Journeyman: Time Runs Out for NBC Drama

JourneymanAfter another week of disappointing ratings, it looks like NBC’s struggling Journeyman series just ran out of time.

The peacock network reportedly had until yesterday to give a full-season order to the freshman drama. NBC let it pass, effectively canceling the series.

Though the ongoing writers strike would have prevented production from moving forward immediately, an additional episode order would have kept the series alive for a potential return later this season or even for 2008-09.

Case in point, NBC recently committed to a full season order for fellow struggling drama Life. A differentiating factor may be that, while Life is produced “in-house” by NBC Universal, Journeyman is produced by 20th Century Fox. As such, the latter likely represents a greater financial commitment than the former.

All 13 episodes of the time-travel series have been completed and an NBC spokeswoman told The Hollywood Reporter that the final two will air as scheduled next week. Series creator Kevin Falls has said that, though the final episode doesn’t finish off the story, it does offer some answers to ongoing questions.

Will the fans ever get more answers than that? NBC could possibly pick up Journeyman for a second season. This seems highly unlikely but, if the writers strike drags on, the network could find itself desperate for scripted series in Fall 2008. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

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  1. Kaycee says

    I am starting to think that waiting until the second season is a wise move. Three shows I’ve liked in the last year or so were Daybreak(ABC), Journeyman and Life…. AT least Life has a chance??
    I am getting cynical, and figure that if it’s not a sitcom or reality show, every episode I watch could be the last…..
    Is there anything a viewer can do to influence these decisions otherwise? The networks are not giving these more complex shows a chance.

  2. Jason says

    I’v had it with NBC brining on good shows only to cancel them without even any type of conclusion. They bring you into an evolving series where you need to watch each episode to know what is happening, then just leave you hang when they decide to pull the plug . I actually went a couple years without watching any network TV other than news and sports because I was tired of getting into a show only to get the shaft in the end. This show and Life came along and I actually decide to give NBC another chance, and yet again I am hosed. Guess what NBC? My televion watching now consists of mostly news and sports. No more series for me.

  3. ItsJustMeHoney says

    Well, let’s see. This is deja vu. They cancelled Jericho without so much as a howdy do, so we buried them in peanuts.
    Journeyman……hmmmmmm…. We could start doing the calling their stations and emailing again, but let’s all start sending old calendars to NBC…you know, the ones you already used for the last three years but held onto because the pictures were cute? Put them all in a big envelope and bury NBC in them…Come on folks….it worked once….I CANNOT believe NBC was dumb enough to do it again but hey!!!!

  4. Phelios says

    This blows. I loved the show…even my girlfriend liked it. I hope it gets picked up by sci-fi or USA. Monk was originally aired on CBS to poor ratings…It went to USA and was a hit, go figure. Kevin McKidd I tip my hat to you. Wonderful job. this show also had the best theme music and intro.

  5. Paul From MN says

    What a shame. I just found out this show was canceled. Whenever you look back at some of the most successful shows in television history, you’ll see that they struggled originally. Why can’t TV executives learn that it is good business to stick with high quality shows. The audience will find them.

  6. james tiberious kirk says

    I think NBC needs to give this more attention. This is a hit show, you need to promote & give it more time. I enjoy the Heck out of it & I hate to see it go!!

  7. deanna vaters says

    This was one of the first times I actually looked forward to watching the first episode of a new series. The plots were getting better and better and I had my kids watching it too. I am so tired of bad reality tv and it seems that’s all thats on anymore. It saddens me that quality programs are few and far between anymore. Please give Journeyman another chance. It was an exceptional program.

  8. Joe says

    This is why I don’t get into shows until after the second season (DVD’s are good enough for me). Unfortunately, a friend of mine got me into this one and sure enough it was canceled leaving me wanting at least a full season’s worth… :(

  9. gilbert says

    I am in denial. this was the best show on tv, next to nip/tuck. the people at nbc are a joke, and i hope their network crumbles and disney buys them out. i can only hope that another great real network will pick up the show.

  10. terry says

    Although I don’t think Journeyman will be renewed,I think its a BIG mistake for NBC to not pick it up. Its a great show that will continue growing and for the fans they will keep coming back. Shame on you NBC, I’m very dissapointed in the network, and can only show it by not watching your shows.Good luck to all the actors and writers on the show.

  11. Corinne says

    Unbelievable. Why, oh why do I think that maybe intelligent, thought provoking television would be what most people would want to see, instead of all the shoddy stuff that they promote the hell out of?

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