Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Pulled; Should ABC Have Cancelled the Series?

Jamie Oliver's Food RevolutionLast spring, ABC unveiled Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, a reality show that features an enthusiastic chef who wants to teach parents and kids about proper nutrition. Though it could be considered a noble effort, the show didn’t attract a very big audience. The six episodes garnered an unimpressive 1.8 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 5.11 million total viewers. The numbers didn’t really warrant it but ABC renewed Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution for a second season anyway, likely hoping the numbers would grow.

The reality series returned for the second round of episodes a month ago and started pulling worse ratings than season one did. The first episode attracted a poor 1.5 rating in the demo and 5.36 million viewers. The second episode dropped nearly 27%, pulling in a 1.1 with 4.72 million.

ABC decided to replace the next of Food Revolution with a recap of Dancing with the Stars. The numbers improved significantly, doing 227% better in the demo and attracting nearly three times as many viewers. They replaced it again this week and, though the recap show’s numbers weren’t as good, they were still much better than Food Revolution.

As a result, ABC has pulled Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution for the remainder of the May sweeps period. The Dancing with the Stars recaps will continue through May 24th.

The network will rerun the first two installments of this season’s Food Revolution on Friday, May 27th, and the final four episodes of the new season will begin airing the following Friday, June 3rd. The season should conclude on June 24th.

Right now, it’s looks highly unlikely that Food Revolution will be renewed for a third season. A 1.1 demo rating isn’t really strong enough to keep a reality show going — even on Friday nights.

However, if more people start tuning in because there’s less competition during June, ABC could certainly bring it back for another round. Either way, it seems unlikely that execs will make a final decision until after the second season finishes airing.

But, what do you think? Given its performance, should ABC have renewed Jamie Oliver’s show for a second season or cancelled it after one year? Do you watch? What do you like or dislike about it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Nessa says

    I think it’s disgusting how the school district are so blatantly hiding the information from the people and parents that this affects the most. Do their kids go to the public high schools and eat this mystery food ? I would love if Jamie Oliver came to New York school system , he needs to get in touch with more powerful and influential people and parents – exactly like Michelle Obama or maybe some celebrities that are from L.A and went to the schools there. Shame on ABC for canceling the show ,some things are more important than money. Isn’t Jamie friends with Oprah ,maybe she can help out now she is out of a job 😉

  2. giantslor says

    It’s a great show, but most people are idiots. Think of how many great shows have been cancelled, great bands have remained obscure, great movies have flopped, and great restaurants have closed. Again: people are idiots.

  3. Christopher Males says

    In England we see the same TV show and it is compulsive viewing.
    I have visited the US far more than most Americans have visited the UK and I have experienced the best of food and the worst.
    Always in my memory is Walt’s Wharf in I think Seal Beach south of LA. Treasures of the Pacific cooked over charcoal or, new to me, surprisingly delicious sashimi.
    Or the fabulous Oyster Bar at Grand Central in NY.
    Or there were friendly “down home” restaurants in New England that served wholesome meals like your mom might cook.
    You guys can do it and the response from people before me shows you want to.
    Jamie was banging his head against a brick wall in LA. Look at the expressions on the faces of the board he was trying to convince. Close to contempt!
    Jamie means well but I really think he should do what he does best which is to make shows back home that have been inspirational to Brits with a bit of imagination.
    We are getting bigger too. Let’s do something about. Love from Cheshire, England.

  4. J Farah says

    We loved the show the first year and were happy to see it back. Thanks to Jamie my grandchildren and I gave more thought to what we were eating, and my grandson became an advocate in his school. We watched the first two episodes this year and were puzzled when it disappeared so abruptly. Are we doomed to be driven by the lowest common denominator in all aspect of public media?

  5. shellie says

    This was and is an important show as far as reality ones go. This is also one of the reasons why I cancelled my television service too. AbC sucks. I heard one person refer to it as Already Been Cancelled. Over the years they have cancelled many a show i started watching. I eventually stopped watching anything on this channel until the food revolution last year so this is not surprising.

  6. jhammer says

    I think the first season was an eye opener and the school district wasn’t a high profile school district. LA Unified school district, that is a whole other story. They weren’t looking very good. I think the first show was a success, but when it comes down to it, it is all about the money. Big companies that sell the slop they put in our school cafeteria’s have deep pockets. The CORN industry is HUGE. Everything whether it is the meat or the other junk that passes for food. It is based around corn and corn is cheap and takes many forms. We plug our livestock with corn, rent KING CORN.

  7. Sara says

    My son (12) and I (32) love this show! My son wishes Jamie would come to his school to change the food. Not because of what you’d normally think a 6th grader would want it changed for, but because he thinks it’s unhealthy! He switched to plain milk because of Jamie’s influence. It’s pretty impressive to see how much of an impact the Food Revolution has been to him; heck I have been trying to get him to understand those concepts for 11 yrs. Jamie did it 1 season and 2 episodes! I think there are many ways to help promote this show and the number 1 way would be to get Michelle Obama involved, even if just once! She’s trying to do the same thing and if anyone has “super influence” it’s her! Either way, it’s the networks fault for this season’s failure, Tuesdays? Really? You couldn’t have picked a worse day to air, competing with the most top shows; NCIS, NCIS LA, and Glee!! That’s just dumb! Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and even Sundays are better. In fact, Sundays would be the best because it’s “family night” and the true target audience is parents and kids! The “demo” should not be so important with this show.

    So that’s my opinion. A little more than 2 cents. :)

  8. says

    I love the show and Jamie Oliver’s work is hugely important. Shame on ABC. I still can’t get over kids not being able to identify a tomato or chocolate flavored milk in schools, or all that junk food being served in schools.

  9. Thanksdave says

    Oh Dear, “That Bob” says it all, what a nob Bob’s ignorance is what is at the heart of the issue. If you don’t understand the social benefit of fresh food and intelligent delivery of educational nutrition information, then crawl back into your hardenned artery, disease riddled kitchen and poison yourself into oblivion. Natural selection will sort you and yours out rather quickly me thinks THATBOBNOB

  10. jennifer says

    I watched it last year and really enjoyed it. I watched the first episode this year and could not stand, Jamie’s America bashing. He went too far. I will not watch again.

  11. Cheryl says

    My husband and I (both 45 years old) love this show. We think every parent in the U.S. should be watching this show and we’re NOT parents and still can’t wait every week to follow Jamie on his noble cause. It also keeps us adults in check on eating healthy and keeps reminding us how bad processed food/fast food is. LOVE HIS ACCENT TOO!!

  12. justin says

    I think the networks postponed it to June when school’s get out so people forget about the food in school issue till the Fall comes around and schools start up again! lol

  13. Shay Barbera says

    This series should continue as a public service even if it doesn’t make money for the networks – somethings are more important than money.

    • Serena says

      I completely agree with you! This is more than ratings! It’s a way to get people to open their eyes to what our food is doing to us! We need this show to stay!!!

    • Lorna says

      I agree, too: I understand the network desire to make money but what about insisting that, like you said, “some things are more important than money.” Our country is facing an obesity crisis! What about touting your concern for our people and building good will as part of your reputation?

  14. Pam says

    I think people did not watch this show because they refuse to deal with the reality of what they are eating and allowing their children to eat. It is easier to throw fast food and junk food at kids rather than preparing healthy meals and teaching healthy eating habits. Parents need to eat healthy in front of their kids, and most don’t want to do that, either. It doesn’t matter who is telling us this information because it is a message that should be drilled into Americans until they listen. I didn’t see any Americans taking the time to do this. Shame on America for not paying attention to this show.

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