we want a lasting bad sketch comedy show that, every now and then makes something funny, we’ll watch SNL. thank you!

  6. U Kno says

    I watched a few episodes of this show and to sum it up, it is a hit or miss as far as the funny goes. Some skits are o.k. but mostly you gotta work too hard to try to laugh at this show.

  7. Rushaunda says

    When I watched the first show i thought he was trying to hard we haven’t had a successful show showing sketch comedy since chappele show it won’t matter because all the animated shows like Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad are about to premiere on FOX soon. I think they just needed a replacement. I knew this show wan’t gonna last anyway. Wasn’t that funny

  8. says

    No, I say it should of never came on Fox. don’t get me wrong when I heard about the show, I was pretty exicited, and I know who “Affion Crockett” is, he is a comedian and actor, he started his early career in Def Comedy Jam then I’ve seen him in a few movies
    like “Code Name The Cleaner” with “Cedric The Entertainer” and “Dance Flick” but to
    despite It all this guy should of just put out a comedy special first on HBO or Showtime
    so this way he would of had more success, because that’s what most comedians do.
    as far as it goes I never watched any of his videos on Youtube and if I check out his stand
    up routine I know I won’t be laughing at all, his show was just a wannabee “Chappelle Show” and him doing celebrity inpressions like “Jay-Z” “Tiger Woods” were good but when he started doing other celebrity inpressions like “Lil’ Wayne” “Nicki Minaj” “Drake” “Nick Cannon” “Russell Simmons” and “Kayne West” he wen’t a little bit
    to far so that’s one of the reasons why It should of never came on In the first place, it should of been axed just like “The Wanda Sykes Show” so all I gotta say Is that Fox made
    a big mistake on this one.

  9. Dee says

    Loooove Affion Crockett’s “In the Flow”; it is HILARIOUS (especially when he does the “Hustles with Russells” skits) and YES, they should bring it back for another season. Go, Affion, do your thing!!!!

  10. Bethany says

    I have tried and tried to watch this, thinking it might get better. Sadly, it never does. :( And I am a HUGE fan of comedy. It just wasn’t funny, and never moved along.

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