Journeyman: Time Runs Out for NBC Drama

JourneymanAfter another week of disappointing ratings, it looks like NBC’s struggling Journeyman series just ran out of time.

The peacock network reportedly had until yesterday to give a full-season order to the freshman drama. NBC let it pass, effectively canceling the series.

Though the ongoing writers strike would have prevented production from moving forward immediately, an additional episode order would have kept the series alive for a potential return later this season or even for 2008-09.

Case in point, NBC recently committed to a full season order for fellow struggling drama Life. A differentiating factor may be that, while Life is produced “in-house” by NBC Universal, Journeyman is produced by 20th Century Fox. As such, the latter likely represents a greater financial commitment than the former.

All 13 episodes of the time-travel series have been completed and an NBC spokeswoman told The Hollywood Reporter that the final two will air as scheduled next week. Series creator Kevin Falls has said that, though the final episode doesn’t finish off the story, it does offer some answers to ongoing questions.

Will the fans ever get more answers than that? NBC could possibly pick up Journeyman for a second season. This seems highly unlikely but, if the writers strike drags on, the network could find itself desperate for scripted series in Fall 2008. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Sam says

    I cannot Believe this show was cancelled!!!! 1 of the few shows I watched and now this!!! NBC needs to stop airing realtiy shows, THEY SUCK!!!… and enough of the LAW and ORDER spinoffs. they are getting old. Now I won’t watch NBC!.

  2. Donna says

    My husband and I absolutely loved “Journeyman.” We never missed it. If we couldn’t watch it, we taped it. This is so depressing. I agree that a better time slot would have helped a great deal. I often find it difficult to stay awake until 11:00. This was the only show that I ALWAYS stayed awake for. I really hope NBC reconsiders.

  3. Ashley says

    My entire family of six really enjoyed watching Journeyman! When it didn’t come on one week we thought it was because of the strike and couldn’t wait for it to come back on but then I did some research and find it was cancelled!!! What??? Are you crazy. My entire family is upset.. we truly looked forward to watching this show. Please bring it back!!! We love it!!!

  4. david says

    This just kills me another good show let go for reaseons of what i dont know. what was the conversation about this desicion ….i think we should cancel journeyman its too good of a show to be watched and enjoyed we want boring shows that nobody will watch. Your right we hate good show nbc like quantum leap, and the pretender just to damn good for us viewers. keep up the great work nbc you make me sick……..

  5. Ellie says

    I just discovered this show on TV and went back to watch every episode online. Loved it. The chemistry of the cast is incredible and the writing is great. NBC, what are you thinking? Are you including in your ratings episodes watched online?

  6. Ellen says

    I just watched all 13 epoisodes on NBC.COM after hearing about Journeyman from a friend. I only watch 1 other TV show, and I was absolutely surprisingly riveted by Journyman! Then i read this.. that it has been cancelled. I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!


  7. starrman says

    I had watched Journeyman from the very first episode and could not get enough of it. Thought it was the best show ever. Better than Quantum Leap and the others. Was extremely disappointed to hear that it was cancelled. As others have written, I hope another network picks it up (SCI-FI). Come on NBC, get it together already!

  8. Ryan says

    I don’t care for television all that much, other than The Office and The Simpsons. BUT, I accidentally discovered Journeyman and thought it was entertaining enough to tune in for several episodes. I struggled to find it the last few weeks and now I know why. This was a well written, well acted and fun show. My only complaint is that it doesn’t differ in concept all that much from Quantum Leap. But it’s actually a better show with a more engaging story than Quantum Leap. Why not give it a chance to succeed??

  9. Karen says

    Too bad this show was canceled. It was certainly better than most of the fare on regular network TV (our household doesn’t have cable, so we really are good judges of the content of shows on the major networks). We loved seeing the shots of San Francisco (our favorite major city), really enjoyed Kevin McKidd as well as the rest of the cast, and thought the storylines were well written and somewhat plausible for a “sci-fi” show.

    Perhaps someday the networks will quit jamming the reality shows down our throats and go back to well-written shows. The viewing public may return to TV. My theory is that is why independent films are starting to get bigger than the blockbusters–definitely more interesting when a show is well-written and not splashy or tawdry.

  10. Chris D says

    Wow…I had no idea this show was even in jeopardy of being cancelled. I figured it was probably pretty popular. I figured no new episodes had been on recently because of the writers strike…but I guess I was wrong. Unbelievable!

    NBC you didn’t even give it a chance…and what’s with NBC not counting viewers who watch episodes on their website and not counting DVR recordings?? Can someone develop a new TV show rating system that’s accurate?

    C’mon SciFi, we know you’re out there thinking about it…pick up this series!!

  11. William says

    The same crap on TV, yet this one stood out and got canceled. It would be nice if a network with stones picks it up.

  12. Brent says

    Journeyman was an awsome show and had great potential. All they show is these fool reality shows and stupid game shows, what a waste of film! This was the only show on NBC I watched, now I will no longer watch this waste of a network.CBS and FOX rule the airwaves. They don’t just drop a show without giving it a chance. NBC you suck!!!

  13. BoomChuck says

    What a shame that they’re going to drop this show. It was so much better than CSI:Miami that aired at the same time. There was some good thought in this program, good acting, interesting complications, and some fascinating twists. I wouldn’t say this was a show for intellectuals but it was definitely more thought provoking than a lot of the stuff on the tube. A particular favorite was when he came back to the ‘present’ just to discover that it wasn’t exactly the present he knew. He now had a daughter instead of a son and other small differences. I loved the emotion that was there in his interaction with his new daughter and his wife’s reaction that her present might change. A little more mind warping than your usual show.

  14. Frank says

    Remember JAG? First ran on NBC, cancelled, then picked up by CBS. It enjoyed a multi-year run, finishing high in the ratings each season. Journeyman has that potential. Someone, please, give it a chance.

  15. robsgirl says

    Finally, a show that I loved and looked forward to every week and NBC won’t even give it a chance. Maybe someone else can pick it up. I really hope so I am dying to find out what happens next.

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