Invasion: See the Stormy Series Finale

InvasionAfter a severe hurricane hits the Southeast, strange lights appear in the Everglade waters near a small Florida town. Strange things begin to happen for U.S. Park Ranger Russell Varon (Eddie Cibrian), his children, Jesse (Evan Peters) and Rose (Ariel Gade), and those around them.

On May 17, 2006, after prematurely canceling the series, ABC aired the last episode of Invasion entitled “The Last Wave Goodbye.” As the hurricane continues, the hybrids continue to capture the humans and Tom (William Fichtner) and Russell plan a rescue. At the same time, Dave (Tyler Labine), Larkin (Lisa Sheridan), Jesse, and Rose are taken hostage by two humans who believe Tom is the cause of the all the trouble.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Amanda says

    Of course they won’t bring it back! They killed it off! I’m so glad I can watch pregnant at 16, naked ppl on an island and deadbeat Bundy, with a hot Latin chick and two gays guys raising a kid…it’s awesome…classic. I loved the show but they killed it…those producers and the marketing crew should be fired…

  2. Pissed! says

    I was pregnant and all I wanted to do every Saturday night on ABC was watch this series. I was not able to finish and finally rented all of them through netflix. I just watched the last episode and am astonished at how the story ends. I believe that there is way more potential to this series and that it shoud be finished. I don’t understand how something like this gets cancelled and movies/reality tv shows that undermine society and personal reflections stay aboard. I would have loved to see this finished. Great imagination was put into this film and demolished.

  3. pinky says

    This show was a terrific show, not like the sorry reality shows, all the good shows, gets taken off the air, boomers… hope that they bring it back.

  4. Mary says

    This is one of the best shows around for a lot of reasons…. If they gave it a second season for people to check it out, it would have stayed on… Most people I know loved the series on DVD but didn’t hear about it until half way through… Would love to see what would have been next. Great job Shaun Cassidy!

  5. Reynolds63 says

    I loved this show. I just saw some of last few shows. How did end and are they going to have another series. The last one I saw was Tom and Russ joining together and stopping it. So enlighten me. Please do tell.

  6. 4world says

    Every show I really enjoy gets the boot.Invasion was a very special series well writen and produced with a very talented cast of actors.3 years later I still wish the 2cd season would come.Defying gravity now is geting canceled a series I enjoy Kings is a series I so enjoyed its now gone.Tasteless dumb reality shows a cop shows just keep going 3 csi s not saying csi is bad but the sci fiers need some programing too lol sci fi is just as bad farscape gone 1rst wave ,battlestar galactica and the origanal star gate .The programs they have now are just lame for the most part .They even changed the name to sy fy to match the lame programing they have lol.NETWORK TV IS DEAD

  7. Intuitiv69 says

    I JUST NEED TO KNOW! – There is so much left to tell – they really need to get this series goin again!!!! NO MORE DUMB REALITY SHOWS… this one rocks –

  8. Steve says

    Ill bet you guys are rethinking it now that it has aired again and have gotten so much response.. Look at the advertising” Chiller “is gettin on ther staion, there as much ADs as show!!

  9. says

    I really did enjoy this show. I don’t know why they keep all of the (un)reality shows on tv and cancel the ones that make you think just a little bit. I had rather watch something that has a little imagination to it that all of that squabbling that goes on on the reality shows. They probably do reflect life more than I want to admit—the more reason for watching fantasy.

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