In Treatment: HBO TV Series Cancelled; No Season Four, But…

In Treatment canceledIt looks like the doctor is out — for now. HBO has cancelled In Treatment after the seasons on the air but may be interested in keeping the series going in another form.

Starring Gabriel Byrne as Dr. Paul Weston, In Treatment first aired in January 2008 and ran five nights a week. That didn’t perform as well as expected so it was reduced to two episodes twice a week for seasons two and three. While In Treatment has been a favorite with some critics, the ratings haven’t kept up. The season three finale, which aired in December, attracted just 253,000 viewers.

Byrne noted that the role was quite demanding in that it required him to memorize large amounts of dialogue in a short amount of time. He was nominated for two Emmy Awards and appeared in all 121 episodes of the series. Dianne Wiest won a supporting actress Emmy and Glynn Turman won in the guest actor category. In 2009, In Treatment won the WGA Award for best new series.

Though In Treatment may be done as a regular series, HBO is interested in a new incarnation. A statement from HBO states, “It’s true that we have no plans to continue with In Treatment as previously formatted. However, we are in continued conversations with the executive producers to find another way to continue telling these rich stories.”

What do you think? Are you sorry that there won’t be a fourth season of In Treatment? Would you like to see it continue in another form?

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  1. LN says

    This is so typical of television, but not HBO, to cancel a show that is intellectually probing, thoughtful and demands the attention and involvement of the viewer. It’s easy to put on an mindless adventure series that has characters butchered, humilited or full of gratutitious violence and obsenities since that seems the mindset of some of the intellectually numb viewers.
    God forbid they think and interact in an emotional intellectual way to figure out what it is to be a human or how we relate to each others I’m really surprised this wonderful series lasted as long as it did. Thank you Mark Wahlberg for presenting this show, you’re very much appreciated for taking a chance on this uncommon series. I miss Amy, Gabriel, and Mia.

  2. Kappa says

    What a loss! Couldn’t we have it, at least once a week? I mean, isn’t there a market spot for this show? I guess investors might be quite disapointed with “only” a quarter million viewers, but I’m sure they’re a really engaged quarter of a million viewers.
    I wonder if it isn’t a subversion of logic that, you have such a huge market in the U.S. that is enough to capture a quarter of a million viewers to a “boring psichology show”, but then, if it won’t get them many millions of dollars they just close it down? Isn’t that the opposite of opportunity? Isn’t that the opposite of freedom of choice? Isn’t that the opposite of free markets? Why would anyone want such huge markets then, if just to become a headless monster that ends up eating it self in turn? What’s the freakin’ point!?

  3. Sherryl says

    I was so enthralled with this HBO series that I felt depressed, and in need of a session with Dr. Byrnes, when I learned it was cancelled. I totally agree with Dee. This series should be brought back in any form!

  4. Dee says

    THis has been the most amazing series. The writing is beyond excellent. The acting is extraordinary across all three seasons. I feel so let down with the ending. There is so much more to mine here. We have lost an intelligent, sensitive, educational, first rate program.
    While so much drivel remains year after year, how can this be the end of this exceptional program. Please bring it back in whatever form. Just bring it back!

  5. anonynous says

    i agree with all the other comments. Where are all the intelligent viewers? this series should continue with once a week episodes; it is superbly written, real, intelligent. As a therapist, I thought it was one of the first (sopranos being the first) shows to accurately depict what really happens in therapy, & to make humans & their struggles very real, compelling.

  6. rick says

    Yes I would love to see a 4th season there is seriously unfinished business here. I do not mind a new format but bring it back plaease

  7. linda says

    Out of sight, out of mind doesn’t apply with the cancellation of In Treatment—it has been off the air for quite a while and Still wish I had the one day a week to look forward to the show’s dramas. Bring Gabriel Byrne back!!! He was so realistic—what a loss for HBO and ME:(

  8. lorraine says

    Really dismayed about the fact there will be no 4th season. Yes, hopefully it will be back even in a different format.

  9. Chacha says

    It would be interesting to know what happened to Dr. Weston. Follow his life after his decision to quit his practice.

  10. Joan Peterson says

    In Treatnent is a well-done series dealing with the dynamics of psychotherapy. Very instructive as well as interesting and entertainibg. I am sorry HBO has decided to cap’n cel the series and I hope to hear more about HBO’s plans to continue addressing ths ssue in another format.

  11. Lucie says

    I think there should certainly be a fourth season. It’s quality television. Finally something intelligent to wacht !

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