Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Pulled; Should ABC Have Cancelled the Series?

Jamie Oliver's Food RevolutionLast spring, ABC unveiled Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, a reality show that features an enthusiastic chef who wants to teach parents and kids about proper nutrition. Though it could be considered a noble effort, the show didn’t attract a very big audience. The six episodes garnered an unimpressive 1.8 rating in the all-important 18-49 demographic and 5.11 million total viewers. The numbers didn’t really warrant it but ABC renewed Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution for a second season anyway, likely hoping the numbers would grow.

The reality series returned for the second round of episodes a month ago and started pulling worse ratings than season one did. The first episode attracted a poor 1.5 rating in the demo and 5.36 million viewers. The second episode dropped nearly 27%, pulling in a 1.1 with 4.72 million.

ABC decided to replace the next of Food Revolution with a recap of Dancing with the Stars. The numbers improved significantly, doing 227% better in the demo and attracting nearly three times as many viewers. They replaced it again this week and, though the recap show’s numbers weren’t as good, they were still much better than Food Revolution.

As a result, ABC has pulled Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution for the remainder of the May sweeps period. The Dancing with the Stars recaps will continue through May 24th.

The network will rerun the first two installments of this season’s Food Revolution on Friday, May 27th, and the final four episodes of the new season will begin airing the following Friday, June 3rd. The season should conclude on June 24th.

Right now, it’s looks highly unlikely that Food Revolution will be renewed for a third season. A 1.1 demo rating isn’t really strong enough to keep a reality show going — even on Friday nights.

However, if more people start tuning in because there’s less competition during June, ABC could certainly bring it back for another round. Either way, it seems unlikely that execs will make a final decision until after the second season finishes airing.

But, what do you think? Given its performance, should ABC have renewed Jamie Oliver’s show for a second season or cancelled it after one year? Do you watch? What do you like or dislike about it?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I never hear of the show until today 1/20/2012. I was so pleased to see someone expose what the school system is feeding our children. When we went to shool you didn’t have chocolate milk, or pizza on any school lunch. In the lower grades the teachers usually monitored what you left on your plate then would notify the parents if the student constantly left certain items. They usually encouraged you to eat the fruit and drink the plain white milk. We were served things like red flannel hash, shepperd’s pie, american spaghetti, mach and cheese. meat loaf with mash potatoes, boiled diners, beef stew, there was always some fresh vegetable with each meal and fruit. Peanut butter sandwiches were alway offered as an alternative, if you didn’t like the other option.

  2. says

    I LOVED the show and am sorry to hear it’s not gonna be renewed. School food SHOULD change. I work in a school, and the food is NOT great.

  3. Melinda says

    I sure hope ABC decides to go for a third season. Food Revolution is ‘Reality TV’ at its best. I was riveted to the show and very disappointed when ABC stalled the broadcasts in May. There are few programs that offer such important subject matter while remain so entertaining. The Food Revolution has it all; suspense, humor, intrigue, outrages behavior, sentimentality and more. Additionally, it aims a spotlight on a health issue that’s costing our society so much. ABC…..OPEN YOUR EYES! If ratings are down, how ’bout a bit more promotion for the show??

    • linn says

      i do not believe the ratings were low—that was just an excuse—-they lied!!!!—JAMIE had a huge following and was very successful — that is why he took his show all over—everyone loved him and was following his recepes….ABC—-u cannot tell the truth because of the power behind the power behind the throne–so to speak–but you or any other station cannot keep a good man down…we or JAMIE will find a way to keep in contact….and enlighten us about food quality for the sake of our children and all the peoples’ healthy future… we should all put a petition signed that we want the JAMIE OLIVER SHOW BACK—.I WOULD LIKE THE JAMIE OLIVER SHOW BROUGHT BACK ON T.V.

  4. Erin says

    I am devestated if Food Revolution doesn’t return. I am a new viewer and love the show. I am amazed to watch Jaime’s concern and compassion. Please ABC, bring Jaime back for a third season. I think not enough people knew about the show and now I hear so many people talk about Food Revolution. I think this is a movement that started slow and is catching on fire! Please ABC, instead of no value mindless tv return Jaime!
    Erin Badeaux

  5. Julie says

    Personally I enjoyed the show. I am Canadian and here we don’t have the same system in our schools. I was surprised to say the least when I saw the first season and crap American’s were feeding themselves. I was so excited for the second season as I was sure that people would be more open to someone, TV or NOT who truly has the best interest of the those children at heart. If people would rather turn a blind eye then they don’t deseve the help. As for it being cancelled I will truly miss all the facts and different food education I learned from the show. I’ll never forget the Chicken nugget epsiode and neither will my son.

  6. says

    its just like anything else when it is good for the people and the kids the networks run the other way because of the ratings bs that they got to keep that up not the helth of kids and adults and what jamie did was some thing the people need to know about the food they eat and just maybe people might work on the foods they eat at least i know i am looking and the contances of the food and tryint to cut back on some thing and so far for me it is working as far as i have lost 40 lbs in the last year just by the things jamie has showed on his show so abc you need to get off your ass and stop the ratings bs and give the people a polling page to rate the shows on your network and Not that lame ass nealson rateings system crap so come on get it to gather and do a better job

  7. Anzhela Adzhiyan says

    Jaime Oliver’s show was the best show on TV!He made a difference in our children’s health and future! It’s sad that more people didn’t watch it to make a difference in their lives.Jaime Oliver you are an inspiration!I loved your show!I hope the show comes back!

  8. Dragger says

    I’ve seen all of one show and in it he berates a family of three all of whom were thinner than him the chubby sob, and gives a boring discourse to a bunch of school kids who are more fit then he’s ever been and look less than amused to be there- plus he wastes piles yes literally piles of food- uninteresting pointless drivel. Gordon Ramsay has nothing to fear from this schlub. Yes it does make “Dancing With the Stars” look like fine art. *shudder*

  9. Grace says

    I am absolutely appalled that this show is facing bad ratings and I believe that’s why we are suffering as a whole. As an individual who is working on a groundbreaking childhood obesity prevention project for my community, Jamie Oliver’s show has motivated me in so many ways… I hope to partner with him in the near future so that little by little communities such as my own will be able to learn an ounce of what he knows about bettering the lives of people through knowledge on where food comes from and what is considered better eating. People are turning a blind eye on the fact that MILLIONS of children are suffering from obesity related diseases everyday and parents are doing nothing to reverse this trend. I’m inspired by you Jamie and your words are not falling on deaf ears, Im Listening!

  10. dianne says

    Such a shame that ABC cancelled a reality show about a reality that matters.
    What they need to do is promote it more and do it for the health of our kids and not their

  11. Amy Nash Hames says

    British, American? The message is consistent our children need to eat healthy, well balanced meals. I have spent over 25 years combined sending healthy lunches or my children. What a pleasure it would have been to have another option. Colorado needs Jamie Oliver.

  12. kelly says

    the whole house is clamoring for jamie to return. all the kids loved the 1st season and we had many neihborhood kids over evey friday night who watched with us…and they all eat crappy food, they need to watch this show. they were amazed and grossed out at what goes into their school lunches and fastfood meals. Bring jamie back!!!!

  13. Sheryl Munroe says

    I ran across Jamie’s show one day by accident, and have been hooked for the past month, I am getting my co-workers to watch it and whilel trying to findout when its on, came across this page!
    What Jamie is doing is amazing! he is NOT doing it because it is fun and he enjoys being away from his family and being disrespected from people… HELLO! people especially you parents, he is doing it so that YOU, and YOUR kids can live a happy and HEALTHY lifestyle. I am a Canadian and if Janie Olliver ever came here! I would rally my ass off to support him and so would everybody I know! What is up with the American school board? and I have to say and the parents who correct me if Im wrong…out number the school board.
    I would be so very disappointed if his show is canceled!

    Sincerely ,

    Jamie, thank you for all you do!

  14. star says

    Well, this effectively shows that mindless crap like “Dancing with the stars” is more important than our children’s health. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is one of the most eye opening insights into the corruption and greed in the companies making fake “food” and the people who let them poisoning our kids.
    It’s a damn shame.

  15. Sheena McKeever says

    Unfortunately each country is more open to listen to someone from their own country. If people feel they are being attacked by a foreigner they are less likely to hear the message being given even if it is a very important one. Jamie Oliver has been doing what he has been doing with the best of intentions. He cares about children’s health. If he had been more of a household name as some other high profile chefs are in the USA maybe he would have fared better. It is America’s lose and Britain’s gain. Maybe he could try here in Canada. At least one area of the states has gained and those children will benefit from his help.

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