Journeyman: Episode 12 Could Be NBC Series’ Last — Will It Air?

JourneymanAfter weeks of declining ratings, the creator of NBC’s time-traveling series, Journeyman, thinks it’s likely that the show has run out of time.

Journeyman debuted on September 24, 2007 on NBC. The series stars Kevin McKidd as San Francisco reporter Dan Vasser who suddenly begins jumping through time. Dan begins to realize that he is time traveling because he needs to change people’s lives in some way. Journeyman also stars Brian Howe, Gretchen Egolf, Moon Bloodgood, Reed Diamond, and Charles Wyson.

The series premiere attracted a decent 9.5 million viewers with a 3.7/9 rating/share of the 18-49 demographic. Unfortunately, viewership has been falling ever since and, on November 5th, dipped to a low of 5.25 million with a 2.1/6 rating/share. That’s especially bad when you consider its lead-in, Heroes, attracted 9.88 million and 6.1/9 rating/share.

Last year at this same time, ratings-challenged Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was attracting almost 50% more viewers with 7.27 million and a 3.3/8 rating/share.

Despite sagging ratings, NBC is still airing its Journeyman episodes, likely because of the writers strike and the network’s concern over running out of new scripted content. This doesn’t mean however that the series has a secure future. Series creator Kevin Falls is fully aware of the show’s chances for survival and doesn’t want to leave the viewers hanging.

In an interview with Premium Hollywood, Falls says that it looks likely that Journeyman will end with episode 12 (episode 13 if you include the pilot). “Episode 12 is the end of our order,” he says. “And let’s not kid ourselves. It’s a longshot that we would get a back nine (episode order), given the strike and our questionable numbers.”

Falls shares that viewers will get some answers to the series’ ongoing mysteries in the 12th episode. He continued, “We wrote it in a way so it could be the series-ending show. I mean, it wouldn’t answer every question, but it would give you a lot to chew on. We would give you some answers, and we’d withhold others.” In the episode, Dan travels to a mental institution and uncovers some answers when he meets a fellow time traveler.

If the unlikely happens and NBC does order additional episodes (or even a second season), Falls says he hasn’t given away all of the show’s mysteries. “In the case we would actually go on to a second season, we didn’t want to turn over every card, but I think people will find (episode 12) satisfying, and it’s really good.”

That being said, it’s looking like a possibility that episode 12 may not even air. While there are schedule slots open for NBC to air episodes 10 (a Christmas show) and 11, there’s apparently no space left for episode 12. Falls shares, “I think the idea is that NBC, what they want to do is tie up all their loose ends. Like, Heroes and Life and our show, have all that stuff done by the first of the year, so that they can, if there’s still a strike, air new programming or mid-season shows… so they can start fresh… so we’ve got this episode 12 dangling out there, and… I don’t know if it’ll ever see the light of day on the network.”

One way or the other, fans should have an opportunity to see the 12th episode. Even if the series is cancelled and doesn’t finish its run on NBC, Falls says that a DVD release is planned. Still, he finds it upsetting, “What makes us so frustrated is that, at a time when writers are striking and networks need programming, why on earth would you not find a place for episode 12? And that’s the question for which nobody seems to have an answer.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Mark from Pennsylvania says

    I just watched episode 11. I’m very disapointed that this show is getting nixed. I even suggested the show to a few people at work.

    I think this is like the 3rd show over the last 2 years that I started to really get into only to find out that it was cancelled before it even got off the ground. I’m so tired of the networks…reality TV..who cares. This show totally kills Numb3rs (a show I like), so I just don’t understand why it is getting tossed aside.

    Cancelling this show will be a mistake. If the last episode comes out on DVD…I’ll definitely buy.

    I guess if I want to watch a decent show, I’ll have to find a way to lower my IQ to to a level that will appreciate some of the other crap on television.

    Thanks NBC…you rock…

  2. Jason from Calgary says

    It is really frustrating to invest time in watching these new shows. And they really did curse the show with the late time slot they put it in. I am tired of watching TV for just this fact. Thankfully we have a Wii to waste our time away with.

  3. Jon says

    I really liked this show. I DVR three hours back to back NBC on Mondays Chuck, Heroes and this.

    I know Heroes is the big news right now but I enjoy this show just as much if not more. It’s a complex theme that needs time to pan out.

    I didn’t like it too much to start but if it can turn me around other viewers will too.

    It doesn’t look like an expensive prodution so maybe it should be given a better chance.

  4. John Heidel says

    There’s a only a couple of shows I like anymore. This one has me as hooked as LOST.
    Maybe even more.

    All these “non-reality” shows are joke.
    Most shows are crap. Not renewing this show will turn me off to NBC and all TV in general.

    You have a good cast of actors, a storyline you can build on and go anywhere with, action, relationship built in, and not too much sci-fi / timetravel that would turn off the non-scifi people. But enough to keep the scifi people tuning in for.

    A cross between Quantum Leap and Voyagers.(giving history a kick where it’s needed to set it right )

    Save a show that can easily grow
    into greatness!

    Promote it more! Advertise it!


  5. J. Erin Briggs says

    After this year I have now completely lost faith that any shows that both me and my husband like will stay on the air. First it was the Black Donnellys, and now Journeyman. Do network executives have a problem with shows that the audience has to have half a brain to watch? Please don’t cancel Journeyman.

  6. Jennifer Blake says

    This show has been the only thing in a long time that has made me look forward to Monday nights, even though its back to work day. Please don’t cancel such a great show.

  7. Joann Morgan says

    I haven’t been this interested in a show since the X Files. Like that show, Journeyman makes you ask the questions and hope you get the answers, why, how, when.

  8. Deana says

    Why would they want to cancel the best show in 10 years and starring one of the best actors Kevin Mckidd who also is awesome in the HBO series Rome.This is a show that keeps you intrigued and on the edge of your seat.It’s the Quantum Leap of 2007 without him changing into anyone but hisself.It will be a disgrace if this show is canceled,best show in a long time.

  9. t_d says

    This is really unfortunate. I didn’t watch the initial first episodes, but I’ve been watching since (and I have went back and revisited them) and the show has really grown on me. It’s a great idea and each episode is getting better as his past is catching up with him. Personally I enjoy all the characters and can’t wait for more questions to be asked.

    I really do hope they decide not to pull it or in the least, it deserves it’s 12th episode. It’s sad to hear about shows it don’t even make it past the pilot, you never really give them the chance.

    Anyways, I look forward to each episode every week now, here’s to hoping they’ll give the show a second shot.

  10. Craig says

    Losing this show won’t be a huge loss to me, but it is disappointing that just as they are really starting to ramp up the suspense with the Feds, they cancel the show.

  11. Christi Larson says

    Love “Journeyman” !!! Don’t cancel it. It’s one of the best new shows on TV. Just because you can’t compete with some of the other stations, doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best programs you’ve done in years. By the way, we love “Studio 60″ too. Just need to find good time slots.

  12. WolvenSpectre says

    It would be a real shame if this show does get canceled. The first couple of episodes weren’t quite gelling, but the epides from then on have only been getting better.

    The show isn’t perfect. Its like the creators said:

    “Well he goes back in time…”

    “goes back and does what?”

    “Man, hes going back in TIME!”

    “So… that would be interesting for 2 episodes, so whats he doning in the past thats so important?”

    “uhh… dunno… what doyou think we sould do?”

  13. GymRat says

    I was really starting to enjoy this and see where it could go. If the alphabets keep doing this to shows people genuinely like, it will become very hard to become interested in a new show for fear of a short run! (think Invasion, Threshold) I wonder if they are including DVR in their ratings?? People like me don’t even watch the shows until the weekend!

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