JONAS LA: Disney Channel TV Show Cancelled; No Season Three

JONAS LAThe Jonas brothers may still be popular with the younger set but apparently not enough of them are interested in watching the JONAS TV show. Disney has cancelled the series after 34 episodes and two seasons on the air.

The sitcom began running on the Disney Channel in May 2009 and was a moderate success. JONAS was renewed for a second season but revamped into JONAS LA with the guys moving from the East to West Coast. The first season was made up of 21 installments and Disney ordered a more tentative 13 episodes the second time around.

While the show has averaged a 3.7 million viewers in season two, that’s clearly not meeting the cable channel’s expectations, especially considering the singers’ name recognition. Hannah Montana attracted 7.1 million viewers on Sunday.

A Disney spokesperson told The Wrap that the series’ end was planned, saying, “We’ve been fortunate to work with the enormously talented Jonas Brothers on several projects… The series has concluded as scheduled after two very successful seasons, and all original episodes of its second season have aired… We look forward to working with them on new projects in the future.”

The series finale of JONAS LA, titled “Band of Brothers,” aired on October 3rd and attracted 3.5 million viewers.

What do you think? Why wasn’t the show a bigger success? Are you sorry that it’s been cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. cc says

    I loved jonas the first aNd second season! And I thought they canceled it because the Jonas brothers wanted to focus on their music and who cares it their show wasn’t that great as hm it’s still awesome! I  Jonas!

  2. Josh says

    JONAS was my favorite show on disney channel, Kevin, Joe, and Nick are not only talented musicians but they are talented actors too. Nicole and Chelsea are also great actors and I loved the first season but the 2nd season was better I feel because they episodes connected and not just random episodes, they had a connecting story throughout the whole season, the only thing I didn’t like about season two was that John Deucy only returned for one episode. I did not expect JONAS to get cancelled and I wish that disney channel would have kept one of their best shows on with Hannah Montana and Suite Life ending, Demi Lovato not returning to Sonny with A Chance, and Wizards ending after this season, disney channel is really gonna suck and I think they should have kept JONAS on for at least two more seasons or at least one more season so they could end it properly, bad moves are Just gonna keep coming from disney channel. BRING BACK JONAS L.A.!

  3. manaaa says

    I loved season one and two of jonas. To me season 1 was better cause it was geared to be funny. It was complete disney material. Who really cares about hannah montana if they brought jonas back after wizards end I bet it will do better. Jonas la should be on a channel like teen nick. It was a lil too mature for younger audiences. The characters matured and had more personality than in the first which I like.

    All together it shouldn’t of ended. I was so looking forward to another jonas season. And to all the jonas fans, love ya guys let’s keep the jonas brothers love strong! Oh and look for joes debut album!

  4. says

    the Jonas brother show should not be cancelled. Jonas L.A. was the show that most people looked forward to watching, including me. I grew up with the show.. whe nthe show came out and even now. Im a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers and always will be. I look up at Nick Jonas… he has diabetis.. and so does my mom. Ill be 18years old in September this year. Who cares if Hannah Montana got more votes. The Jonas brother should stay on Disney Channel. Alot of people are gonna be disapointed.. and may never watch Disney again. The Jonas brother to me, are ALOT better then Hannah montana. And I say that the Jonas Brothers should stay on air on Disney Channel!

  5. N says

    Aww man! I LOVED both seasons. I came online to search when it would be coming back for the summer and am so sad to find out it won’t be!! They are such fun guys to watch and the girls are darling. I think it would have been really cool to have a combination of the 2 series – where they go back and forth to their firehouse home and L.A. and do shows, etc. Bummer!!!!! Come back Jonas!!!!

  6. Chey says

    I hated the first season of Jonas. I thought there was NO plot and it was boring and it was just stupid humor. The music in the first season wasn’t even that good. The second season however… I LOOOOVED IT!!!! I watched teh whole season of Jonas LA, all the episodes, 3 times through at least!! There was more of a plot, better music, and Joe and Stella finally ended up together… and Nick and Macy are SOOO cute!!
    Sonny with a Chance is OKAY… but it’s pretty lame at times. Shake it up and Fish Hooks… are stupid. Hannah Montana is getting old and Miley’s not much for Disney anymore. The only shows I watched anymore really are Wizards and Jonas… Mos tof the Disney shows are starting to be for more like elementary and early middle school age, like the first season was. The second season seemed appropriate for both, but more geard to late middle school and early highschool, like me!! JONAS SHOULD STAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Heidi says

    I am almost 25 years old and LOVE the Disney channel, I have watched it all growing up and now have 2 children and a hubby to watch it with me. My husband and I agreed that season 1 of Jonas was dumb because they made them out to be nerds and well it was very very cheesy with a small plot.

    Jonas L.A. however is a totally different story. I personally loved it! The characters were much more mature, the relationships were very fun to watch develop. It was like one big episode and was so fun to have them coming out almost every week. I think the problem with the viewers is 1. the first season wasn’t very good so it turned viewers away
    2. It was very mature for Disney and most viewers, it was different then the cheesy non-plot shows.
    In my opinion Hannah Montana has so many more viewers because her show started when she was like 12 years old with a really fun plot. She was humble and kind at a big nerd at school then a super star on the weekends. I think people keep watching the later seasons because they are curious to what will happen even though she has lost that sweet kind country girl she was before. She started GREAT, then had years and years to develop and gain an audience.

    Jonas L.A. was one of my favorite shows…I am so sad to hear that there won’t be a season 3. :(

    • Heidi says

      My comment was deleted in the middle on accident it was suppose to say
      1. The 1st season wasn’t very good so it could have turned viewers away…the songs weren’t about anything and how realistic is it that they were all in high school together, and spent all of their time together….they are 3 different people with different talents and are different ages. There is life beyond High School….and I think Nick was the only one actually under 18 at the time.
      2.Season 2 the characters and plot matured. I loved it because it was geared towards people my age(15-25 yr olds) not 8-14 year olds like most of the Disney Channel shows.

      Oh and I think the 2nd season of Jonas had an amazing sound track…..first season, well I guess if you like Fish Hooks maybe you would like the first season sound track. Not my style however.

  8. Anonymous says

    Yay! Thank god these untalented non-Disney ****heads got canceled! Now Disney go back to what you used to be! And your starting up with that good with Fish Hooks i actually think it’s pretty damn good reminds me of something in the 90’s and Phineas and Ferb is also pretty cool but it’s almost getting close to where it might suck but well see. Thank god this **** is gone! **** jonas brothers they cant sing or even act for that matter Fish hooks and Phineas and Ferb FTW!

  9. Brian says

    After Joe and Stella finally get together, they end the story. What a disappointment! There is so much more they could do. They were in L.A. The perfect place to showcase their talent. its true there was more drama but the acting was great. You could actually feel for the characters. The show definitely was geared towards an older audience(teens and 20’s). As it should be. The Jonas brothers themselves are not children anymore. They have evolved into multi-talented individuals. I would love to see the series continue on a another network where an older audience would be more likely to watch. Nothing against Disney, but it is geared towards a younger group.

  10. justinlover14 says

    i think its stupid that the show was canceled!! That was the only show that i liked on disney channel and me and my family loved it. why should they cancel it if it attracked so much people the only reason the last episode of hanna montana forever attracked way more people is because we all knew that was the last one ever and it is a very old show. I bet if they would have announced that the last jonas la was going to be “band of the brothers” a lot of people would have watched it to but we thought it was going to keep going. this ending was realy dumb and if they wanted to cancel jonas la they should have just made a finally like they did with hanna montana forever at least it wouldnt have left everyone in suspense. Well maybe thats just how i feel. Any way i dont think this was a very good idea to cancel such a great show.

  11. a says

    im so upset the show was cancelled it was a good show who doesnt want to watch jonas. all those new shows are lame but jonas wasnt WE WANT JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  12. Kobe Busia says

    I thought the 1st season of JONAS was better because it was more of a comedy, and it had a lot more variety of situations going on, and I think the acting was better. The only major improvement to this show was the music because there was a lot of musical variety on the soundtrack, but I’m really disappointed in the guys, especially Kevin and Joe, who were only involved in writing 1 song, “Your Biggest Fan”. Nick, I’m proud of him 4 co-writing 7 songs, it shows his growth as a musician. This season had 2 much drama, and I think if they didn’t bring so much of their real lives in2 this show, it probably would have a 3rd season. The 1st season was more fun 2 watch, but overall, I’d give the show a B+ on season 1, and a C on season 2.

  13. Unkown says

    I didn’t watch the first season but I think the 2 one was really good it was way better then the first. It was more fun to watch the 1 season was really boring but who cares if they didn’t get 7.3 million. It is Hannah montanna no body can beat hm. Plus there is lots if unanswered stuff to bout all of it.

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