Jane By Design: Cancelled; No Season Two

Jane By Design season two canceledIt looked like the fate of Jane By Design could go either way but ABC Family has now decided to cancel the TV series. The drama ran for one season of 18 episodes.

Jane By Design tells the tale of a quirky teenager who has a unique fashion sense. She gets hired by chance at a hip fashion house and must learn to juggle her demanding new job while still attending high school. The cast includes Erica Dasher, Andie MacDowell, Rowly Dennis, India de Beaufort, Ser’Darius Blain, Brooke Lyons, Nick Roux, Meagan Tandy, Matthew Atkinson, and David Clayton Rogers.

The ABC Family series premiered in January to 1.6 million viewers and a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demographic. The numbers for week two dropped about 30%. The numbers fluctuated week-to-week but viewership never got that high again.

ABC Family initially ordered 10 installments and those finished airing on March 6th. Rather than renew Jane By Design for a second season, the cable channel ordered eight more installments to be added to season one.

The first season ended up averaging 1.29 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating. Jane By Design ended up being the lowest-rated drama of the current crop. and fans understandably became nervous when the finale aired in late July and a renewal hadn’t materialized. We now know it won’t be forthcoming.

What do you think? Are you sorry to hear that Jane By Design has been cancelled? What were you hoping to see in season two?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Angela says

    They cancelled Jane by design?!?!?! I can’t believe it !!!!!! jane by design was the only show that I like so much, no show will top it!!!!! For me it was so special that I wish you would reconsider about what you are doing and bring it back. For me it was a part of my life if it goes away is like part of me is gone. I was really looking forward to see what would happen between Billy and Jane just saying what would happen doesn’t help to know more. I just wanted to say I really like that show and like I said before to see if you would reconsider about what you are doing. Okay bye!!!!!!!

    Ps. For the record Jane by design was the show that my family and I would put it so it would record and see it over and over again.

  2. ss says

    This is why I stopped watching TV… the shows I like never stay on, never finish, or get so far away from what made me watch them in the first place that I can’t stand them after 3 seasons. I found this show on netflix and absolutely love it. The writing is solid, the actors are likable, the storyline is wonderfully interesting and I loved it so much I just stayed up and finished watching all 18 episodes one after the other.

    I don’t care what the ratings say… they need to figure out how to advertise on different media and stop dropping shows that are actually worthwhile because some people who would love these shows have given up on TV. I don’t even turn on the TV anymore except to watch a DVD or AFV because I’m so tired of great shows like this never finishing and shows that just disgust me being copied and churned out like crazy. Even the commercials offend me.

    Well, at least I was able to find this awesome show on netflix because I would have hated to miss it… what I was able to see of it that is.

  3. Kim Cronin says

    I am extremely disappointed that u have a series on and u tune ppl in and they enjoy it and then U decide we have had enough of it!!! I was lookin forward to another series of Jane and I get so tired of u guys puttin stuff on and u know ppl are watchin it all the time and u still take it off!!!! Not happy with u ppl at all right now!!!!!!!

  4. sofia says

    What’s the purpose of follow a series just to watch it being shut down and all the storyline forgotten?! Sick of all those crimes scenes and policial stories. They’re really naive. With the end of gossip girl there’s a great chance that particular audience might follow this one… and be much more pleased either ’cause that latter GG half season was just a shadow of the other 5 1/2 seasons. This would amazing, fresh material for the teens… Television is too much violent and bloody for youth. And I’ll be wonder how Billy and Jane’s first kiss would be like… unfair I mean

  5. Christie says

    Jane by design is my absolute favorite show!!! I think abc family was wrong for canceling it… It was such an original idea un like any other show.. I think you should atleast put up season two so we can see what happens with all of our favorite characters … N e bad chocie this was a good show and it really dosent deserve to be canceled

  6. Becka says

    My 14-year-old sister and I are SOOOOOO dissapointed!!! This was such a great show with cute guys and good kids. And of course the best thing-fashion! And NO sex garbage! Maybe that’s why it got cancelled. Our society is so screwed there has to be that kind of crap in there to get good ratings. >:( It was so good and it will be missed. Being 16, I WANT good, clean girly shows! sigh. I THOUGHT my search was over. We’ll miss you Jane! (and Jeremy) 😉

  7. Anonymous says

    Its my favorite show. I really conected with it and now my heart is broken to know I wont be able to see what happens with Billy and Jane.

  8. Jennie says

    The cast and makers did such a great job on this show. It’s a shame it was cancelled. The audience at least deserves an ENDING! Geez..!

  9. Me says

    I agree, there isn’t too many shows today made for teens that isn’t about sex. This was a funny, corky, interesting show that I actually could sit down and watch with my daughter without worry of teens having sex constantly or drinking and doing drugs.

  10. Blanca Dominguez says

    I am so disappointed!!! This was a great show with a talented and diverse cast!!! Shame on you ABC Family!!!

  11. Stacey says

    This was a great show!!! I was looking forward to seeing what plays out with Jane and Billy. There isn’t any good shows out there. I wish you would have kept this going!! You can’t just leave us hanging :(

  12. Brooke says

    I love this show!!!! I am sad to hear that it won’t be a season 2. I think it should stay on the air. Give it another chance!!!!!!

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