Jane By Design: Should It Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Two?

ABC Family TV show Jane by Design canceled or renewedTonight, ABC Family airs the last episode of the first season of Jane By Design. Will the show be cancelled or be given a second season instead?

Jane By Design follows a quirky teenager who has a unique fashion sense. By chance, she gets hired at a hip fashion house and must juggle her job responsibilities while still attending high school. The cast includes Erica Dasher, Andie MacDowell, Rowly Dennis, India de Beaufort, Ser’Darius Blain, Brooke Lyons, Nick Roux, Meagan Tandy, Matthew Atkinson, and David Clayton Rogers.

The TV series debuted in January to 1.6 million viewers and a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic. The numbers for week two dropped about 30% but came back up again in weeks three and four.

ABC Family initially ordered 10 installments and those finished airing on March 6th. Rather than renew Jane By Design for a second season, the cable channel ordered eight more installments to be added to season one.

Those started airing in June and, to date, the first season of Jane By Design has averaged 1.29 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating.

Will it be cancelled or renewed? That’s hard to say. It’s the worst performing scripted series on ABC Family right now — but not by much. The latest episodes have performed about as well as the first batch, when ABC Family seemed happy enough with the numbers to order more episodes.

It’s not a positive indication that ABC Family hasn’t renewed it yet but a renewal could still be forthcoming. Either way, we’ll let you know as soon as we hear some news about the show’s fate.

But, what do you think? Should Jane By Design be renewed for a second season or cancelled? How does it compare to the other shows on ABC Family?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. keke says

    Bring it back!!! All the drum things on TV now! This was the one show that I look forward to the next week. I like the show! I make you wounded if this could really happen to some one or if someone is living that life today! I love the so because some girls dream that they have there dream job while in school and she had if. Now the show is of and we all stuck wondering if she was going to every tell Gray and if so will she keep her on the job! Well I guest we are stuck wondering. What kind of network would leave the fans of the show stuck not knowing. Well gust what maybe the wasn’t thinking about the real fans! Maybe the network is turning to the same thing the other station doing turning to the recorded reality tvshow! Ha ha well I like the show I am one of many that is hating what is going on the tvshow now days and is turning to all the old show on Netflix. Watch TV when in want because TV is just taking all good shows off to put crazy stuff! So until it change more and more people are going to watch what they want when they want nomater how old are new just when they want to. Bring Jane by design back before it to late. If not on TV try get with Netflix and make it Netflix aired tvshow where the fans can still watch it try it and see!

  2. Amanda Britton says

    Please bring this show back. I watched every episode and just love this show. I don’t have many shows I get into cause my kids take over the tv but this was my time. I really hope you bring this show back it was great. Why do they always cancel the good shows why not cancel the shows no one watches or cares about lol.

  3. Hannah says

    they need to bring it back its a motivation to follow your dreams no matter what the cost may be and what real friendship looks like for kids who maybe need one I know from watching this show that its kind of life changing it probably sounds stupid but me and my friends love this show and watch it together and talk about it I mean come on!! please keep it you are considering getting rid of this but keeping that other crap people put on tv bring it back!!!!! PLEASE!!!:( make people happy :)

  4. christine says

    i spoke to many people who said they liked the show. i think there are plenty of stupid shows out there, but jane by design wasnt one of them. my husband even liked to watch it. it should come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. says

    Please Please Please keep jane by disign it is the best show on the planet.
    it is the best best best best best best show on the planet please please please please please keep jane by disign, jane by disign is the best best best best best best show eveeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr its the best ok i would die if your cancel it would be the worst day of my life i would cry for the rest of my life if you cancel it and i never cry please please please please please please please keep keep keep keep keep jane by disign please. please

  6. Sheri Hoffarth says

    Please bring back Jane By Design I thought it had potential and we can’t end that way. We have to see what happens to Jane and Billy and I know that we are all curious to know if she does keep her job or not. I actually think it would be rather fascinating if Jane did end up telling Gray the truth and Gray being not so hard and just realizing how talented Jane was. There are so many directions that this show could go so please bring it back I just watched the entire first season on Netflix and I was hooked. All the comments that I have seen have been positive. The cast is great the music is great I think the writing is great maybe changing things up a little bit. You get my point. PLEASE BRING JANE BY DESIGN BACK!!!! ABC FAMILY!!!!!

  7. Joanna says

    Please, bring JBD back!!! I love this show so much!!! It’s great and funny. I want to know what’s happen to Jane and Billy.

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