Journeyman: Time Runs Out for NBC Drama

JourneymanAfter another week of disappointing ratings, it looks like NBC’s struggling Journeyman series just ran out of time.

The peacock network reportedly had until yesterday to give a full-season order to the freshman drama. NBC let it pass, effectively canceling the series.

Though the ongoing writers strike would have prevented production from moving forward immediately, an additional episode order would have kept the series alive for a potential return later this season or even for 2008-09.

Case in point, NBC recently committed to a full season order for fellow struggling drama Life. A differentiating factor may be that, while Life is produced “in-house” by NBC Universal, Journeyman is produced by 20th Century Fox. As such, the latter likely represents a greater financial commitment than the former.

All 13 episodes of the time-travel series have been completed and an NBC spokeswoman told The Hollywood Reporter that the final two will air as scheduled next week. Series creator Kevin Falls has said that, though the final episode doesn’t finish off the story, it does offer some answers to ongoing questions.

Will the fans ever get more answers than that? NBC could possibly pick up Journeyman for a second season. This seems highly unlikely but, if the writers strike drags on, the network could find itself desperate for scripted series in Fall 2008. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Ross Adrain says

    With “Journeyman” it seems another REALLY good ADULT series bites the dust, ( Journeyman had talented acting, great scripts, expert direction, thoughtful research and a well thought story line not over indulgent with superficial or teen venue relationships!) not because we don’t enjoy it, not because it wasn’t good, but because the idiots who program don’t get that older viewers expect a show to stay in a time slot and not be pre-empted by garbage like: reality shows, award shows, and moving to different time slots!!!! We come home from work expecting what we enjoyed last week , or if we are out to see it on the vcr!!! and yes WE are the ones who WORK and have the INCOME to dispose!!!! I for one do not care who in hollywood or nashville (lack of capitalization intended!) cares to pat themselves on the back, nor do I care for some mind insulting teen show, competition, or so-called reality show!!! I live reality all day!!! get those teens and 20 somethings off the couch or we will stop their allowances!!! BTW Studio 60 was great also!

  2. ruby says

    I can’t believe this show was cancelled. If was a very good show, you just can’t go wrong with time travel.

  3. Sean from Arizona says

    I couldn’t agree more Brenda. I guess I should be thankful that television entertainment is changing the way I feel about following their series. Their “hook and release” methods of customer handling is aggravating. I don’t know how many times in the last four or five years I’ve been “hooked” into a powerful series only to see it cancelled. Thanks NBC for moving my interests to other more important things such as yardwork and painting the livingroom walls.

  4. Brenda says

    I agree, very disappointing. I didn’t realize it was cut. I’ve been wondering when the next episode will reair. I loved the show and I am going to miss it. I hope NBC reconsiders. Everytime they have something good they cut it and I change the channel. I loved Las Vegas and they cut that. I could name many more but, whats the difference, it wouldn’t do any good.

  5. Daniel From Western Australia says

    What a disappointment… this show was really entertaining and the intro for the series is amazing composing… I even purchased it from itunes!

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