Journeyman: Time Runs Out for NBC Drama

JourneymanAfter another week of disappointing ratings, it looks like NBC’s struggling Journeyman series just ran out of time.

The peacock network reportedly had until yesterday to give a full-season order to the freshman drama. NBC let it pass, effectively canceling the series.

Though the ongoing writers strike would have prevented production from moving forward immediately, an additional episode order would have kept the series alive for a potential return later this season or even for 2008-09.

Case in point, NBC recently committed to a full season order for fellow struggling drama Life. A differentiating factor may be that, while Life is produced “in-house” by NBC Universal, Journeyman is produced by 20th Century Fox. As such, the latter likely represents a greater financial commitment than the former.

All 13 episodes of the time-travel series have been completed and an NBC spokeswoman told The Hollywood Reporter that the final two will air as scheduled next week. Series creator Kevin Falls has said that, though the final episode doesn’t finish off the story, it does offer some answers to ongoing questions.

Will the fans ever get more answers than that? NBC could possibly pick up Journeyman for a second season. This seems highly unlikely but, if the writers strike drags on, the network could find itself desperate for scripted series in Fall 2008. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Linda Dietrich says

    Absolutely loved this show, it was exciting, imaginative, great characters who inspired empathy and worked well with each other. I’m very disapointed in its cancellation. I looked forward to it each week. Can’t stand all of the reality shows. Please bring it back.

  2. Darrell says

    seems they have torn down the sets for the show, its not looking good for another network to pick the show up :o(.. NBC did the same thing with the show Surface

  3. Darrel says

    This is the first show ever that I actually looked for the premier time for the very first episode. I was a huge fan of Quantum Leap and thought it would be cool to get into a show right off the first episode. I thought it was a fantastic show, well written, great characters and in typical NBC fashion left it high and dry. Very disappointing. Never missed an episode. As said before I hope another network picks it up and gives it the respect/time slot/advertising it truly deserves. Hopefully it will come back and bite NBC in the ass and wake them up a little.

  4. art says

    How sad. Why not try a better time slot? This is why network TV sucks. With lots of well worded emails to NBC maybe they would reconsider.If not, someone on cable will pick up the entertaining show and it will flourish. Network TV sucks.

  5. BuddyF says

    Please don’t cancel this show! There’s nothing like this on TV today. NBC should give it another chance. They kept Quantum Leap on for 4 years to poor ratings. Yet they had a cult following. This show has the same potential.

  6. JRandMR says

    Please Please Please don’t cancel Journeyman! It’s by far our favorite show and we have never missed an episode. I think it is the best show out there right now along with Heroes and Bionic Woman. This show is well designed and could go on for years if they let it!

  7. rick says

    it is a real shame that journeyman is being cancelled. unlike most of the comments, i understand why NBC is cancelling the show. i dont agree with it, but do understand it, because i have read the reason why, and as to why they chose Life instead of Journeyman. aside from poor ratings, its all about the money (one show costs less then the other one). i did see plenty of advertising for the show before it began but not much after that. as stated before, maybe the timeslot was a bad one, but you can always tell the shows that the network doesnt really believe in when they put them on either monday at 10pm or on friday nights. they do give some shows a chance, such as FNL (which probably wont get a third season). its just a shame that this show never had a chance. as stated by other comments, i do hope that Journeyman does get a chance at another network.

  8. Suzanne says

    And there I risqued again to invest time in a new show (dumb, dum, dumb)- I should know better than to get interested into them, network moguls only seem to give any kind of support to safe spinoff of spinoffs (enough!), cheaper and easy comedy OR reality shows – well of course they cost less! One after the other one new interesting fiction shows, are shot down unless they are such crashing successes that they can’t be shoved away (like Heroes). Please give us the time to know all that is offered on the schedule and to get familiar with what we seem to prefer – less than half a season isn’t enough people. I guess I really should forget losing my time with interesting and original shows, those executives only see numbers/dollars – they just don’t give a hoot. And there I was so intrigued with Jim seeing another returning self – this was getting great – who, what was the reason of the whole experience. If anyone is listening -BRING IT BACK! Such a gem…GIVE IT A CHANCE!

  9. JC says

    Another of episode of NBC exec’s showing their lack of understanding of the American television veiwer(s). Journeyman was a great show that had wonderful writing, great actors, and kept telling a story that just kept getting better and better. A story that told us how good people can be even when their personal space has been interrupted. I should have known better then to start watching NBC shows again. WHat’s next to be chopped? Heroes? Another great show.

    I really think that the three show line up was a grand slam for them but now the exec’s went and acted their disruptive sub-normal and sub-par way that they always do.

    Thanks a lot NBC, I think I will go back to Fox.

  10. Alicia Pedreira says

    Really bummed that the show is ending. I hope some other network picks it up. I thought it was very creative and well done with good effects. Way better than that show Life, they should have killed that one.

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