Journeyman: Episode 12 Could Be NBC Series’ Last — Will It Air?

JourneymanAfter weeks of declining ratings, the creator of NBC’s time-traveling series, Journeyman, thinks it’s likely that the show has run out of time.

Journeyman debuted on September 24, 2007 on NBC. The series stars Kevin McKidd as San Francisco reporter Dan Vasser who suddenly begins jumping through time. Dan begins to realize that he is time traveling because he needs to change people’s lives in some way. Journeyman also stars Brian Howe, Gretchen Egolf, Moon Bloodgood, Reed Diamond, and Charles Wyson.

The series premiere attracted a decent 9.5 million viewers with a 3.7/9 rating/share of the 18-49 demographic. Unfortunately, viewership has been falling ever since and, on November 5th, dipped to a low of 5.25 million with a 2.1/6 rating/share. That’s especially bad when you consider its lead-in, Heroes, attracted 9.88 million and 6.1/9 rating/share.

Last year at this same time, ratings-challenged Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was attracting almost 50% more viewers with 7.27 million and a 3.3/8 rating/share.

Despite sagging ratings, NBC is still airing its Journeyman episodes, likely because of the writers strike and the network’s concern over running out of new scripted content. This doesn’t mean however that the series has a secure future. Series creator Kevin Falls is fully aware of the show’s chances for survival and doesn’t want to leave the viewers hanging.

In an interview with Premium Hollywood, Falls says that it looks likely that Journeyman will end with episode 12 (episode 13 if you include the pilot). “Episode 12 is the end of our order,” he says. “And let’s not kid ourselves. It’s a longshot that we would get a back nine (episode order), given the strike and our questionable numbers.”

Falls shares that viewers will get some answers to the series’ ongoing mysteries in the 12th episode. He continued, “We wrote it in a way so it could be the series-ending show. I mean, it wouldn’t answer every question, but it would give you a lot to chew on. We would give you some answers, and we’d withhold others.” In the episode, Dan travels to a mental institution and uncovers some answers when he meets a fellow time traveler.

If the unlikely happens and NBC does order additional episodes (or even a second season), Falls says he hasn’t given away all of the show’s mysteries. “In the case we would actually go on to a second season, we didn’t want to turn over every card, but I think people will find (episode 12) satisfying, and it’s really good.”

That being said, it’s looking like a possibility that episode 12 may not even air. While there are schedule slots open for NBC to air episodes 10 (a Christmas show) and 11, there’s apparently no space left for episode 12. Falls shares, “I think the idea is that NBC, what they want to do is tie up all their loose ends. Like, Heroes and Life and our show, have all that stuff done by the first of the year, so that they can, if there’s still a strike, air new programming or mid-season shows… so they can start fresh… so we’ve got this episode 12 dangling out there, and… I don’t know if it’ll ever see the light of day on the network.”

One way or the other, fans should have an opportunity to see the 12th episode. Even if the series is cancelled and doesn’t finish its run on NBC, Falls says that a DVD release is planned. Still, he finds it upsetting, “What makes us so frustrated is that, at a time when writers are striking and networks need programming, why on earth would you not find a place for episode 12? And that’s the question for which nobody seems to have an answer.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Anna says

    I don’t watch much tv…this is one of the few shows out there that can actually make me run to the tv set…and now they go and cancel it. Figures.

    If ANY network execs are reading this, MOVE JOURNEYMAN TO A DIFFERENT TIME SLOT!!!

    And fans, buy the DVD–more than one failed show has been revived solely on the basis of its DVD sales….

  2. Bob M says

    This show was a surprising gem. I found the story line to be captivating and the actors to be engaging. It will be a shame if it is dropped.

  3. A. Landry says

    I hate this. It never fails I find a product I like and because of a Small Group of people that just happen to get paid more money than I do the product gets cancelled. It doesn’t matter if it is a product at Walmart or a television show the minute I decide it is a good thing to spend my money and time on, it gets taken off the shelf. Journeyman was intriguing, entertaining, and clean enough for me to watch w/ my entire family. That is rare! There is too many reality shows replacing good programming. I live reality everyday. I turn on the television to escape reality, not to watch someone elses! NBC, I know I am just an uncounted number to you, but please consider the opinions of people who are willing to voice them. Give Journeyman another chance.

    A Working Mom

  4. Anonymous says

    I can’t believe that my 3 favorite shows may be cancelled. (Journeyman, Life, Hero’s). That’s a real bummer and not a happy way to start a new year. Those shows are filled with excitement that leaves the viewers anxious to see the next show. I wish they would reconsider and keep them on the air…..

  5. says

    With Lost taking forever to start the fourth season, Heroes dragging on a nearly pointless second season and all the scripted Reality television shows; it was nice to have a show that sparked a new interest in time-traveling and what can happen when certain actions change the future. Of course I’m speaking of “Journeyman”. I honestly did enjoy the concept of the show, I mean sometime I couldnt make time to watch it on tv so I had to watch it off the NBC website. I wonder if they count how many hits online viewers get. Anyways, NBC really messed up with this one. I was shocked to see “The Black Donnellys” get cancelled, and I wrote NBC arguing about that, but of course no response. I just wish there was a way for the producers to finish off the series and put it on dvd anyways.

  6. Alica says

    Another good and well thought out show cancelled? Big surprise! Our society has become so obsessed and consumed by “reality television” that any show that is half decent will be cancelled. We wonder why our culture is filled with idiots. I am very upset that this show is getting kicked off. I really enjoyed it and I love how you actually had to use your brain to figure out the plots. I am not surprised but deeply saddened.

  7. gary says

    NBC really sucks, why watch any shows anymore when you gamble on the idiots cancelling them and putting on dumb ass “reality shows” for morons. who decides this crap anyway? maybe there should be a network for people that have an IQ higher than a shoe size. NBC SUCKS

  8. Matt says

    Journeyman is a true victim of poor scheduling. The 10pm time slot is a joke. With DVR and TIVO these days, people have no reason to stay up and watch that late show anymore, and then feel like crap at work the next day. Put Journeyman at 9pm and see what happens. Much different story then. I doubt I’ll be as apt to get into a show in the near future due to the media bigwigs not thinking outside of the box and take into account the amount of DVR recordings their shows are subject to before passing judgement on the longevity of a show.

  9. chucky says

    bummer when you finally find a show you really look forward to seeing they take it off the air. hope they can bring it back. it was great.

  10. Jim says

    Well, I doubt that these responses will be read by any of the network “brain” trust, but Journeyman really IS one of the best acted and written shows on the toob and should be given, at least, one more season to work out the kinks. Of course, quality TV never did hold its own against T-n-A.

  11. Eric says

    I just want to say that I really enjoy Journeyman and it will be a shame if NBC cancels the series. It seems like every good show that has a sci-fi twist gets cancelled. Why would they continue Bionic Woman and cancel this far superior show, I guess the general public is more impressed with a hot chic than an intelligently written show.

  12. JL says

    IMO, this is the best drama on TV right now. As others have done, I got my wife hooked and she likes it a lot. It is a shame that it has been cancelled.

  13. says

    “Sign petitons, boycott NBC Studios. refuse to watch anything on TV, write to the network. Send letters to the cast. “DO WHATEVER IS LAWFUL IF IT MEANS SAVING JOURNEYMAN!

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